Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day Six :)

Day 6 - 5 Foods

1.  Pizza.  This is hands down my favorite food.  My favorites are Tommy's (a local place in Columbus), Giordano's, & Iacono's (another local place).  I do eat franchise pizza, but I prefer the smaller, local spots.  

2.  Apple Crisp.  I'm not a big cake person, I prefer pies & crisps...with apple crisp being my favorite.  It is almost that time of year to go and pick apples (we already have a day scheduled in September) and I'm sure there will be lots of apple crisp in our future.  We have found that Jonathan work best for apple crisp.  If you want the recipe I posted it here.

3.  Steak on the grill.  I love firing up the grill and putting a nicely seasoned steak on there to grill...well I love when Rondell does this ;)  A good grilled steak goes so well with a baked potato and salad.  Oh my!

4.  Appetizers.  Often we will have appetizers for dinner or if I am entertaining I like to have appetizers instead of a full meal, like for a football game.  I love buffalo chicken dip, taquitos, chicken club wrap, taco dip, etc.

5.  Mexican...pretty much all Mexican.  Well, maybe what I like is more Tex Mex actually, but I love it.  One of my favorite restaurants is Abuelo's and man do I miss Chi-Chi's Mexican Fried Ice Cream.  I have been on a quest to find a great chicken enchilada recipe, but I haven't found one that tastes as good as the day.


Lori Burkitt said...

I absolutely "LOVE" Tommy's pizza. I first had it this spring when I went to Front Runner to get soming running shoes. It was next door so I said "what the hay". My, was I pleasantly surprised.

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

We love a lot of the same foods. I had bbq chicken pizza for dinner tonight. Yummy. I will be sure to try your apple crisp recipe this fall. Can't wait!
-I want to make sure you go to my favorite pizza place one day in indy... :)

The Starr Family said...

Love learning more about you! And I am oh so attached to anything Mexican, like thisclose.

Joanna said...

Pizza...steak...Mexican...pies and crisps...I'm staving! ;-)

Stephanie said...

Oooh I love a good steak as well!! YUMMY! And I could eat Mexican any night any time!

He & Me + 3 said...

Mexican cuisine could be eaten everyday around this house. YUM. Love pizza too.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

We would have no problem going out to dinner together! I love all those things too...and I think pizza would be my #1 also:)