Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day One :)

Recently I started following a blog named How Sweet it is!  Stephanie has the cutest little girl and makes some pretty neat blog headers.

Today she posted about a little challenge and it looked interesting so I thought I would give it a try.  She found it on another blog, who found it from another blog...you know how that goes.  Not really sure where it originated.

So, for the next 10 days you get to learn more about me than you ever thought you would.  Aren't you excited?

Ten Secrets...
**Now I'm guessing this is not about deep dark secrets (not that I even have any of those), but things that I may not normally share.

1.  I really want to be a stay-at-home mom.  I have such a desire to do so much more as a homemaker and there just isn't a whole lot of time.  I also really would like to be more involved with my kids' schooling and I would love to be able to drop them off at school and pick them up.

2.  I HAVE to sleep with a fan.  No, you don't understand...I HAVE to.  When I travel, I take a fan.  When I  went into the hospital unexpectedly to have Caleb, I requested a fan for my room.  If Rondell turns it off while I'm sleeping I wake up immediately.  It's a sickness.

3.  I'm not trendy...I do not like to shop for clothes, I'm not into the latest styles, I have one pair of tennis shoes and one pair of casual shoes, etc.  It is just not my thing.  When I find a shirt that I like I usually buy a few in a few different colors.  Give me The Container Store over Nordstrom anyday!

4.  I get intimidated by new things.  It is probably the reason I haven't put a full effort into sewing or why it took me so long to set up my etsy shop (which is here finally...shameless plug).  I don't know what it is, but I just freeze.  I am working on being more brave.

5.  My favorite color has not always been yellow.  It used to be green until after college...gasp, I know.

6.  I watch Y&R daily...I love it.  It is my guilty pleasure.

7.  I do not eat or drink after my kids...I just can't.  I am always thinking that they may be sick and then I will get it (especially my feared stomach flu) so I just don't do it.  If they want something to drink/eat that I have I will just give it to them and get myself something else or get them their own drink/food.

8.  I did not know how big Ohio State football was until I started going there...no clue.  Now I know (and knowing is 1/2 the battle...Go Joe!)

9.  I sucked the two middle fingers on my left hand until I was in 5th grade...oh yes I did.  My parents tried everything too.  I even had braces that had spikes on them so they would poke my fingers, but that didn't stop me and I have the callus to prove it.

10.  We still have tube TVs...shocking, I know.  One day we'll take the plunge into the world of flat screens.  And yes, Rondell does work at Best Buy part-time and is tortured constantly.

**Tomorrow is 9 Loves!

Join in on the fun :)


Stephanie said...

Haha- those are some good ones!! So excited you linked up!
1. Me too!
3. Me too! It's really bad because when one of those 7 shirts I bought in the same color don't fit, the other 6 don't fit either!
9. Ouch! Braces with spikes!?

Excited to keep reading!!

Chris and Heather said...

I landed here through How Sweet It Is. I love your ten secrets! I'm with you on #3, although I would love to be trendy, I just hate shopping for it.

Genn said...

Hi Kelli!
Fun post idea.
Loved reading your 10 things.
I have to have the ceiling fan on when I sleep too. My husband hates it, but I like to be cold and cover up, so I say too bad! ;)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Oh Kelli, I'm SO happy you're doing this because I love finding out more about you. Reading #1 made me kind of sad. It's funny, but I sometimes just assume that if someone is working it's because they want to. {I assumed the same thing about my MIL and found out differently a few years ago}. I will never assume again. I wish you could stay home too.

Also, #2, I totally get that. I used to be much more addicted to the fan than I am now. But I still love it. And my mom takes a fan with her wherever she goes. Although, I think my dad just bought her a white noise machine, and I think she now uses that.

And don't get me started on the stomach flu. I hate it so.

I sucked my thumb forever! Seriously, forever. I was probably 4th/5th grade too.

We have tube TVs too ;)

Rach said...

Oh, this is fantastic!

1. I finally got to do it and I NEVER thought it would be possible.

2. Me TOO!

3. And, again, I don't like clothing shopping at all--unless it's for the girls. ;o)

4. Me too. Hence, no Etsy for me. ;o)

5. OMGoodness! Same here!

6. No. But, I used to do DOOL. :oP

7. Not a problem with some things. It depends. The nastiness of drinking after Ellie is out, though.

8. This one just makes me LOL. How could you NOT know?!? Hee hee.

9. Ah, for me it was my thumb until I was 10. Nothing they did could make me stop.

10. No, no tubes here. We got rid of those when Ellie came along so she couldn't pull one down on herself. :oP

This was great! :o)

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

I am excited. What a fun challenge.
Kelli, I just took a tube t.v. to the Goodwill yesterday. We all mourned a little but it was time. :)

Carrie said...

I used to watch Y&R daily too...but somehow I got sucked into Days of Our Lives...don't know how or why, but I have it on when I'm home! ;-)

My favorite color is green...but I do love yellow too!

We haven't had flat screens for too long...and probably even what we have now itsn't considered that flat anymore! ha! Technology changes so quickly! my mom still has an older tv...it still shows what she wants to watch, so it doesn't matter!

So fun to read these! And too funny about not eating/drinking after the kids! ha! sometimes I do that too...depending on what it is...or if I know they're sick! ;-)

Angie said...

I love this thing you are doing...so fun :)