Friday, August 19, 2011

{Friday Favorites}

friday favorite things | finding joy
Another week gone by...still trying to shake this down spirit.  I am
s l o w l y coming out of it as I turn my focus to God and how Good He Is!  I need to be purposeful to see all of the little and Big things that He's doing in my life and in the lives of others.  Take the time to stop and smell the roses sunflowers, if you will.

I adore Rachel for hosting this link is a blessing each week.  So...

Remember this guy:
You know the one with three four fantasy leagues.  This guy took me to see The Help on Monday (and bought me nachos).

I adore that he actually liked the movie

This made me think back to the time when he went with me to the movies, TWICE, to see You've Got Mail

Taking a spontaneous trip to the pool with my kids on Saturday

Checking off the final pool on our pool hop list
Less humid temps so that we can spend more time outside

Chatting with new neighbors

My walks are getting easier...might be time to increase the distance

The meal plan really coming together this week

MY SHOP IS OPEN!  {You can go here to check it out...and I will be adding more this weekend.  Oh and if anyone can tell me how to add a widget of my shop onto my blog I would ever so thankful}
Thankful to my hubby who encouraged me & helped me proof my pages...and even posted about my shop on Facebook :)

All of you friends who have been so supportive of my little shop

Finding a Stamp Club to join...I am excited to get back to stamping with other stampers

Plans to organize my stamping know how I love organizing
My camera...I am really getting to hang of it (like being able to take these flower pictures while I was on my date with Rondell earlier this month)


Joanna said...

4? Wow...he's gonna be one busy bee this football season! ;-)

I'm so glad y'all got to see The Help. We are going to wait until it comes out on DVD to see it. I can't wait though! I do want to read the book before hand as well.

Those are great pictures of the flowers! Your def learning your camera well. =-)

We are going to spend the days in the pool this weekend since school starts on Monday. I'm not sure after that when we will be able to hop in any old time we want.

I am so excited about your Etsy shop! I will be putting in my orders for Christmas soon!

LeAnna said...

So fun when the Hubby actually enjoys the same movie! That's a rarity at our house! :) We do have so many things to be thankful for! Loved your collection. And your cards are soooo awesome! I added you to my favorites on etsy. :)

Carrie said...

dan and i haven't been to the movies together in years! isn't that sad?! so nice to do that and i have the help downloaded on my nook and i need to start reading it!
congrats on your etsy shop! that is great kelli! and i love the card you have pictured!
i'm sorry you've been feeling down...i go there sometimes too...but you've got a great spirit and are so encouraging! :-)
{everytime i see sunflowers...i think of you! it is so neat that we have some growing around our pool right now! but we have to tear them out to redo the wall...long story...but i really want to plant more in our yard!}
have a great weekend!!!

Rach said...

Brien and I actually made it to see HP7.2 the other night. We hadn't been to see a movie together since "Despicable Me". Sheesh.

How wonderful Rondell enjoyed the movie too! I've got the book on my TBR pile (you know, in all that free time I have) and want to read it before watching the move.

Your flower photos are gorgeous--I'm so glad you're figuring out your camera. I'm still working on it too.

Hang in there and put yourself in His hands. He'll lift you through this down time.


Sarah said...

Aww, I love it all. When you add up all the little things, life really does start to look pretty good :)

Jenilee said...

awe... he saw you've got mail with you twice? how sweet is that? :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I want to go see the Help, but I am pretty sure there is no talking Jason into going with me:) Way to go on keeping up with your'll be jogging before you know it! I can't wait to see all the fun stuff in your shop, but right now I have to get in the bed...we have a long day of driving to Disney in the morning:)

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Lovely Friday favorites!!
Let me know how your chicken tetrazzini turned out.
I've been hungry for that all the day long now but I'm feeling to tired to cook. Blah.

Ivy said...

Congratulations on getting your shop up and running! Very cute stuff! I've got it bookmarked to come back and shop in soon!

Rachel said...

What a great guy. Taking you to the Help and nachos. Now, I think you need some more movies and stuff cause there will be a lot of that football stuff coming up.

Thanks for the link for the Etsy shop. I'm really proud of you.

Blessings sweet friend!