Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favorites - End of Summer Fun!

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Ahhhhh, it is FRIDAY!  We have had a long week of Vacation Bible School with a little baseball on the side. The chores are lacking and we are a little tired, but now it is time for the weekend :)

It is also time to reflect on all of the things I am grateful for as we close out this summer season.  Here is what I am loving:
Temperatures being slightly cooler

Being able to enjoy a baseball game on a beautiful summer evening

Seeing my friend Lyndsey at the game

Sharing nachos with Jamison at said baseball game
Jamison memorizing her VBS verses quickly (I think I need to take tips from her)

Kind people who help comfort my Caleb as he cries when I drop him off at VBS

The laugh I had at Caleb as he cried because it was time to leave VBS...that Caleb

Hanging out for dinner at Taco Bell with my mom while the kids were at VBS...just like old times (**growing up there was no Taco Bell near our house and my mom and I would drive 20 minutes for TB and eat there)
Loving the fact that Caleb's first trip to the dentist went smoothly

A report of no cavities for both kids
Dinner plans tonight with my friend Kim

Plans to get together with friends I have not seen in a while next week

Making pool plans...gotta splash around one last time

Excitement about my cousin coming to visit this weekend
Planning out our annual trip to the State Fair

The fact that we only have to pay $2 to get in because it is Printer's Day (and Rondell works for Printing Services at OSU)

Cheese on a Stick
Flip flops and painted toes

Skirts...I adore skirts in the summer
How much this girl loves her Daddy :)
Caleb going with me on my evening walk

Pushing myself to take my evening walk (it has been tough...prayers are welcome)

A fan and a big glass of ice water after my evening walk
Reminiscing about our trip to

School supply sales

Checking off the school supply list

Setting up meet-the-teacher appointments (I love meeting the teachers)

The fact that Caleb will have the same preschool teacher as Jamison...familiarity is nice
Taking more pictures so that I am able to capture special moments and share them with you :)  The pictures above are from the Clippers baseball game we attended


Kelli @ RTSM said...

You got some really great pics at the baseball game. We took the boys to a game last Sunday and my camera battery died after I took one picture of the side of Eli's head:) I don't wear a lot of skirts but I do love a sundress in the summer! And yummo...cheese on a stick sounds really good! I hope you have a great weekend Kelli!

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Yeah! What a great week and I love the pics too.
Love your Daddy's girl. :)
Our daughter will have the same teacher this year that our middle son had. I love that familiarity too. (that is a hard word to spell!)
I'm proud of you for sticking with your evening walks even when it is hard. I will pray for you.
Have a good weekend.

Joanna said...

You have had an awesome Summer! Great pictures to capture those memories you'll cherish forever. :-)

Kelsie is a daddy's girl. She loves her daddy like nothing else. Ok, well maybe her blanket and pillow case. ;-)

Cooler temps?? What? Send a breeze to me! It's stifling here in FL right now! I went to the dr at 7:45 yesterday morning and when I walked out the door I was covered in a blanket of humidity. Yuck!

Kim3278 said...

I am also looking forward to dinner and possibly a trip to the pool with ya!

You got some great shots. I wish I had my camera at the fair but toting around that heavy camera, and the backback and both kids would have been murder for me:)

carissa said...

you sure spent this week well!!! the cooler temps you are experiencing make me anxious for fall. : ) and what fun baseball pics! yay for instilling the Truth in your kiddos early - vbs is such a fun summer tradition and a great way to encourage the kids to memorize Scripture = win, win! happy weekend!

Carrie said...

All of your pictures are so great! I wish that we would've made a baseball game this summer...there's just not enough time to do anything. I love that Caleb cried going to VBS and then because he had to leave! Alex was always that way when he was little...I do miss that...a little ;-) I almost always wear a skirt right now! it's so much more comfortable to me than shorts...because most of my skirts have an elastic waist! ha! and it's just easy to wear with anything! we try to take evening walks too, but the heat makes it really hard...sounds like you are doing great, and have a wonderful partner to walk with :-)
Enjoy the rest of summer! we don't usually go to our state fair...but the food always sounds so good! have fun! {and there is a new baby elephant at the indy zoo now! so cute! i hope we will get to make it!}

The Starr Family said...

I have missed you and all your posts!! Going on vacation means serious separation anxiety from all your favorite bloggers :)

Yay for baseball and the fact that the Clippers are really YANKEES!!!! :)