Monday, August 16, 2010

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

First down...Football season is almost here and pre-season is in full swing! I love this time of husband and mom get all excited and Sundays are really relaxing. I grew up watching football with my mom and have come to love the sport. I don't get into all of the stats or have a fantasy team, but I do love sitting down, kicking back and watching a game. I have grown to love college (sorry Ron and Mom) more than the NFL, but it is all still wonderful.

Second down...I love blog friends, don't you?! Sometimes it does feel strange to call someone you've never met a friend, but that is truly how it feels. Recently I received a wonderful package from one of my blog friends...Ruby Red! I won a giveaway (the ever so emotional, yet so good so far Heart of the Matter) on her book blog (here) and with it she included some great mango soap from the area where she's vacationing at her cottage as well as the cutest photo collage of her time at the cottage. How cute that she has a cottage! You must go and check her out...I'm sure she'll welcome you with open arms. Thanks Ruby Red!!!

Third down...We went to one of our local fruit farms yesterday to buy peaches. My mom went too and picked up some corn, tomatoes, a block of cheese and a fried pie. Aren't these peaches beautiful:

They actually aren't as sweet as I thought they would be, but that didn't stop me from making the peach crisp that I wanted to try. I used a variation of PW's recipe (here), except I added some oats and didn't add the maple syrup to the peaches...not a huge fan of maple unless it's on my pancakes.

Here are my peaches all cut up and ready for topping...don't they look pretty.

Here's the finished product (with a little taste spooned out). It turned out pretty well...can't really go too wrong with crisp. I think if my peaches were sweeter it would have been even better. I will say that it's not my beloved apple crisp, but it's up there. crisp how I love you and now know that you are my favorite dessert...where was I?

Fourth down...I'm done with summer. There, I said it out loud. I am OK with heat but the humidity this summer has been crazy and no fun at all. I'm SO ready for Fall...opening windows, apple cider, apple picking (you know, to make apple crisp), Halloween, beautiful leaves (though I don't look forward to raking, right Mom), the decorations...pretty much all things Fall. Let the countdown begin!

Extra point...I completely forgot to link up last week. I did my post and scheduled it but didn't enter it on Carissa's site until the next day. That won't happen this week :)


Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Amen! I am ready for the fall right along with you.

Those peaches look awesome but that stinks that they weren't very sweet. Nothing a little sugar can't cure!

And, I agree, bloggy friends are wonderful! I have "met" so many amazing women!

Angie S said...

I too love all things fall, and football for sure :)

The crisp looks so yummy!

And blog buddies are the BEST!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Your peach crisp looks so yummy! I like fall too. I love when the leaves change colors and the air cools off:) And college football is a big deal at our house too! We aren't big fans of NFL football, but we were excited for the Saints winning this year.

Rach said...

Oh, Honey, I've been LOOOOOOOONG done with summer. The intense heat and humidity here in Williamsburg has about done me in. UGH!!

Next, I'm BEYOND excited for football season to begin. I'm counting down the days. I'm a HUGE Hokies fan (that's what happens when you are born and raised in Blacksburg by parents who attended VA Tech), and I *adore* any college football. I'm working on the NFL. It seems to me the guys in college play with more heart because for many of them this is their last opportunity to play ball.

Peach crisp? I'm going to make one of those myself. :o)

Last, hooray for blog friends (I call them my friends all the time!) and surprise packages!! :o)

Happy Monday everyone! :o)

Stacey Thomas said...

Mmmmm that peach crisp looks fabulous! I love oats in my crisps too, but I would put the maple syrup in, I love maple pretty much anywhere.
I too am done with summer. Bring on fall and all the wonderful things that come with it.
Love the layout of today's post!

jaydee said...

Kelli.... YUMMY looking pie. I'm with Rach... I am SO OVER summer. Today is the first day that it has been in the 70s with low humidity. I almost feel as though I need a jersey to keep me warm!
Football.... man... I just don't get that game (she says as she ducks her head to avoid all the missiles being sent my way!) You guys play football with the wrong shaped ball:-) Seriously, it's gotta be something you grew up with. I love that everyone gets so excited about it though.
Happy Monday everyone

Simplegirl said...

Your number 4 just got me. I was happy with my summer, but yes humidity is ridiculous. But allthat about apple picking, cider, oh can't wait for fall! Happy Misc. Monday!! Following your lovely blog.

Becca said...

I would be over summer too if I had a wonderful fall season to look forward too. OUr fall is 90 degree weather instead of 100. Lucky us!!!!

I love peaches so I will have to try that crisp!!


Rambling Girl said...

WINNER of the Game!!! Great post.

Love me soem football better than NFL...why you ask...just not so money engross and still into the game more on the spirt of playing. Most NFL players are to rapped up in the glitz and highlight of them. me some peaches and I actually bought some also this weekend...I love chopping my up and then sugar and milk in a bowl till all cold and then just eat them.

Fall...don't get me starting on this...I actually started getting some of my stuff out for September 1st to get decorating a little. Yes the humidity has been aweful.....

Your right about not even meeting but fell like friends...I am glad I have been getting to know you also, Kelly...We do have someing in common...I have Jamison also. He is 17...will 18 next month and the BIG Senior this year also.

LeAnna said...

Apple crisp is by far my favorite kind of crisp, I agree! I always add oats to PW's peach crisp, too, I'm a firm believer a "crisp" isn't crisp without oats, haha. The maple isn't that noticeable, it's Hubby's favorite dessert. As for the heat, I'm with ya! I'm done with it!

Joanna said...

First let me say, I am starving! I just got home and I haven't ate a thing yet and that peach crisp...YUM! :-)

I LOVE college football, ok well just the Gators, but that's ok. We don't miss a Gator game at all. However since the Gator QB moved up to NFL this year, we will be watching when the Broncos play!

I am OVER summer too. It can leave right this second and I wouldn't be sad at all. It's still miserably hot here.

Barbie said...

Those peaches look lovely. Makes me crave a nice, hot, Peach Cobbler!

The apple crisp looks heavenly!

We are still waiting for Summer to come to California. It might skip us this year.

Happy Monday!

Vivienne said...

Hey!!!! You did a pop up window! Yay! Those peaches look beautiful and that crisp looks delicious... I can almost smell it from way out here!

I am ready for fall too, and we had a super mild summer.

Lyndsey said...

Whooooo! It has been hot hasn't it?! I will so miss summer, but bring on the fall fun!

Anna said...

That fruit looks amazing. I know what you mean about blog friends! The funny thing is I met my husband through my blog. :)

Patrice said...

I am so ready for fall! I've been working my way through a bushel of peaches. I love peaches!!! Have a good Miscellany Monday!

Miller Racing Family said...

I am so with you on wanting fall. I am hating these hot temps. I think I am on a 2-3 shower a day schedule, lol.
I can't wait to have apple crisp. This year our apple tree in our backyard is full of apples.
Have a great Monday!

He & Me + 3 said...

I am over summer too. It has been just too hot and too dry. Ugh.
Those peaches look so good. I haven't had one in years. For real. I need to buy me some...we have a local farmers market every Friday. I should check them out to see if they have any.
Blog giveaways are so fun.

Carrie said...

We are with you...Dan is not a cold weather person...but he even said that this summer has done him in and he's ready for it to be over...the heat has been so intense, and we've had barely a drop of rain. I LOVE Fall...I can't wait either! Emily is already talking about going apple picking too! crisp!

And I love blog friends too :) I follow Ruby Red and she has such a fun little cottage!

Take care!