Friday, August 20, 2010

Thanking God on Friday

~ I am thankful that I am able to take a few days off next week for Jamison's first week of school. She starts on Wednesday and we have fun plans for Monday and Tuesday...including Jamison Appreciation Day (where we do something fun that she wants to do and kind of spoil her a bit), going to a movie (Ramona & Beezus), and maybe the Spray Park.

~ I am thankful that Rondell's mom and stepdad brought us dinner the other night. They were leaving the next day for vacation and wanted to surprise us and spend a little time. It's a good thing too because grilled cheese was on the menu for that night.

~ I am thankful that Tastefully Simple makes making beer bread so a package, pour in some beer, cover with butter and bake. SO good!

~ I am thankful for a few blogs that I've come across lately...ones that have inspired me to be a better Christian, wife, mother, this one and this one and this one. You should check them out.

NOTE: Please pray for my step mother, Renee...her sister just passed away. Thank you.


Rach said...

I have added you stepmomto my prayer list. I'm so sorry. :o(

What a wonderful day Jamison has coming up!

Happy Friday! :o)

Kristy said...

I have loved browsing through your blog that last few inspiring!! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog today....hearing that my blog inspired you made me do a little happy dance :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Jamison appreciation day sounds like such a fun time! How nice to have dinner brought to you...I'm sure my kiddos would love that on sandwich night at our house too! What a great way to end the summer. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Vivienne said...

I just went over and checked out those blogs. Thank you for sharing! I love the "Kid Appreciation Day" concept.

Joanna said...

Enjoy your time off next week! I know you'll make Jamison's day extra special. :-)

Surprise! So glad that they came by.

Ohhh...I want a grilled cheese!!!

I will be praying for Renee!

Have a great weekend!!

The Starr Family said...

Amen to the beer bread!!! Kelli... you are so honest and sweet. I truly, truly appreciate all your kind comments on my blog. And I love ya more b/c you are an Ohio gal ;)

Angie S said...

Oh oooo....I love finding new blogs, thanks for the suggestions.

Beer bread sounds good, anything with butter is my friend :)

I'm saying prayers for your step sorry.

Have fun next week.

Miller Racing Family said...

Fabulous thankful list. The spoiling day sounds wonderful. I would love to see Ramona & Beezus, you will have to let us know how it is.
Have a great weekend!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Just had to stop and say your blog design is really cute. So fun and colorful!

Lissa said...

thank you so much for the mention today! I hope you enjoy your days off! I hear that movie is great!

He & Me + 3 said...

Enjoy your time off and have so much fun. I love Tastefully Simple's beer bread. So good and it is even good with sprite in it instead of beer.
I will say a prayer for Renee. I have been hearing of too much loss lately. So very sad for those families.