Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kelli's Krafts - My First Craft Event

I know I've already told you the results of my craft fair but I wanted to show you some pictures from the event:

It was a Back to School Bash for a local elementary school. They went all out...there were games, bounce houses, ponies, food, and even a band. I'm sure it was a big success for the school.

They took kids around the neighborhood on this bus. It looked like a lot of fun.

My mom was there and she sold soap that her co-worker makes.

Here's my price sign. I am so proud of it. Since it was a back to school event I used a school digital scrapbook kit to do the letters and the embellishments. While I love paper scrapbooking, I love using the digital kits to make things like this.

I made a variety of cards...Birthday, Thinking of You, Thank You, Sympathy, and For the Teacher. I put them in individual baskets with labels. I used lunch bags, that I stamped with a little butterfly, to put the cards in when people purchased them.

Here's also a close up of the labels. I saw something like these here (it's a great organizing blog) and I thought they were perfect. I simply layered some SU cardstock and Designer Series paper and then printed out the out the words I needed for each label. I (and by "I" I mean Rondell) took them to be laminated (one day I will invest in a laminating machine!).

So there you have it...my first event! While it wasn't what I'd hoped for it was still a good experience.

Next week I'll be back to show you a fun Halloween (yes, Halloween) card :)


Carrie said...

Kelli...it all looks GREAT! You did such an amazing job! I know those will still be purchased for another fair and go to someone special! And I love the soaps...I just bought some handmade soap from one of my favorite little stores yesterday ;)

The fair sounded like so much fun too...a great way to get the kiddos ready to go back! Hope your new routine is going well...we've already started getting up and ready later and later each day! blah!

Kelli said...

Kelli, your stuff looks awesome! :) And speaking from years of experience with craft shows, the bad thing is that some shows don't do as well as others. The good news is that the others usually more than make up for the not-so-great ones! We are just now coming into the BIG craft show season around here. Lots of fall shows every weekend. You just have to figure out which ones work best for you and be sure to get on their mailing lists so you're notified each year. Best of luck to you!

Rach said...

Oo, fabulous idea with the baskets!

I second what Kelli said, some shows are better than others. You'll see! :o)

Carrie said...

Looks like fun

Stacey Thomas said...

What a fun time, and your display and sign were wonderful.
I have a laminating machine, and I have used it a bajillion times since I bought it. I get my laminating sheets from Lamination King online, they are far cheaper that way.


Angie said...

I love the price poster, it is very cute. Wow...that was a ton of work, to make all those cards and display them. You go girl!

paige said...

so cute!!
glad all went well & you had fun after all the work that went into preperations, i'm sure

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I've missed almost a whole week of your posts:( I feel so out of the loop! I hate that the craft fair didn't turn out like you planned, but at least now you have a great stock pile of cards for your next event! I think your set up and you price sign are adorable!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Good for you. I've done stuff like that for Girl Scouts and sold na-da. So I understand that disappointment. Hopefully it will be better next time:)

Lissa said...

I think you did a great job! That sign is so perfect for back to school!!

Miller Racing Family said...

Looks like a fun event. I bet the bus rides were a blast. I love your sign and the prices look great.
I hope you had a great Monday!

Rambling Girl said...

oh cool...that looks like lots of fun...can't wait to see your halloween cards...love how you fixed your cards for display

He & Me + 3 said...

Great pictures. Your table and signs looked great. Sorry it wasn't what you had hoped for. Keep trying.

Vivienne said...

It looks great. Don't give up!