Friday, August 13, 2010

Thanking God on Friday!

~ I am thankful that my aunt was able to come over & watch the kids this week. We had some childcare conflicts and I'm so grateful that she was free this week and agreed to care for my babies. They have all had a lot of fun and it has been a nice feeling to have her around.

~ I am thankful that one of my friends is going to teach me how to "coupon." I use coupons but I don't have any sort of system and my friend Tasha and her friend get together often to go over the ads and coupons and figure out the best deals. Next week I'm going to join them and try to learn how to save some extra money.

~ I am thankful that Caleb pooped on the potty two days this week...TMI I know, but I'm really excited about this one.

~ I am thankful for God's grace, mercy & forgiveness...I could use all three right now.


Carrie said...

YAY for Caleb! That is definitely something to celebrate! :)

I wish I had some motivation to coupon...I think it would so much more fun to learn and get together with a group of friends...can we all go grocery shopping together too...I'm sure the check out person would love going through all the coupons, haha :) Teach us all you learn, too ;)

Hope you have a great weekend! You've been doing so well with your to-do lists...and I love the cards that you made recently! Take care!!!

Carrie said...

{sorry...I posted my comment twice and deleted one! ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

That is so great for mr. Caleb. I would post about that too. When your friend teaches you how to coupon you should share. I am just starting to learn and it is addictive and super fun to walk out of the store paying only one dollar for three bags of stuff. Yep i did that the other day. :) probably won't happen ever again but I was proud. I need to be more consistent with the coupons.

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Only a mom would understand how exciting two days of poop on the potty really are! Way to go Caleb!

Good luck w/ the couponing. I think coupons end up stressing me out more than they're worth but I still use them as much as possible. My favorite thing to do is buy coupons for the things we always need (like Snapple for my kids/hubby) off eBay. In the end, it saves me a TON of $$ even though there is a small upfront cost. It doesn't stress me out though!

Yay for your aunt! Family is the best :)

Have a blessed weekend!!!

Angie S said...

Yay for couponing...I need to get better about it!!

And yay for poop in the potty! That is HUGE!

Rach said...

Hooray Caleb!! Poop on the potty is AWESOME! :o) (Did you EVER think you would be excited about poo when you were single and childless??)

Couponing--just now really starting to get good at it. My local grocery doubles up to $0.99 and then in the paper once in a while they'll include a dollar doubler meaning they'll double a dollar. They put in four of 'em and this was one of those weeks. AWESOME!

Happy Friday! :o)

Emily said...

WTG Caleb!! I totally understand your excitement on that one! :)

Anonymous said...

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Joanna said...

I couponed at one time...Our newspaper just don't carry the coupons like others does so I stopped. Good luck and I can't wait to hear about all the money that y'all save!! a momma I can relate to the poppy on the potty and happiness! Yay, Caleb! :-)

I am thankful for God's grace, mercy and forgiveness as well. Good is awesome!!

Stacey Thomas said...

Great job Caleb!
I had this issue with my son too Kelli, it's not TMI for those of us with kids, especially boys.
Glad the daycare thing worked out this week, there's nothing like that kind of stress to just add to everything.
Couponing is something I am getting back into as's my latest good deal: WalMart had NesQuik syrup for chocolate milk on sale for $1.78...I had two coupons for $1 off, and got them both for 78 cents each. I was so proud of myself!:)
Have a great weekend!

TDM Wendy said...

Hooray for Caleb! Poop in the potty is so underrated.

debra said...

Successful potty training is definitely something to be thankful for. :)

Michele said...

Hi Kelli! I'm new to your blog. I love the photo and verse at the top. Not TMI on the potty thing That's such a big deal! Yay, Caleb! Great list! And, nice to meet you :)

Lissa said...

It's so wonderful to focus on what you're thankful for!

the coupon thing is big over here but I haven't harnessed it yet!

Miller Racing Family said...

I would really like to get into the coupon system but I just don't know how. You will have to post some tips when you get it mastered.
Have a great weekend!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

have fun couponing! it's a lot at first, but hang in there; it's worth it. seeing your grocery bill shrink is a blessing!

Vivienne said...

Poop on potties is a good thing. Congrats to you all1 :)

I love my coupons (and yes, I do have a system) and I routinely save at least a third off of the total bill... sometimes I save closer to half.

And yes, God's grace, mercy & forgiveness are so amazing. We can all ALWAYS use them.