Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Do Thursday!

Hello and Happy Thursday. This week's list was all about my craft fair and I have ideas in motion, but not a lot of action. This cold has really taken a toll on me since Sunday and I haven't been able to do much at all...sigh. Rondell is going to help me out today so that I can have some things finalized.

1. Make cards...DONE. I have 75 so far and if the spirit moves me I'll make a few more. I also have some 3x3 gift cards that I will sell too.

2. Make labels for card baskets...NO. I have been going back and forth about what I want to do as far as labels. I thought about tags and then I've thought about little place cards...thoughts?

3. Buy table cloth...NO. I'm going after work today.

4. Buy envelopes for cards...NO. Rondell is picking them up on his way home today.

5. Look around for table decorations...DONE. I have some frames that I'm going to use for my price sign. I'm going to type up my sign tonight using a digital scrapbook program that has a school theme since it's a Back to School Kickoff.

** I will say that I have other things ready, like my business cards, order forms, catalogs, etc. Everything has been stamped with my personal SU stamp (thanks Ron) and I have a sitter for the kids. Ooh, and the weather is supposed to be really nice (I found out that the event is outside!).

This Week's To Do List

1. Get through the craft fair.

2. Get used to our new routine of getting everyone up in the morning and out the door. I realized this morning that we must pack lunches and lay out clothes the night before.


Vivienne said...

Doing as much in advance is a good idea (lunches and clothes...).

Do you already have the table you're using, or does the craft fair provide it? If it's yours, you may want to consider putting velcro all around the edge and adding velcro to the edge of fabric that will run around 3 of the sides. Then you can put a shorter cloth over the top. It will ensure that your boxes, bags, etc can be stored under the table without being seen.

He & Me + 3 said...

Sounds like hubs has been a great help. I think the picture frames is a great idea. I hope that you do well on your craft fair.

Renae said...

I wish I lived near you, I'd love to order from you and get ideas as well! Good luck at your craft fair :)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Fair will be fun - good luck.

Carrie said...

sounds like you have had a busy busy week getting ready for school and the craft fair...I'm sorry you haven't felt good either :(

Sounds like you are going to be all ready though...Rondell is a great guy ;)

HOpe it all goes well...and I miss the lazy summer mornings already too :) Thankfully Emily is good about getting up and getting ready on her own...I just need her help to get me up too! :)

Angie S said...

Just an idea that I heard about and am doing. re: morning routines...I got a hanging sweater organizer for each kid...about $6.00 plus shipping at You could even just put separators in a large drawer for each day of the week.

Anyway, on Sunday after all the laundry is done we pick out clothes for the WEEK and put them in the slots and DONEZO!! So far our mornings have been super easy.

I'm planning to do a blog post about it, just haven't had a chance. And I do pack lunches at night. I will do anything to help with mornings, I am not a morning person. ha!

this blessed nest said...


i hope you are able to sale a ton of cards! sounds like you've been busy.

feel better! maybe after your event you will be able to rest!
take care.