Monday, August 9, 2010

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I love Michael Jackson's music and I have one of his greatest hits CDs. It gets me all livened up if I'm feeling a little sleepy on my way into work or if I just need a pick-me up. But last week I realized that in a lot of his songs I have no idea what he's saying :)

2. I've toyed with the idea to word verify or not to word verify. Right now I have the word verification turned on but I always wonder how much spam you really get without it. Hmmm...

3. Lately I've been keeping this post in draft status because I am that forgetful. I'll think of something random and then put "notes" in a draft so that I will remember to post about it. Am I the only one who does this?

4. I'm starting to be a little over Facebook. I used to be on it all of the time and now I don't get on often at all unless it's to get in touch with someone who I know is on there all of the time. I'm not sure what it is...maybe because I put a lot into my blog and I don't want to repeat the same thing on FB.

5. There are only two more weeks till school...TWO WEEKS!

6. I visited some friends in their new home this weekend...and let's just say that I'm not proud of the envy that followed. It was beautiful and spacious and there was a room upstairs that I could picture as my stamping/craft room. Maybe Dave Ramsey and I need to become friends...


Carrie said...

I will listen to lots of old songs still today and just figure out some of the lyrics!

I'm not on FB much either. I think I'm over some of my 'friends' status...I don't really care what they're doing every second! haha! And I don't have much to say...I use my blog alot more too. I like to check it and see pictures mostly.

I understand the's only natural. It's hard not to want something new and spacious like a new house! I'd be totally visualizing my own stuff there! ;) Especially since we're trying to get rid of so much...I wish we could just start all over! haha! It would be great to be Dave Ramsey's friend to give us more perspective :) Happy Monday!

schwadette said...

just remember... "live like no one else... so you can LIVE like no one else". love dave.... i've been tuning in to his talk show (via itunes...). it's so encouraging - especially on Friday's when callers call in to share their "debt-free" story. makes me realize that the sacrifices i'm willing to make now will one day be SO worth it!! :)

Joanna said...

Hehehe....I love Michael Jackson too and now come to think of it, he is a little hard to understand in some of his songs. I guess I just make up on my words when I'm singing along, thinking that's what he's probably singing. I'm probably way off. lol.

Well you know I'm on FB all the time. I had been doing really good though because I turned off my email notifications and only getting on there about 2 times a day. Since I've been injured though I've been on way more than that because there isn't much else I could do. I'm out of books to read and can't get to the library to get more...So frustrating.

Ohhh. I would have had envy. I think it's because we long to have a 3rd child and because lack of space and lack of storage we can't have one.

Stacey Thomas said...

I am on FB a lot some days, other days no. Like today, it's raining cats and dogs, I'm doing laundry and Evan is playing in his newly superdy duper clean room, so I have time.
BTW Kelli, add me on FB, I would love it! Use the email addy you already have to find me:)
I actually look up the lyrics to songs so I understand them. There are quite a few where I thought I understood, but boy was I *way* offbase.
I use the Askimet plugin on my blog to stop spam and I love it. I had InvisiCaptcha, but deleted it after it send friends' comments to the spam box! I am using a Wordpress platform for my blog though, and am not overly sure about Blogger and what works with them.
I understand the envy, because I used to get that feeling too. Sometimes I still do, but not so much anymore. That's its' own post in fact.
Have a great week Kelli!


Rach said...

MJ was the BEST. :o) Funny story, I was listening to him in the hospital after Ellie was born and the nurses came in and all started dancing, lol!

I used to be over FB. In fact, I wasn't on for close to a year. I just seemed to glut myself. Then, recently, I got back on and now I find I have better self-control and am only on twice a day or so to check on some friends.

Forgetful?? Yup, that's me! :oP

Vivienne said...

1. I have a few MJ songs I really like. They all have lyrics I can't understand.

2. NOT to verify. I don't get much spam. (However, I enabled the thing where I have approval if the comment is on a post that is over 2 weeks old. That seems to be where my anonymous/spam comments come from.) (Also? Since you're maybe going to be adjusting your blog settings... would you possibly consider a pop-up-window for leaving comments? I am always playing catch-up with you, so I have to comment, go back to the "home" page and then scroll down lower and lower for each post...)

3. I do it too.

4. I think I got a computer virus that got in through FB.

5. Where did the time go!?

6. Don't think of it as envy... maybe as a goal?

Mike and Katie said...

I don't get much spam but I use comment moderation so I can delete what comes through. If I have a certain post that keeps getting spammed, I turn off the comments on that post. It is always the older, too.

He & Me + 3 said...

We have until the Tuesday after Labor Day. Will summer ever end? LOL
I too love Michael Jackson's music. He was an awesome artist.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I was never really a big fan of seems a little too much like high school. And I'm always amazed at all the personal stuff people share for everyone to read! I don't do work verification...I never have, and I think I may have gotten two spam comments in almost two years:)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I've never been on facebook, so I can't really say. I've always been afraid to even start it, as I don't have enough time during the day as it is ;) I don't do word verification and I rarely rarely get spam.

Oh the envy. I used to battle that when visiting friends' houses. I'm happy to be building a house, but honestly, if we lived here in this little mobile home {that is falling apart} for the rest of our lives, I could be happy here too.

Angie S said...

i changed my verify to no. i just did it recently. i don't know why, but just did.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I use comment moderation too...Love your blog...Enjoyed reading your blog.....
Hope you will stop by for a visit...I am giving away lots of GIFTS this week on both celebrate

{Bobbi} said...

I'm lovin these Monday posts. Really neat blog carnival. Oh my goodness, your daughters eyes on your new post. GORGEOUS! Your husband needs to watch out when she's older!!!