Monday, August 11, 2008

When the Kids are Away...

...the parents will play! Jamison and Caleb left on Saturday to go to Cleveland to visit my dad, stepmom, brother and sister. They will be there for an entire week. I know that I should be very sad and I'm sure I will be soon, but right now I'm enjoying the time. I love my children more than most things, but it was time for a break. Maybe as much a needed time for them as well as for me.

So, what will Rondell and I do with all of our time? Lots. Saturday my mom came over and we worked in the yard. I've been trying to get our backyard together since we've moved into this house. My mom has been a great help. So we worked on some mulching, edging and just plain old clean up.

On Sunday we went to church and then to the fair (shh..don't tell Jamison). We were only there for a short time, long enough to eat all of the good (but bad for you) food. Afterwards, Rondell went to work at his new part-time Best Buy job and I...wait for it...took a nap!!! So nice. After my lovely nap I met up with my good friend Jodie for Chipotle and we ate outside and talked. It was nice.

Today my mom is coming over again to work in the yard (yes, there's that much to do). With Jamison here we can get stuff done but having to constantly keep an eye on Caleb makes it hard. So this is nice to have the time to get all of it done.

Tomorrow Rondell and I are going to do some more cleaning, hopefully the basement.

Wednesday I'm going to dinner with three girlfriends (hi Jodie, Tonya, and Katie). I'm looking so forward to that, being able to relax and not feel guilty that I'm missing out on time with the kids.

Thursday I think Rondell and I are going to go to dinner.

Then Friday the babies will be home. By that time I will be itching to see them! I'm sure they are having a great time and being spoiled beyond belief. Maybe they'll want to come home.

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