Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Peeps

Today our Small Group had a cookout at Tonya's house. During the summer we try and have a social once a month. This month Tonya was the host and we had a great time. Rondell wasn't there because he had to work at Best Buy so the kids and I were solo.

Here are some pics from the evening:

Let me just say that I love these girls. Most of them I have not even known for very long but they are like sisters to me. They are just a bunch of fun, talented, down-to-earth women. I'm glad that God has blessed me with their friendships.
Sara, Jodie, Me, Tonya and Katie (and Caleb's little hand, I guess he wanted to be in the picture)
Ahh Jodie. This is my soul sister. We think a lot alike. She is my accountability partner from the group and have really tried to be there for one another (even though we live across town from each other). She is so fun to be around and such a great listener (because we all know I like to talk). She bakes the best sugar cookies. Jodie and Andy have three kids...Reese (who Jamison loves), Ian and Jake. They are fun kids and Jamison loves playing with them.

Sara, and her husband Elliott, are the leaders or facilitators of our Small Group. Sara has one of the biggest hearts of anybody I've ever known. She and I do BSF together (what, you don't know what BSF is...go here). She has three beautiful, well-behaved children, Isabelle, Madeline and Samuel. I always tell her that I'm going to follow her around one day to see how she teaches them so well.

T-Dogg (Tonya) is one of my new friends but we have become fast friends. This girl makes me laugh so hard I have tears most times. She is very loving and humble and just an all-around beautiful person. Tonya and her husband Troy have a gorgeous little girl named Jocelyn.

Katie, another one that makes me laugh like no other. She is so outgoing and fun to be around. She has three beautiful boys (not sure how she stays sane, my Caleb is a handfull just by himself). She and her husband Josh and newer to our group but they have really made an impact.

Here are the kids having a picnic in the back yard. Fun times.

And what's a summer cookout without a good old water balloon toss and fight. The kids were so funny. The parents got in on the action too. Jamison. She was freaking out because they got her wet. That Jamison!

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schwadette1 said...

I'm so proud to be a "peep"! :) I feel so important to have made it to your BLOG!!! WOOHOO! :)