Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pictures from the Big Day

The Big Day went off without any issues. Jamison was so excited and bouncing all around. She was excited that I let her take her Sleep Beauty figure with her to school (with strict instructions to leave her in the book bag). I packed her lunch and she was so happy that I cut out shapes of her jelly sandwich (thanks Lyndsey!).

I think she's excited.

We all got up and got ready and then we were off. Rondell took some pictures of Jamison before the walk to the bus.

Doing a little pose for Daddy.

And we're off on the one block walk.

Check out the new book bag. It's almost as big as she is!

We met a few of our bus stop friends. One little girl was so helpful and told Jamison that Kindergarten is really, really, REALLY, fun. At one point Jamison told us that we could go wait with Aunt Roni (who was watching from our porch with Caleb) because she was just going to wait with the other kids. Grown already.

Here comes the bus. It was a little late because it's the first day. Jamison was anxious for it to get there.

She got on the bus and did not look back. I hope she has a great first day. I'm sure she'll have lots of stories to tell us when she gets home.

There she goes. Not even a wave good-bye.

We can't forget about Mr. Caleb. He watched Jamison from the front porch. I'm sure he'll be excited to have the whole house to himself!


The Bates Family said...

Just precious Kelli. You'll look back someday and be glad you took these photos. What a beatiful family you have and I love the part about explaining your blog title. You inspired me to think up one for ours. :) Have a great three-day weekend!!!

Mike and Katie said...

I love Jamison's excited face. I hope the rest of the week was good for her.

My boys start school tomorrow but they've lost that sparkle in their eye. That's okay I have enough for the both of them. I can't wait to crack up the new books and relearn all the things I've forgotten since graduation!