Friday, August 8, 2008

Are You Amazed?

I've been a Christian truly since I was 18, but it hasn't been until recently (in the last two years) that I've REALLY been walking with God. I started out by doing a study on marriage by Kay Arthur (something I am thinking of doing again because I think now I'd get so much more out of it). I've gone on to join my wonderful church (see sidebar), watch my husband be baptize, her my daughter memorize her first Bible verse, etc.

This past Sunday Pastor Steve gave a sermon about being amazed by God. He asked us to ask ourselves if we're amazed by Him. Of course you want to be that person in the front row who says "of course." But I had to stop and think. Not that I think He's not amazing, but am I amazed by Him. I took that to mean grateful, in awe.

When I think about Him and how big He is and how great He is, I am amazed. And I am thankful for having to really think through that question. I am amazed that He's brought me this far in my walk with Him, I am amazed that He brought me through post-partum depression, I am amazed that He has blessed me with a wonderful husband, I am amazed that when I have a question He brings the exact scripture to me that I need, I am amazed at how strong He's keeping this woman (you've got to read her story), I am amazed that things in our life are not coincidental...I am amazed by God.

Are you?

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The Bates Family said...

Yes, everyday. Especially when I'm out at the beach, watching the ocean at night. I look at how vast the ocean really is and how amazing each and every star is in space and wonder how people DON'T believe in God. He is every bit amazing that you said!