Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Special Day

Today is the day before Miss Jamison starts Kindergarten. I decided to take the day off and make a special day out of it.

Jamison outside of her new school.

First we went to her new school so that she could meet her teacher and take an assessment test. The classroom that she is in is so cute. I swear I'm a Kindergarten teacher at heart because I want my house to be as colorful, cute and organized. We dropped off her school supplies (which, side note...we had to buy a lot of supplies AND pay a school supply fee. Is that normal?) and turned in the papers I filled out. Then Mrs. Dutko and Jamison had their time together. I was very excited that Jamison was placed in Mrs. Dutko's class. I met her a few months back when I was going back and forth about whether or not to send Jamison to Kindergarten. Mrs. Dutko was on a panel of Kindergarten teachers that our local library put on. They answered questions that parents had and I could tell then that Mrs. Dutko was enthusiastic about being a teacher. Mrs. Dutko said that Jamison did well and even read a book for her. While we were there Rondell and I joined the PTA (and if you know me you know that's no surprise!)

We had to take pictures outside of her school today because she rides the bus to school. So, we won't have those first-day-in-the-class pictures.

Here is Jamison and her new teacher Mrs. Dutko.

Jamison signing into her new class.

After we left the school we went to Bob Evans for breakfast. Jamison loves pancakes and so this was her spot. It was nice having a conversation with just her and not having Caleb scream every minute (note...I of course love his scream but it does make it hard to hear).

Rondell and Jamison at Bob Evans

After our late breakfast Rondell went to work and Jamison and I went to visit my friend Deborah. Jamison likes playing at her house. I haven't seen Deborah in a while (and she only lives like 5 minutes away) so it was nice to kind of catch up with her. Jamison got to play a little in the tree house that Deborah's husband Dan is building and I got to play with Deborah's newest edition Luke, he's 6 months. He is added to Alec, James and Grace.

James, Jamison and Deborah in the tree house. Jamison loved being up so high.

After Deborah's, Jamison and I took a nap. NICE! Then we went to the mall to buy her an outfit to wear to her Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party in September. She got the cutest skirt and shirt with matching tights. So girly. She also got a cute pair of shoes that she put on as soon as she got home. We had pretzels and Antie Anne's and then went home.

I think Jamison dislikes shopping like her mother. She was ready to go after we found the first skirt. I wanted to find a few more things.

"This bag is too heavy."

I can't believe it's tomorrow, that my baby is going to Kindergarten. I'm so excited for her to start this new adventure and I can't wait to see how much she grows.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Big Day pictures.

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