Thursday, August 28, 2008

So, Why This Title?

Sometimes when I'm stalking, I mean reading, other people's blogs I wonder why that person named her blog what she did. Of course not the obvious ones, but some that are like mine. Most people give a description and it satisfies my curiosity, but other's don't.

With that, I decided to explain my title. When Rondell and I were looking for our first house, the one we live in now, I HAD to have a window in my kitchen, over the sink. I love having sunlight in my home and I grew up with a window over the sink in my kitchen. There's something about washing dishes and looking out at your yard. It was something that I strongly wanted. We didn't look at that many houses but the ones that did not have a window over the sink did not impress me. When I saw this house, it had the window and the most beautiful backyard.

The above picture was taken during our home inspection, so this is how the previous owner had her kitchen. Now I have a cute little valance with ladybugs, butterflies and dragonflies and the walls are yellow. It's very me.

So, it's pretty simple...I love to look "outside my kitchen window." I love to watch my kids play. I love to look out and be amazed that I'm in my first home. I love to look out the window and watch my husband grill or cut the grass. It makes me happy.

What's outside your kitchen window?


Anonymous said...

I have a view of the ornately and colorfully detailed dome of the basilica of the national shrine. It's pretty cool! - anita

Ellen R. said...

We live in I see our backyard and our neighbor's house on the other side of the fence! :)

But I also see our garden and our yard with toys left out and it feels good.