Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy or Sad

Today Rondell, the kids and I went to Zoombezi Bay (our local water park). We like it there because it's close to our house and there are a lot of things to do for us and the kids. We played in the little kids' area today and Jamison had a blast (Caleb, not so much). I don't have any pictures because of the fear that my camera will get stolen. I might try and convince Rondell to let us get a pool pass next year because while we like Zoombezi, it's not exactly convenient to get to. You first have to park in the large parking lot. Then walk from the parking lot aaalll the way to the gate (which is the gate for the zoo). Then you have to walk from that gate aaalll the way to the gate to the Z. By the time you get there you're exhausted. Then you have to do that all over again when you're leaving, as you've been in the sun and swimming so imagine how tired the kids are (and us too). So we'll see. We have time.

This was probably the last time that we'll go there this summer because next weekend is the last weekend that it's open. How sad is that? Or happy?

This time of year I can never decide if I love fall or summer best. This time of year as the pools are closing the it's getting darker earlier, I think of the fun times that we having during the fall season. I think of apple cider, pumpkins, Halloween and crisp fall weather. BUT I also have loved being outside in the sun, going to the pool and all the things that summer brings.

So which is it, fall or summer...I can never decide.

What's you favorite season?

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Mike and Katie said...

I'm looking forward to school. I don't like my kids romping around with the neighbor kids doing nothing all day but killing trees and breaking toys.

I'm looking forward to pulling out cute fall outfits for Amanda. She's so little she can wear the same clothes for a long time.

I'm looking forward to seeing the electric bill drop and leaves change.

I'm sad to see Amanda's chubby legs disappear under pants and for her sleeves to get into her food. I hope we can get to the beach one more day.

I know cool fall weather is always followed by cold winter. Ugh!

But change is always good!