Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day Nine :)

Day Nine - 2 Songs (**Since I was not able to post yesterday you get two days for the price of one!)

**I have to note that this has been the hardest day because while I love music a lot I don't necessarily have songs that truly stand out...well at least not two that I can narrow down.  But I was able to pick two songs that I thought I'd share with you that are special to me.

1.  You, by Monifah...ever heard of it?  It's a song that came out while I was in college.  It makes me think of the time when I first began to think Rondell was something special.  We would sit in his dorm room and listen to the single and now every time I hear it I think back to those days of new love.

2.  How He Loves Us, by David Crowder Band.  When I feel the need to draw close to God (usually because I'm letting life get in the way) I can go to this song and be reminded.  Oh, how He LOVES us.  Brings me to tears each time.  It is a great reminder of who He is and how He love ME.

10 Day You Challenge - Day Eight :)

For Days 1-7 go here :)
Day 8 - Three Films

1.  You've Got Mail.  I adore, ADORE this movie.  There is just something about it that makes me all giddy inside.  I have mentioned before that I saw it twice in the theater (Rondell joined me both times) and I have it on DVD.  It makes me want to grab a Starbucks latte and read a book each and every time I watch.

2.  The Color Purple. Talk about an inspiring movie.  I love the strength and determination of Whoopi's character...Miss Celie.  I love the music in this movie and the bond between the sisters is just priceless.  I can watch it over and over!

3.  Love Jones.  I enjoy this movie for many is set in my second favorite city (Chicago), it is romantic, Maxwell's music (one of my favorite singers) is featured in the movie, I have loved Nia Long since she was Cat on Guiding Light, etc.  Each time I watch this movie I root for Nina & Darius to be together.

Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day Seven :)

Day 7 - 4 Books!

1.  The Bible.  It is God-breathed, it is inerrant, it is my life instruction manual.

2.  Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala.  It is truly an eye-opening book about the power of the Holy Spirit.

3.  Where the Sidewalk Ends...classic.  This just takes me back to elementary school and how kids would fight over who would check it out of the library.  This is a book I need to buy for Jamison (and Caleb).

4.  The Help.  This is my current favorite read.  I enjoyed this book immensely, definitely a page turner.  The movie was good as well, but nothing compares to the details of a book and how you can picture the setting for yourself. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day Six :)

Day 6 - 5 Foods

1.  Pizza.  This is hands down my favorite food.  My favorites are Tommy's (a local place in Columbus), Giordano's, & Iacono's (another local place).  I do eat franchise pizza, but I prefer the smaller, local spots.  

2.  Apple Crisp.  I'm not a big cake person, I prefer pies & crisps...with apple crisp being my favorite.  It is almost that time of year to go and pick apples (we already have a day scheduled in September) and I'm sure there will be lots of apple crisp in our future.  We have found that Jonathan work best for apple crisp.  If you want the recipe I posted it here.

3.  Steak on the grill.  I love firing up the grill and putting a nicely seasoned steak on there to grill...well I love when Rondell does this ;)  A good grilled steak goes so well with a baked potato and salad.  Oh my!

4.  Appetizers.  Often we will have appetizers for dinner or if I am entertaining I like to have appetizers instead of a full meal, like for a football game.  I love buffalo chicken dip, taquitos, chicken club wrap, taco dip, etc.

5.  Mexican...pretty much all Mexican.  Well, maybe what I like is more Tex Mex actually, but I love it.  One of my favorite restaurants is Abuelo's and man do I miss Chi-Chi's Mexican Fried Ice Cream.  I have been on a quest to find a great chicken enchilada recipe, but I haven't found one that tastes as good as the day.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day Five :)

Day 5 - 6 Places

1.  DESTIN!!!!!!!

If you have been around here for a while it will come as no surprise that this is on my list.  The picture posted above is from when we went in 2010.  It was the trip that made us truly fall in love with Destin.  

This place is just perfect for our family.  The beaches are absolutely beautiful...the sand is clean, the water is a gorgeous blue and they are not over crowded.  We love the condo where we stay because it is so quiet, the pool area is never crowded, and it's in a convenient location to a lot of the sights that we like to see (and the Outlet Mall!)

Our time in Destin is our time to connect as a family, not have to hit snooze on an alarm because no alarms are set, swim until we are too tired to swim anymore, eat fabulous food, and just relax.

We are kind of sad as it looks like we may not be able to go next year...sniff.  But that just means that we will have to really live it up in 2013!

2.  There's no place like Home :)

While I enjoy getting out to do things, I also love being at home.  It is comfortable for me... familiar.  

3. kind of town

Chicago is one of my favorite places to visit.  One of my favorite movies, Love Jones, is set in Chicago.  There is so much to do, yummy food, and one of my dearest friends lives there.  I don't get to visit as often as I would like, but I cherish the time that I have been able to visit.  

One of my favorite sights there is Buckingham Fountain...there's just something about it.  I love when it's all lit up at night...beautiful.  And of course when I'm there I must have my favorite pizza...Giordano's.

4.  California

Here's another place that I have visited a few times but have not been in a while.  I enjoyed my time in Los Angeles and the one time I visited San Diego I fell in love (Sea World San Diego is a place I must visit again).

I have family in LA and would really like to get Rondell and the kids out there to see the West Coast.

5.  Arizona, Colorado, & New Mexico

These are three states are are high on my list to visit.  One dream is to rent an RV and travel west for a few weeks.  The other dream is for Rondell and I to take a trip to Arizona for a nice kid-free getaway (I may have to start planning this).

6.  The Pool.

I love to go to the pool whether it is alone or with my kids.  I adore the refreshing feeling of swimming and then sitting in the sun to dry off.  I love sitting by the pool reading a book with my feet dangling in the water.

Now if I just had the funds to put on in my day :)

**In addition to linking to Stephanie, I am also linking to my blog buddy Becca's party:

Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day Four :)

7 Wants 
** In no particular order...

1.  I would love to have a pantry, first floor laundry, & a craft room in my house (new furniture would be nice too).

2.  I would like to improve my card making skills (which btw...check me out here.  I'm guest posting over at *Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM*)

3.  I want my husband and I to love each other more and more each day and grow old together.

4.  I want my children to be filled with God's love, joy & put their best into whatever it is they want to do in life.  I want them to grow up knowing that their mom loves them to the moon and back & that we always remain close.

5.  I want to be thin and healthy.

6.  I want to talk to my grandmother one more I miss her.

7.  I want to grow closer to God each day.  I desire to be in His Word daily (still working on this) and remember The Gospel in every aspect of my life.  I want to live out His Word.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day Three :)

Day Three is here and once again I'm joining Stephanie in this Challenge.  **Read Day One and Day Two here and here.

8 Fears

1.  God...this is my only justified fear.  We are instructed to fear is an example of our faith in Him.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.  Proverbs 1:7 (ESV)

...but I do have others:

2.  Stomach Flu...seriously, I shut down.  It's called emetophobia.

3.  I fear that some major destruction will happen to my house.

4. I am terrified of bees...I run as fast as I can when I see one.

5.  I fear that I will mess up with raising my children.  I fear that I won't give them enough grace or support or exposure to various things.

6.  I am scared to fly...even though I do it because I like to go places. 

7.  I am scared to fry chicken...sad, but true.  One day I'm going to conquer this and make PW's recipe.

8.  I am scared that I am going to fall down my basement stairs.  It happened was awful.  Now when I have to go down there I hold onto the banister really tight.

Wow, I think I need to listen to some happy music after this post.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day Two :)

I am back for Day Two of this fun challenge.  If you want to see yesterday's challenge go here.  Today:

9 Loves

 1.  Absolutely #1 is My God, my faith, my Bible.  The Word of God is my foundation...His Grace, His Love, The Gospel.

2.  My family - I love these 3 people to pieces...they complete me.  And of course too, my parents, siblings, & close family members.

3.  Friends...I link to my friends label to share my wonderful friends.  I adore my blog friends as well who have become more than just people who comment on my blog...truly.

4.  Blogging.  It is truly something I love to do...write blogs, read blogs.  I am so happy to have found such a wonderful outlet.

5.  Destin.  It is my happy place.

6.  Sunflowers...they are such a happy flower.  My goal is to plant some on the side of my house next year.

7.  My planner...I would be lost without it.  And I love this specific planner...the Life Planner.  It's so colorful, has tons of space to write, & is personal to me.  Everything goes in here!

And...if you go to the link home you could have a chance to win $ towards one of your very own (unless my name is picked...wink, wink) 

8.  Stamping.  This is a hobby I never thought I would love as much as I do, but I am hooked.  It is so soothing to sit and make a card for someone.  I enjoy swapping techniques with other stampers.  Stamping definitely makes me smile :)

9.  Pizza/Coca Cola...they go hand in hand.  I adore them both :)  Wanna be my friend, bring me a piece of pizza & a can of Coca Cola.

**Join in on the fun here**

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - Day One :)

Recently I started following a blog named How Sweet it is!  Stephanie has the cutest little girl and makes some pretty neat blog headers.

Today she posted about a little challenge and it looked interesting so I thought I would give it a try.  She found it on another blog, who found it from another know how that goes.  Not really sure where it originated.

So, for the next 10 days you get to learn more about me than you ever thought you would.  Aren't you excited?

Ten Secrets...
**Now I'm guessing this is not about deep dark secrets (not that I even have any of those), but things that I may not normally share.

1.  I really want to be a stay-at-home mom.  I have such a desire to do so much more as a homemaker and there just isn't a whole lot of time.  I also really would like to be more involved with my kids' schooling and I would love to be able to drop them off at school and pick them up.

2.  I HAVE to sleep with a fan.  No, you don't understand...I HAVE to.  When I travel, I take a fan.  When I  went into the hospital unexpectedly to have Caleb, I requested a fan for my room.  If Rondell turns it off while I'm sleeping I wake up immediately.  It's a sickness.

3.  I'm not trendy...I do not like to shop for clothes, I'm not into the latest styles, I have one pair of tennis shoes and one pair of casual shoes, etc.  It is just not my thing.  When I find a shirt that I like I usually buy a few in a few different colors.  Give me The Container Store over Nordstrom anyday!

4.  I get intimidated by new things.  It is probably the reason I haven't put a full effort into sewing or why it took me so long to set up my etsy shop (which is here finally...shameless plug).  I don't know what it is, but I just freeze.  I am working on being more brave.

5.  My favorite color has not always been yellow.  It used to be green until after college...gasp, I know.

6.  I watch Y&R daily...I love it.  It is my guilty pleasure.

7.  I do not eat or drink after my kids...I just can't.  I am always thinking that they may be sick and then I will get it (especially my feared stomach flu) so I just don't do it.  If they want something to drink/eat that I have I will just give it to them and get myself something else or get them their own drink/food.

8.  I did not know how big Ohio State football was until I started going clue.  Now I know (and knowing is 1/2 the battle...Go Joe!)

9.  I sucked the two middle fingers on my left hand until I was in 5th grade...oh yes I did.  My parents tried everything too.  I even had braces that had spikes on them so they would poke my fingers, but that didn't stop me and I have the callus to prove it.

10.  We still have tube TVs...shocking, I know.  One day we'll take the plunge into the world of flat screens.  And yes, Rondell does work at Best Buy part-time and is tortured constantly.

**Tomorrow is 9 Loves!

Join in on the fun :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Jamison's Big Week.  This week is a big week for this little girl...3rd GRADE!  I can't believe she is already in 3rd grade...and turning 8 next month.

I usually make her a bookbag tag (you can see them here and here), but I have not made one for this year yet.  I have some work to do this week to get it done...using my new-to-me laminator (given to me by a co-worker).  The pictures in this post are from her back-to-school photo shoot...she was really into it this year (though I could not figure out how NOT to white out the scene behind her).

2.  To Move or Not To Move...that was the question.  This year when we received Jamison's class list we realized that she is in the same class with the meanest girl in school.  Not to be negative about someone else's child, but we have had bad experiences with this girl.  She and Jamison were in the same class in 1st grade and she would constantly pick on Jamison.  She is the "I won't be your friend unless...", "Ew, your hair is ugly", "I want that from your lunch" type.  Last year I would hear story after story about the things this girl would do and say to other kids.

I thought for a moment about calling the school to have Jamison removed from the class.  After prayer and discussion we decided not to put in a request to have her moved, but we will express our concerns about this girl's interaction with my Jamison to her teacher.  This may be good for allow her to grow more confident in who she is in Christ, to learn how to handle conflict when it arises, & maybe even be an example to this girl.

We will be praying!
**This picture is super blurry, but I love how it captures her laughter (she was laughing at her Daddy!)

3.  He Is All Around Us!  Sermons...there are some that give a good message, there are some that give good information, but don't really move you to the core, and then there are some that just shake your world upside down.  Yesterday God inspired a message through our pastor that was extremely moving.

The message was on prayer and how it is a purchased privilege.  Jesus paid the ultimate price so that the veil could be torn for us to have total, intimate access to draw near to Him.

The message also included how in Scripture the things we should do is surrounded by what He has already done.  For example:

Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus, by the new and living way that he opened for us through the curtain, that is, through his flesh, and since we have a great priest over the house of God (see..all that He has already done), let us draw near (what we are supposed to do) with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water (He did that by being the Ultimate Sacrifice).  Hebrews 10:19-22 (ESV) (words in red are mine). 

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another (for us):  just as I have loved you (what He's already done), you also are to love one another (again, for us to follow His example).  John 13:34 (ESV) (words in red are mine). 

It is not about is about Him.

Friday, August 19, 2011

{Friday Favorites}

friday favorite things | finding joy
Another week gone by...still trying to shake this down spirit.  I am
s l o w l y coming out of it as I turn my focus to God and how Good He Is!  I need to be purposeful to see all of the little and Big things that He's doing in my life and in the lives of others.  Take the time to stop and smell the roses sunflowers, if you will.

I adore Rachel for hosting this link is a blessing each week.  So...

Remember this guy:
You know the one with three four fantasy leagues.  This guy took me to see The Help on Monday (and bought me nachos).

I adore that he actually liked the movie

This made me think back to the time when he went with me to the movies, TWICE, to see You've Got Mail

Taking a spontaneous trip to the pool with my kids on Saturday

Checking off the final pool on our pool hop list
Less humid temps so that we can spend more time outside

Chatting with new neighbors

My walks are getting easier...might be time to increase the distance

The meal plan really coming together this week

MY SHOP IS OPEN!  {You can go here to check it out...and I will be adding more this weekend.  Oh and if anyone can tell me how to add a widget of my shop onto my blog I would ever so thankful}
Thankful to my hubby who encouraged me & helped me proof my pages...and even posted about my shop on Facebook :)

All of you friends who have been so supportive of my little shop

Finding a Stamp Club to join...I am excited to get back to stamping with other stampers

Plans to organize my stamping know how I love organizing
My camera...I am really getting to hang of it (like being able to take these flower pictures while I was on my date with Rondell earlier this month)

Monday, August 15, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Happy Monday Friends!  We have a crazy week ahead of us as we prepare for the new school year.  We have been school supply shopping and we are soaking up the last few days of summer.

Here are a few random things going on in my world:

1.  See this guy:
 I may have to refer back to this post to remember what he looks like because he informed me that he has joined three fantasy football leagues...THREE!  Now, don't get me wrong...I love football.  However, fantasy leagues mean time checking stats, changing rosters, and trying to keep up with all of the games.  x3  I'll miss you Rondell :)

2.  Peaches from a Peach!  I am SO excited because my friend Jodie brought me two jars of canned peaches.  I absolutely love peaches, peach pie, peach crisp, peach cobbler, peach bread...get the picture?  I was not able to attempt canning them this year and she was sweet enough to share her supply with me.

Aren't they beautiful?

3.  Nothing As Good As the Original.  My name is Kelli and I love Kraft Cheese and Macaroni.  Apparently I'm particular about my Kraft because recently Rondell bought a few different kinds...three cheese...grilled cheese flavor.  BLAH!  He has since gone back to the store to exchange them for The Original...nothing like it :)

4.  The Big Reveal!  This week I am doing something I am terrified to do...opening my etsy store.  I planning on adding a few cards initially and then adding as time goes on.  I know there will be some trial and error during this process.  I pray that I can be organized.  If any of you have any tips I would love to hear them.

I will post the link as soon as I have everything up and ready to go.

Friday, August 12, 2011

sweet friday favorites

friday favorite things | finding joy
So thankful right now to compile this list.  For some odd reason I have been rather down the last few days..almost sad.  I can't quite put my finger on the reason.  It is nice to stop, be still and appreciate all of God's goodness...that should make me smile :)


My 3 favorite people joining me last night on my walk

Temperatures at 75-85 degrees

Being able to open my windows to let in fresh air due to above-mentioned temps

Isaiah, Chapters 40-41...I have decided that I need to read these daily

Blue skies

Jared Wilson's Gospel Wakefulness Conference I attended last can read his blog here

Chocolate Chip cookies (I'm making some this weekend)

Swimming...we would like to squeeze this in one more time before summer is over

A boss who understands that my August is a little crazy and allows my time off

Lunch plans that finally come together after months of planning

The Help coming to theaters...I can't wait to see it

Sitting quietly, making cards for my etsy store...the official Grand Opening will be next week

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

miscellany monday...err, Tuesday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Whew...a week of VBS and then a weekend of company wore me out!  I am a little late with my miscellany monday, but better late than never.

1.  THE Ohio State Fair.  Well, fair time has come and gone.  This year was fun, but really, really hot.  Usually we go in, we eat, we leave, but this year we planned for a little exploration.  We did not get as far as we would have liked because of the heat, but it was still a good time.

My cousin came back this year (without her BFF, sniff) and this time she brought her husband:
They are so cute...almost as cute as their ham of a daughter:
Amber has been coming to visit every summer for the last eight years (you can see here and here where we have gone to the fair before).  It is a tradition I hope will continue for years to come :)

2.  Sweet Friends.  This year we also got to take a special friend to the fair with friend Marja's daughter Mila.  We adore this little girl and she fits right in when she is with us.  
This is a sweet picture of Mila and Jamison at the fair.  The true bond however is between Mila and Caleb...they are so cute together & play well together.  While at the fair I took a picture of them holding hands on my phone (and as soon as I figure out how to post it I will!).

3.  Date Night.  Our church is not close to our house, so while the kids were at VBS last week Rondell & I took advantage and went on a date one of those nights.

Rondell really wanted frozen custard so we went here:
I must agree that it was a good choice!

4.  You know you have been married a long time when...

Your husband lets you take tons of pictures of him so you can play around with your camera...look at his patience:
AND you can eat things like this and not be embarrassed:

Happy Tuesday :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favorites - End of Summer Fun!

friday favorite things | finding joy

Ahhhhh, it is FRIDAY!  We have had a long week of Vacation Bible School with a little baseball on the side. The chores are lacking and we are a little tired, but now it is time for the weekend :)

It is also time to reflect on all of the things I am grateful for as we close out this summer season.  Here is what I am loving:
Temperatures being slightly cooler

Being able to enjoy a baseball game on a beautiful summer evening

Seeing my friend Lyndsey at the game

Sharing nachos with Jamison at said baseball game
Jamison memorizing her VBS verses quickly (I think I need to take tips from her)

Kind people who help comfort my Caleb as he cries when I drop him off at VBS

The laugh I had at Caleb as he cried because it was time to leave VBS...that Caleb

Hanging out for dinner at Taco Bell with my mom while the kids were at VBS...just like old times (**growing up there was no Taco Bell near our house and my mom and I would drive 20 minutes for TB and eat there)
Loving the fact that Caleb's first trip to the dentist went smoothly

A report of no cavities for both kids
Dinner plans tonight with my friend Kim

Plans to get together with friends I have not seen in a while next week

Making pool plans...gotta splash around one last time

Excitement about my cousin coming to visit this weekend
Planning out our annual trip to the State Fair

The fact that we only have to pay $2 to get in because it is Printer's Day (and Rondell works for Printing Services at OSU)

Cheese on a Stick
Flip flops and painted toes

Skirts...I adore skirts in the summer
How much this girl loves her Daddy :)
Caleb going with me on my evening walk

Pushing myself to take my evening walk (it has been tough...prayers are welcome)

A fan and a big glass of ice water after my evening walk
Reminiscing about our trip to

School supply sales

Checking off the school supply list

Setting up meet-the-teacher appointments (I love meeting the teachers)

The fact that Caleb will have the same preschool teacher as Jamison...familiarity is nice
Taking more pictures so that I am able to capture special moments and share them with you :)  The pictures above are from the Clippers baseball game we attended