Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday (a little late)

Friday, March 28 was my grandmother's birthday. She would have been 77. She is still so close to my heart and I miss her terribly. The other night I was home with the kids (Ron was at work) and they were occupied and I thought to myself, "ooh, I can call Granita." But, then it hit me that she's in Heaven and that I can't exactly pick up the phone to talk to her. But, I have faith that she's listening to me and keeping up with me (and hopefully putting in a good word with God for me!)

I love you Granita, Happy Birthday!

My Day as a Stay at Home Mom!

Today Aunt Roni was not able to come over and watch the kids (side note: God bless her for coming over everyday and taking wonderful care of my children and really having and impact on their development!!!). So, I stayed home with them. Man this stay-at-home thing is tough. I take my hat off to all of the mothers and fathers who do this on a daily basis. Today was not a nice day so we were pretty much stuck inside. I did escape for a bit to go to Target and Caleb clapped as we were pulling out of the driveway. Anyways, since I don't do this on a daily basis, I had no routine. I know generally what the kids do during the weekdays but to actually be the one enforcing the weekday routine was strange for some reason. I swear that Jamison's attitude all day made me feel like I was stepping on her territory! But, they are still alive and I hope they enjoyed special time with me, doing puzzles, chasing Caleb, taking a nap (ooh, that was nice!).

Maybe next time it will be a nice day and I can really do some stuff with them. I just enjoy those babies (excuse me...big girl and baby).

Tomorrow we'll be back to leaving them to go to work and then they can rule the house once again!

Here are some pictures from the day, not too exciting but I thought I'd capture the moment:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two of My Favorite Guys

I just thought I'd share this moment:

They Grow Too Fast...(Brag Alert!)

My babies are growing way too fast!
Caleb: He is walking so well these days. We have the hardest time keeping him off of the stairs though. He 'talks' to us and is really showing his personality, to the point where I think (know) that we'll have to watch out for this one. He definitely has a temper but at least it is short-lived. I just felt today and he has two molars that have started to pop through. I think he will really love the outdoors as he has started to get a little taste of what it is like. I guess I'll have to get the hose ready for that day when he discovers the mud puddle.
I can't believe this picture...he looks like such a big boy!

Jamison: She got into full-day Kindergarten. That is truly an answered prayer. We really believe that she will fully benefit from being in school all day so that the teacher can really work with her and take the time that Jamison needs. Soon she'll be going through an evaluation to be exited from Special Needs Services. When we entered her into her preschool 1 1/2 years ago I would have never thought she would be where she is now. The girl can read an ENTIRE BOOK!!! I'm so proud of how far she's come and how hard she's work (along with everyone!).
She is really into princess everything and wants to be Sleeping Beauty for her birthday.

So, I just thought I'd share the happenings to the Davis not-so-babies!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photo Art

Right after Valentine's Day I was at my friends Sara and Elliott's house for a gathering. I noticed that they had this cute print on their wall of photographs representing different letters that spelled out their last name. So, the frame has an opening for each picture and each picture is a picture of a letter. Kind of hard to explain. If you go to this website you'll be able to see the examples. This lady does this out of her home and I thought I'd pass on this information because I love to support small businesses. Plus the prints are so nice!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Blizzard of '08

I must say that because I'm from Cleveland, when the forecasters here in Columbus prepare and warn about the snow, I don't get too nervous. BUT, this weekend they were right on. Starting on Friday, right around 9:00 am as they predicted, the snow started falling and as I look out the window now, on Saturday at 4:52 pm, it's still falling. I, of course, have already had conversations with my dad about The Blizzard of '78 (I'm surprised my mom didn't mention it too!) and how we were trapped in the house together all day. Well that's the Davis Family today.

Rondell and Jamison went out earlier to shovel (more Ron than Jam) and Caleb and I stayed inside (even though he was not too happy about that).
Enjoy the snow!
PS. I'm still working on this blog thing so the pictures didn't come out how I wanted them, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good Quote

I saw this quote on a blog today. It really made me think:
"I want to know for myself what God says. I want to know the things that make Him happy and the things that break His heart. I want to know how to live a life that will please Him. How can I do that if I don't study His words to me?"
I love to read things that make me think and put something into action.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Heart Blogs

So, I see now that 2 people read my blog (hi Rondell and Janna!). So I'm going to keep going. Plus it's fun to just write about random stuff.

So, back to the title...I love blogs. On most blogs that I come across there's a sidebar with that person's friends' blogs. I don't have that because I only know one person who blogs...again "Hi Janna." Anyways, so when I visit a blog, at times I click on the other blogs and then on their other blogs and so on. I usually end up finding a blog that's interesting to me and by that I mean the person usually has kids around my kids' ages and they have good tips. I have found that a lot that I look at like to scrapbook like me! I'm always interested in asking about this new digital scrapbooking that I've seen. The newest one that I've come across is here. Sometimes I feel strange looking into other people's lives and I don't even know them, but for some reason it's fun.

So, if you've come across my blog through other blogs, or you're just checking in on me because I've made you look at my blog, know that you are welcome anytime and I hope I have some interesting things for you to read!