Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gotta Catch Up

I feel like I am so behind on blogging. Things have been crazy this week. I'll be sure to update this weekend for all of my loyal readers.

Happy Thursday!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Nothing juicy, just something I need a little prayer about. I am Kelli, mother of two, and I shut down completely when they have the stomach flu (I did not mean for that to rhyme). And when I say shut down, I really mean it.

Growing up I did not get sick (stomach) really at all. I can remember twice. When I was 8 weeks pregnant with Jamison I had the worst stomach flu ever and that began the fear. As you know having kids means illness. I can deal with fevers, injuries, colds, asthma, etc, but the when it comes to the stomach flu I would rather run out the door. It's so yucky and smelly...ok, sorry.

Well last night Caleb started showing signs of having a virus. Rondell was not at home and I freaked out (luckily my friend Janna was there at the start and helped to take my mind off of it. Sorry that you had to see me that way Janna!). Caleb wanted me to hold him so badly and I couldn't. How bad is that? I just sat on the kitchen floor (because that floor would be easier for Rondell to clean up in case of vomit) with Caleb leaning against me with his back to me (because if he did throw up it would be on the floor and not me). SAD!!! This is nothing I'm proud of and it kind of makes me sad that I react this way.

I called Ron and he was on his way home. By the time he came home Caleb was asleep (this time with me laying blankets on me and then letting him lay on me). I slept downstairs. I went to work today and Ron stayed home (bless him). All day I've been calling to check in and Caleb has basically been asleep all day (poor little guy). And what's all I can think about...going home and staying away. SAD.

Pray for me, I want to be that mom that just let's it roll off her back.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (a little late)

I kind of miss the sweet pacifier-sleepy face!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I just wanted to let you all know that I am SO GREAT about not getting the new job. Some things were revealed to me this week that made me realize that while it would have been a good challenge, I need to be right where I am, that for this position that grass isn't always greener on the other side. It's amazing how we can appreciate unanswered prayer. This whole thing did make me realize that I can do more and want to do more, so now I have to find it. I have never been the one to want to be the CEO or make a whole lot of money, so for right now I am OK. In time God will put me right where I need to be (I do hope sooner than later). Right now I'm going to focus on getting me together and focus on loving my family. Thank you all for your very kind words and prayers. I truly believe that they helped me be at the peace that I am right now.

My Daddy Endorsed Obama

I have a running joke with my dad that he looks just like Colin Powell. You can't really tell by the picture of my dad, but there are times when I see Colin Powell on TV and am just amazed at how much he looks like my dad. One time Colin Powell was on the cover of a magazine and it was scary how much the picture looked like Daddy. So this week I talked to my dad and told him that I saw how he endorsed Obama. He just laughed. The real him is backing Obama too!

The Final Game

Jamison had her last soccer game this past Saturday. I wasn't able to be there but my mom, Rondell and Caleb went. They said it was a good game and Jamison even scored another goal. She's getting pretty good at that. I think this was a great experience for her and we will definitely do it again in the spring. Her coach, David, was so patient with her and so was his wife Angie. It was nice to have my friend Janna to talk to during the games as well.

Jamison and her new friend Addi. I think it's so cute how these two clicked instantly and all on their own.

After each game they do a tunnel and the kids run through. It's so cute!

Whoops, look out for Addi.

Here's Dylan, my friend Janna's little boy.

My little star!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Verdict Is In :(

I wish I had good news, but at the moment I don't...I didn't get the new position. I didn't even get a second interview.

This is my vent...I really wanted that position, HR Manager. I feel like I worked pretty hard in preparing for the interview and ultimately the job. My position now is one that is very in tune with our judges and employees and I REALLY thought that would be huge for the HR Manager. Sigh.

So, the letter we got before the first interview said that if we were chosen for a second interview we would hear by no later than Friday. So, of course since Tuesday I was on pins and needles. I didn't feel really great about how my interview went but I was hopeful. So by Thursday I had heard nothing and so I was beginning to doubt because I knew my boss would not be in on Friday (he's the one who makes the decision with the assistance of the others on the interview panel). Friday morning another person who also applied told me she got a letter in her interoffice mailbox that said thanks but no thanks, but I got nothing. Then I was a little hopeful that maybe I would get a call (well basically that someone would come over to my desk and tell me that I made it to the second round)...but that never happened. So I left work so very unsure.

I text my boss and asked him if he was waiting to tell me the bad news in person (because I just couldn't stand it anymore). He finally text me back today to say "yes, it was how he thought it should be handled with me. Sorry it didn't work out." BUMMER.

I'm so sad I didn't get it and I'm trying to stay positive (especially since I hate to be sad around my kids), but I am in a funk! I also don't like that he didn't tell me before, because then the silence just kind of spoke for itself and I had to put two and two together on my own. I feel like I deserved more than that. I thought our professional relationship as his personal assistant was at a place where he would've pulled me aside and just let me know. I'm disappointed in that too.

Finally, I think 'gosh, the people who interviewed me are people who I work with everyday and they didn't think I could do the job.' It is a bit of a kick in the gut. Don't get me wrong I am sure that there were well qualified candidates but I would like to think that they would have at least thought harder about whether or not I could do it, and be good at it. that that's off my chest, I need to move on and remember that this is just a season in my life. It's not the end...there are other things out there. Now I just have to find it because I can't sit at my desk and do nothing all day much longer. I'm worth more.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Jamison lost her first tooth! OK, so I'm a little late posting this because she lost it on Friday. And the other part of the story is that she actually lost the tooth. It fell out after she came home from school. Aunt Roni searched everywhere but the tooth was nowhere to be found. Jamison was very sad until I told her the I could still send a message to the Tooth Fairy and so she'd still get her money.

These pictures aren't very good. It's times like this when I wish I knew how to really use my camera or maybe even had a better camera...anyways. The pictures also aren't that good because since Jamison's tooth took FOREVER (since August) to come out, the other tooth is already 1/2 way in. So, it's the bottom tooth on her right (your left). The one next to it is really loose too and the other tooth is coming in behind that one.

What's the going rate for the Tooth Fairy anyways? She gave Jamison $1.

8 Things

OK, so I wasn't tagged for this but I saw it on another blog and thought it was cute.

8 Shows I Love to Watch

1. Lost (January can't get here fast enough)
2. Criminal Minds
3. Grey's Anatomy (even though I haven't watched once this whole season yet)
4. Jon and Kate Plus 8
5. Desperate Housewives
6. The Young and the Restless
7. Without a Trace
8. Private Practice

8 Things that Happened Yesterday

1. I had a job interview (still praying)
2. Went to the Gelhaus' for some play time
3. Rondell had to work
4. Caleb didn't eat dinner
5. Got to read my book
6. Missed a good photo opportunity (see below post)
7. Cut out coupons
8. Saw Rondell's aunt at Subway

8 Favorite Places to Eat

1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Giordano's Pizza in Chicago
3. Chipotle
4. Tommy's Pizza
5. Abuelo's
6. Fish Market for brunch (they don't have it anymore but it was so good)
7. Outback
8. Anywhere that Marja's mom is cooking (her mom is the best cook)

8 Things I am Looking Forward to

1. My growing relationship with God
2. Destin in May
3. The holiday season
4. Getting my debt paid off
5. My birthday
6. Watching my kids grow
7. Quiet time with Rondell
8. A time when my house is organized

8 Things on My Wish List

1. Growth as a Christian
2. To continue to be a good wife and mother
3. To be able to go to Destin every year
4. Pay off all of our debt
5. For my kids to stay healthy and happy
6. To get the job I interviewed for
7. An organized home
8. To worry less

4 People I Tag

1. Lacie
2. Kelli
3. Jamie
4. Katie

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to People do it

As we speak my children and quietly watching Wonder Pets. Jamison is laying on my bed and Caleb is (was, keeps going back and forth) standing in front of her and she's rubbing on his head. Every once in a while as I was checking Facebook I would turn and check on them and they were just so cute and peaceful and tuned into the show. So, what did I do....reached for my camera of course. Did I get the picture, of course not. How do people catch "those moments?" I tried three times, but each time Caleb would see me with the camera and run to me. Now the moment is over. They are still quiet, but not in close quarters anymore.

At least I have the picture in my head.

How do you all capture "those moments?"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Weekend

The weather was beautiful this weekend and we took full advantage. On Friday my friend Katie came over with her three boys, Garrett, Gray, and Owen. I made ziti and we ate and talked and the kids played. Sorry no pictures. It was nice to let the kids play outside and have a ball and just as nice to have conversation with Katie. She is so nice and so down to earth! The food was yummy too, if I do say so myself. Katie brought bread and butter, a girl after my own heart. And not just any butter, this type of European butter, which was delicious!

On Saturday the kids went with Maw Maw (Rondell's mom) to a pumpkin patch and they got their faces painted and everything. They were so excited (and tired) when they got home that night. I was able to get some cleaning done and relax and enjoy a good book!

Sunday was church and we got to see two of our favorite people...Marja and Mila.

Rondell holding two of his favorite little people, Mila and Caleb.
After church, well Small Group, the kids and I went with my mom apple picking. This is something we had never done before, so it was nice to have a new adventure. Jamison was really excited to pull apples off of the trees. The farm that we went to is HUGE. There were apples everywhere. And the trees didn't look like anything I had imagined. There's a little farm store so I got some apples that weren't open for picking and some cider for Rondell (he had to work).
After the store we went picking for apples. It didn't take very long to fill up the bad that they gave us. It was a good time.

Jamison picking her first apples.

Caleb trying to give Gramma Lee a taste.

Caleb gettin a little taste. If you look closely you can see the apple juice hanging from his chin.

Jamison loved the sampling part too! She's ready to bake some pies with Rondell (he's the baker in our house).

After we got home Jamison had a movie date with the little boy that lives next door. I think they watched probably 20 minutes of the movie, of course, and then it was outside to swing.

We should all sleep really well tonight.

AND...I'm off tomorrow!!!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Say a Little Hello

Hey, you there...say hello. Did you stop by to check in, hear a funny story, see a picture of the kids, etc.? Say hi. I'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please, please, please

Since I know that you all who read my blog love me dearly and only want what's best for me, I need your prayers.

Currently I work as a secretary for the Municipal Court. The main reasons that I like my job are...I work for a person that I respect, one of my closest friends works down the hall, and I am the go-to person for information (I like to be needed). I don't like my job because I have A LOT of down time, I don't get to utilize my degree, I don't feel like I'm making an impact on the Court, and I'm bored (because did I mention I have a lot of down time).

So, recently I applied for a new position, HR Manager. I wasn't sure about applying at first because I don't have any true HR training. But, after a lot of prayer and thought, I decided to apply. In preparation for my possible interview (which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 14) I realized how much I would love to have the position. I would still be a go-to person, I'd be able to help with the process of our administration, I would be able to be creative to help develop a better HR program (I need to be writing these things down!) and I would still work for a person who I respect (same boss).

That is why I'm asking for a little (well, a lot) of prayer that I get the job. It's going to be hard because there were a lot of qualified people who applied (with actual HR experience), but I know the Court, work well with its employees, and want to make a change here.

So, please, please, please pray for me. And pray that it is not in God's will for me to have it that I can be satisfied in that.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Prayer Needed

Wow! My 3rd post in one night...I must have a lot to say.
There is a blog that I came across recently. It is about this woman Stephanie and her family. Well, she and her husband were recently in a terrible plane crash and are both recovering in the hospital in very critical status. Now I don't usually read blogs that make me cry too often (I'm already emotional enough!), but this one really caught my interest. The husband is recovering better than the wife and he's alert and has been to see Stephanie, who is still sedated. Reading this family's story brings tears to my eyes and my heart truly goes out to them. Feel free to stop by her blog...I've included a link to the right. Right now her sister (who's blog you can link to under blogs I read...because her blog contains the updates about the couple and how their four children are adjusting) is updating Stephanie's blog with former posts, it's cute.
Please just keep this family in your prayers. I know I am.

Ahh Friday

I love Fridays. I have always loved Fridays. Not just because the work week is over (although that has a lot to do with it), but because I grew up with such relaxing Fridays. Growing up my mom and I would always order Domino's pizza (back in the day when it was good) and just chill out. During my teenage years I would go out from time to time but there was nothing like being home on a Friday night hangin with my mom.

Most Fridays you will find me at home doing NOTHING! Fridays to me mean coming home, changing into comfortable clothes, not worrying too much about dinner (mostly having pizza...I'm so glad Columbus has good non-chain pizza places) and relaxing. We usually let the kids watch TV while they eat dinner and we just play, enjoy each other's company, don't worry about baths (we do that Saturday morning), and stay up a little later. I love it.

Since Rondell has been at Best Buy part-time he has worked every Friday. This is not a big deal to me because Fridays are so laid back. Well, tonight he is off. It is so nice to just have him back in our Friday routine, hanging out, no worries, casual dinner (we had burgers on the grill) and just being a family without all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the next day.

Right now the kids are winding down and Rondell and I are going to catch up on some DVR/Tivo stuff (mainly Grey's Anatomy!). So relaxing!

What do you like about Fridays?

My Mom's Twin

My mom and her "twin"

Today a great lady passed away, my great aunt Bernice. Aunt Bernice was my grandfather's little sister. My grandfather, who passed away when I was about 5, had two sisters, an older sister Dorothy and Bernice. My great aunt Dorothy passed away suddenly two years ago. Aunt Bernice and Aunt Dorothy were the matriarchs of my family. They were the best of friends, spending everyday together from morning until Jeopardy went off, and Aunt Bernice had a really hard time when Aunt Dorothy passed away as you can imagine. But she never lost her spark. Aunt Bernice was a feisty woman! I used to always tease my mom telling her that the family secret is that she's really Aunt Bernice's daughter because they look so much alike (Aunt Bernice only had boys so I'd tell Mommy that she didn't want any girls so she gave Mommy to her brother). She will be truly missed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday Part II

I couldn't help but post this picture I got tonight. They are just so adorable (of course I'm a little biased).

Wordless Wednesday

Destin or Bust!!!! May 2009 can't get here fast enough!