Monday, June 30, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I know that I should not complain about the weather because it could be worse, blah, blah. BUT I'm so tired of this rain. Rondell and I took the day off today and it rained ALL DAY. It sucks to take the day off to enjoy the day and having it rain all day. We were able to get a lot of errands done, like the bank, post office, library...but it rained the entire time. Did I mention the rain?
I'm ready for sunny skies so that I can go to the water park with the kids and take walks and go to the playground. It has rained so much that the house just feels damp. YUK!!

So, that's my vent. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny at least.


I know that most of you have been thinking "Kelli, why is it that I can't leave a comment? I've been dying to do so." Well, Rondell helped me to discover that my blog was set up that only other bloggers could comment. That has all changed and now each and every one of you can leave me a special comment so that I know that you're out there!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yesterday we had dinner with one of our favorite families...Andy, Jodie, Reese, Ian and Jake. They are in our Small Group at church and Jodie and I have become fast friends. Jamison and Ian are about a week apart and Reese is a little over a year older than Jamison and she loves them both. Jake is a year older than Caleb but they were playing really well together too which was so cute.

We went over their house for a little outside water fun and then we cooked out. The kids had a blast in the water, except Ian who didn't want to get in. After dinner and dessert (Jodie makes the best sugar cookies, I'm addicted), Andy and Rondell played their new Wii. Rondell said he was a little sore afterwards from the bowling and boxing. That is something I should have gotten a picture of.

All in all it was a great time and we love spending time with them.

Here are some pictures from our fun times:

Jamison and Reese getting ready for the water

Fun times in the water!

Such a ham!


Jake: "It's my turn!" Caleb: "No, it's my turn!"

Happy Birthday Ron

I'm a little late with this post, but Rondell's birthday was on Thursday. He turned 32. So, I figured in honor of his 32nd birthday, I'd list 32 reasons why I love him. Here I go (in no particular order:
1. He makes me laugh
2. He's tall (yes, this list goes beyond the sappy emotions!)
3. He scratches my back for me
4. He's handsome
5. He makes the BEST grilled cheese (I just had one today, yum!)
6. I can be totally honest with him without hesitation
7. We both love Lost
8. He's a great dad
9. Sometimes he'll get up with the kids and let me sleep in
10. He took 6 weeks off when I had Jamison
11. He took 8 weeks off when I had Caleb
12. He cleans up vomit (I HATE the stomach flu)
13. He likes to snuggle
14. He drives us when we go places
15. He gets up in the middle of the night with Caleb
16. He always puts the toilet seat down
17. He's kind
18. He likes football (Go Giants!)
19. He emails me because he knows I like it
20. I love his smile
21. He tells me I'm beautiful (even if I don't feel beautiful)
22. He's pretty good with computers (because I'm not)
23. He takes Jamison to school
24. He's a Christian
25. He watches Chick Flicks with me (he saw You've Got Mail twice at the theatre with me!)
26. He loves me (even during mood swings)
27. He gets along well with my mom
28. He cuts the grass
29. He makes CDs for me
30. His kisses
31. He'll give me his last bite of food
32. HE'S ALL MINE!!!!
Happy Birthday baby!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Twin

This is my Twin:
He's 14 1/2 years younger than me. He's my brother Evan. Technically Evan is my half brother but I've never thought of him as a half...he's all my brother. We are so much alike sometimes it's scary. Being that we never lived together and that I left for college when he was only 4 we haven't had much bonding time as siblings. Non the less, he's my baby. He was my first baby before I had babies. I love this kid with all my heart (even though he's not much of a kid anymore, he's 6'3", deep voice and driving)!

Yesterday while we were in Cleveland Evan and I were able to have some time alone, which is rare. I went with him to pick up one of his friends, since he only has his temps. It was nice just to be able to hang out and talk. I, of course, still try and find out any scoop there is to know about the girls in his life...gotta be protective.
He's growing up to be a fine young man, I'm so proud.

Anniversary Weekend - The Actual Day!

Yesterday was THE day, our anniversary - 6 years. I thought maybe to honor this day I'd start from the beginning:

Rondell and I met on the campus of The Ohio State University my freshman year (his sophomore). Rondell was friends with my RA's best friend. Our meeting was not anything spectacular, but I did notice how tall he was. During my freshman year I would see him around the dorm and we would talk from time to time. Towards the end of the year we became closer friends and started hanging out as just that, friends.

When we left school I went home to Cleveland and he went to South Carolina to sell books (I think that was pretty much a disaster for him). Once he came back from SC we started writing letters (remember mail?). Then he came to Cleveland for a visit. He didn't drive, he didn't fly...he rode the bus! That weekend we just hung out and nothing more, watched movies and hung out with my mom. It was fun.

During my sophomore year we started becoming closer and then started dating. We had our first date at Cooker (now closed). It's funny because neither one of us had a car so we walked there from the dorm. We would skip class and go to Beekman's Bagels (now closed) for lunch. We had a good dating time (with of course a few fights and break ups) but all in all we remained together because we were friends first. I think that's what held us together.

In April of 2001 Rondell and I were going to lunch, nothing unusual. While sitting in Chi Chi's (now you see a pattern) our waiter kept staring at me. I thought "how rude, does he not see I'm with my boyfriend." Turns out he was drawing a picture of me and my hand because when he brought us our check there was my RING! Rondell proposed, I cried. It was great.

One year later we were married on a beautiful Saturday. All of our friends and family were there.

Six years later, we're still going strong. With God's love and our friendship we can do anything and survive anything. I love this man with all my heart! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY! (Oh, and Happy Father's Day too!)
So, yesterday Rondell and I got to sleep in! Then we went to a local water park for a couple of hours. We had the best time just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. After the water park we had Chipotle and then left to pick up our babies from Cleveland. While we liked the freedom for a bit it was great seeing them (even though Jamison did not want to come home). We had dinner with my dad, Renee, my siblings and friends of theirs and then headed home. It was a nice way to end the wonderful weekend!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anniversary Weekend - Day Two

Rondell and I had a nice day today on our anniversary weekend. I actually got to sleep in and Rondell went to his Primerica meeting. He brought Chipotle home for lunch (yum) and we watched a movie, Knocked Up (OK movie, but the f-word was used way too many times for me). It was nice to be able to watch a movie without being interrupted!
Then we went to our new favorite restaurant, Abuelo's. We were able to have nice conversation and really enjoy each other's company, and eat hot food (because we didn't have to prepare food for any little ones). We even got a free dessert because of our anniversary (thanks Jenny, our waitress). It was a beautiful night to be out.
Tomorrrow is the official day! More fun times.

Friday, June 13, 2008

If We Were a Family of 5

This is what we'd look like (with of course me still being behind the camera):

Rondell and I sometimes go back and forth about whether or not we'd have another child. I've always dreamed of having a large family and when I think about long-term I would love to have one or two more. But then reality hits! We have just decided the financially, emotionally, and spiritually that two is enough for the Davis household (especially as Caleb gets older and "explores" more).

When we watch Mila we try and picture whether or not we could do it and realize that for us it would be too much! I have a lot of respect for those couples who have more than two (BTW: we just met a couple tonight who is pregnant with their 10th, yes 10th, child. They are not too much older than us either and no there are no multiples...she has been pregnant TEN TIMES!). So, unless God has other plans (and we all know He can do that), we will be a family of four.

I Made It!

This week Rondell had to work second shift, 3-11. Since he had to work late it was just me and the kiddies. I'm sure I've said this before, but I do not know how stay-at-home moms do it and stay sane, and my kids are pretty well behaved. But being that I don't do it that often I have no routine so the evenings were a little bath for Jamison, fish sticks for dinner, etc. It was a lot of fun though and it gave me a greater appreciation for them. Plus I got to see this at night:
No, we don't let them sleep in our bed, but at the end of the day it was easier for them to fall asleep with me. I just love these two.

Anniversary Weekend - Day One

Rondell and I celebrate our 6-year anniversary on Sunday. Today the kids went to Cleveland to spend some time with my dad and Renee. Jamison was very excited to go (background: I have a sister, Toshianna, and she's 9. She was adopted by my dad and stepmom when she was 3. Jamison absolutely adores her and loves spending time with her).

Tonight Rondell and I went to a program at our church called Marriage Matters, Couples who wish to have a Godly marriage. I saw it in our bulletin and thought it would be a good thing to go to, to kind of kick off the weekend. We had a great time. The discussion was about men being clams and women being crowbars (based on a book). We had a good discussion and it was nice to meet some other couples from our church.

Now we're going to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy! Fun times.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

History Has Been Made

Hello, my name is Kelli and I am a supporter of Barack Obama. Whether or not you are too, this day is a HUGE moment in history. It hasn't really hit me yet how historic this day is...that people before me fought hard for this day, that Obama worked hard to be where he is today. I am only imagining how the headlines will look in the morning and what the reaction will be like around the world.
I'm not usually this strong into politics, but this primary season really got me interested in how this country runs. It made me realize that every vote counts.
So, however you vote this November, remember this day in history and see how far our country has come!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Weekend (sorry, no pictures)

We had a really good weekend. Saturday was my mom's birthday. She came over and we had the best breakfast EVER! We had steak, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, fruit salad (pineapple, kiwi and strawberries), cheese danish and OJ. We just couldn't get enough. It was a great way to celebrate a great lady.
On Sunday after church we went to my friend Lyndsey's house. Ever since Jamison was about a month old my family, Lyndsey's family and our friend Erin's family have gotten together once a month for playgroup. It started when each family only had one child. Lyndsey's Quinn and Erin's Megan are a week apart and both kids are about 3 months older than Jamison. We've had some fun times and have shared many stories. Now Lyndsey has added Drew and Erin has added Emma and Brady. Well, Erin's family moved to NC some time ago but they still come back to Ohio to visit family and friends. So we were able to get together for another playgroup and it was a lot of fun. I, of course, forgot my camera but Lyndsey took some really good pictures. It was nice to see Erin and John and the kids (and Lyndsey too!)
Then my Mila came over while Marja went to a party. She is so adorable and sweet. She just takes it all in when she's at our house and we love having her. I'm sure I've said this before but it does make me realize that I would rather not have three. We did have all of the kids sleeping at the same time so maybe we're doing something right. When Marja came back she stayed for dinner and we just had a good time. Jamison loves Marja and loves when she comes over to spend time with her. Of course Caleb was his usual flirty self!
Overall it was a great weekend. A nice way to start off June. Now we just need to get to the pool.