Monday, May 26, 2008

Cuz You Gotta Have Friends

Yesterday one of my oldest and dearest friends was in town. Melanie lives in NJ and works in New York. I've know her since we were in the 3rd grade, so we go way back. She was in Cleveland visiting her parents and decided to drive to Columbus to see Marja's baby, Mila..and me too. After church I met Melanie, Marja and Mila at Children's Urgent Care because Marj was checking to see if Mila had pink eye (she doesn't). So, Mel and I caught up the in Urgent Care waiting room. Then we went to lunch. YUM!

Later Marja and Melanie came over to my house so she could see Ron and the kids. It was really nice spending time with her because I miss her a lot. She always makes me laugh and keeps me updated with what's going on in the fashion world.

Love you Mel!

Marja, Me and Melanie

Marja, Jamison, Me and Melanie

The Most Expensive Haircut EVER!

Jamison has always had a lot of hair. So, even though she's only four I have gotten her hair trimmed a few times to keep it healthy. Well, it had been a while and just in preparation for the summer I decided to have to go to my hair stylist. Juanita was the first person to trim Jamison's hair and I completely trust her but since her shop is far from our house I usually take her to the kid shop around the corner. But this day she was going to see Miss Juanita.

Rondell took her since my friend Melanie was in town. When they got home she looked BEAUTIFUL. Then Rondell told me the price and the joy went out the window. SIXTY DOLLARS. She's FOUR!!!!! When I had long hair and went regularly to Juanita I paid that much but I'm grown. I almost fell out the chair. I even called Juanita to make sure that was right. It was.

So, I can say that from now on we'll be going to the shop around the corner for $15!

Here's a pic of the most expensive haircut ever...

Garage Sale/Lemonade Stand

This past weekend we had our first garage sale. It was kind of last minute but we were ready. We set up early Saturday morning and waited, and waited... We only got a few "customers" and didn't make that much but we'll try again. Our major sell was our futon from the basement. It took a lot for Rondell to get it upstairs, but it's gone and that's such a relief to us!
Here's a look at our sale:

Miss Jamison had her first lemonade stand. She was so excited initially but once the people came she got nervous. She did pretty well though...maybe better than we did at our sale, :) My dad, Papa D, drove 2 1/2 hours to buy a cup a lemonade from his favorite (and only) granddaughter. She was SO excited to see him, but I don't think she realized how great of a thing that was for him to do.

"That'll be 25 cents please."

By the afternoon the kids were pooped. This picture is so funny to me. All I could think was "please Jamison, don't pass gas on your brother."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Destin, Florida

Rondell, my mom, the kids and I had a wonderful time in Destin, Florida. We left on a Friday morning around 7 or so. We weren't sure how the kids were going to be so we planned an overnight stop in Birmingham, AL. The weather was cloudy leaving Ohio but as we got more south it started to clear up. Once we were getting close to Birmingham we started talking about driving all the way to Florida without stopping because we were making good time and the kids were doing excellent. I called our condo place to see how much it would be to come Friday night and it was the same price as the hotel so we kept on to Florida. We got in late but it was well worth it because we were able to wake up on Saturday and enjoy the entire day.

Our condo was beautiful. If ever you're looking to stay in the Destin area use this place. Ocean Reef Resorts was very helpful. We stayed at the Amalfi Coast, which was by the beach, just across a two-lane road. Here's are some pictures from our balcony:

Saturday we went to the pool for a bit and went grocery shopping. Sunday was Mother's Day and Rondell got us bagels. We spent most of the day at the pool and them Mommy made a great seafood dinner, including lobster tails...YUM! After dinner we went to the beach, where the kids got their first taste of sand. Jamison ran from the waves...too funny. We tried to fly our kite but it was a little too windy.
Monday was the most beautiful day there. We woke up and went to the beach. The water was absolutely beautiful and the sand was so clean. Jamison got to build her sand castles and go into the water with Ron. She loved it! Then lunch and more pool time. That night we went to dinner at Pompano Joe's. Good food. We actually met a couple there from Powell. know you go through the "are you on vacation; we're on vacation, where are you from...Oh we're from Ohio too..what part...Oh we're from Columbus...what part...Oh my WE live in Powell. Small world. They actually live off of the same street that we live off of. Crazy.
Tuesday was MY big day. I swam with the dolphin!!!! I was actually scared when I first entered the water but after interacting I felt better. In my group there were five other people. We had one dolphin, Brennan. She was HUGE! We got to rub her and do command with her. That was really cool. We got to take pictures with her, with her kissing us and one with her holding our hands. Each person got an interactive alone time with her in the water. I got to show her a command to do her alligator impression and then to lay on her back and flap her fin. At the time of all of this another dolphin, Mia, that was in the water decided to come over and see what we were doing so she swam right by my head and all around me. I was so scared, even though I knew she would do anything it took me off guard. She was just being nosy. Then came the big event...the dolphin ride. I grabbed onto her dorsal fin and off I went. Fun times!

Wednesday we went to the pool again. Then Thursday came the rain. It rained all day. We decided on Thursday that we would leave on Friday instead of Saturday because it was supposed to rain all day Friday too. But by that time we were ready to come home so we were OK with that.

Overall it was a great trip and we're already talking about when we'll do it again!
Oh, and on our way home we stopped somewhere in AL to get gas and lunch. I look up as we're pulling out of the Wendy's and we are on KELLI DR. Kelli...with an I. I had to take a picture.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Capturing the Moment

There should be a picture HERE!

I have to get better about capturing the moments with my camera. Tonight I had a few girlfriends over to watch the movie 27 dresses. Rondell's mom was supposed to either watch the kids for us or Rondell was going to go to her house with the kids, but she had to go out of town. So, Rondell, being the wonderful husband that he is, took the kids upstairs and entertained them for the evening.
Once my friends left and I cleaned up downstairs I came upstairs and saw this...oh, that's right I forgot the grab my camera and capture the moment. The moment was my three favorite people curled up in my bed asleep! How adorable...and no proof.
Gotta do better next time. Maybe I was just capturing the moment in my head and taking the time to oh and ah over them. Still, would have been nice to have a picture.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Check out my new signature!

I am so excited about my new signature. Hilary did it (check out her site by clicking her icon to the right). She's also the wonderful person who redesigned my blog. Thanks Hilary!