Saturday, February 28, 2009

Book Review

I thought I'd share with you all information about a good book that I just finished reading. I originally picked up this book because it covered so many areas in my life: relationship with God, being a wife, being a mom, being a friend.
Overall, the book was a great read. There are a few points that she refers to that were lost on me because I don't stay at home and a lot of the sections on being a wife and mom were focused on women who stay at home. I was still able to get some really good information out of those sections though.
Some Good Points
- Storing up God's Word to sustain you through the fiery trials, no matter how long they last.
- Continuing on...this referred to Philippians 3:13-14 (13. Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.) The point was that we are to remember the lessons learned, but we are also to train our heart to obey by obeying this command from God to go on (after going through a trial, not dwelling on it)
- Respond positively to your husband ("a good word makes the heart glad" Proverbs 12:25) and show him respect, not just feeling respect for him. He needs to know that you respect him, so with that be vocal. Your husband needs to be #1 in your life (after God) and he needs to know it.
-Pray for your husband daily.
- Regarding family she talked about not giving away to others what you have not first given away at home. She means that we tend to listen to others and serve others but then we don't do the same at home with our husbands and children. They should get preferential treatment!
- Be there for others and when you are there be ALL there, without distractions. Sometimes just your presence is a comfort. She also talked about using a person's name when talking to them (mainly referring to individuals you don't know very well). It shows them you're truly paying attention to them.
- And of course throughout the entire book it thoroughly covers developing your relationship with God, how to be closer to Him and using the talents that He has given to you for His purpose.
You should pick it up, and I hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Latest Reading

You know when you're browsing through blogland, how you can come across a blog that just grabs your interest and you can't stop reading? That was me today. I came across this blog from another blog (you know how that goes) and was hooked... Her blog is so clean and crisp, I know that sounds weird...I can't explain it. Her latest post has a picture of a kitchen window and you know how I feel about kitchen windows! It's not her window, but that didn't matter...the window is so clean and simple with a similar type of plant I would like for my own kitchen window.

This blog also contains organizing tips and since you all know I'm into organizing, this really hit home (ha, ha) for me. Go check it out.

***UPDATED: Go here too! This is another great blog.

This weekend I'm going to do a non-professional book review on "A Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And The Award Goes To...

My blog friend Jen at Tatertots and Jello (isn't her title cute!) gave me this award. I feel honored because her blog is so adorable and she is so creative. If you haven't stopped by her blog, it's a must.

I'd like to pass this along to a few others:

My friend Jodie at My 3 Little Schwadlings...she's new to blogging but I can already tell she will have a great blog with many ideas to copy...and recipes too.

My friend Laura at Blogging in the Ohio 12th...her wit is too cute and funny. I've laughed on many occasions while reading her blog.

Heidi at Blue Eyed Blessings...this lady is so crafty and creative. She is super organized and she has inspired the projects that are swimming in my head.

Joanna at This Sout
hern Girl's Nest...Another creative lady who also designs blogs!

Kelli at We4Bates...Not only does she have the cutest name but she has great ideas on child raising and great tips to follow.

Meredith at Therapeutic Ramblings of a Mom...she is a great mom who keeps me thinking. Her children are adorable.

And the award goes to you too ladies (applause!). Feel free to share the love. ***Please read my post below where I've asked for some help with my latest (and only) project.

Under Construction

So, I've talked a lot on here about how I'd like to completely reorganize my entire home. I've read a lot of blogs and gotten an overwhelming amount of overwhelming I was beginning to stress myself. I had tons of lists going at the same time and it was starting to be too much.

With that, I've slowed down a bit and I'm taking on ONE project at a time. I realized I was driving myself crazy when I was going over ideas with my aunt and she said "why don't you just do one thing at a time." DUH!!

This week's project...Jamison's room.

I have a few ideas for her room. I would first love to repaint it. Right now it's more of a sea green and I found this beautiful green color from Behr called Grasscloth. We'll see, I haven't decided completely.

One of the main things that I want to do is create an art center in her closet. I (and by "I" I mean Rondell) am going to bring up a bookshelf from the basement that I never use and make containers to hold all of her art supplies. I have found some great ways to organize crafts here, and here, as well as many others. I also want to organize her bookshelf and clean out toys that she no longer plays with. Lastly, I want to get letters that spell her name to hang on the wall. I really want to make these myself if I can...any tips?

So here's what I'm working with:

Here's Jamison's bed. I have to take her comforter to the cleaners and that will make her bed look more complete. If you look closely you can see her sleeping. So sweet!

This is the wall opposite of her bed. See her bookshelf...a friend of Rondell's made that for us as a gift before we had Jamison. Right now it looks crazy because tonight I started trying to figure out her books and Rondell cleared out some of her stuff from her closet (that used to house her dresser, which is now in Caleb's room...the kids' rooms are so small!) Anyways, I want to make this more organized and useful for Jamison.

This is Jamison's closet. Like I said before her dresser used to be in here. This is where I'll put the other bookshelf to put her art supplies. I will keep the games on the shelf but just stack them differently.

So this is one and only project. It's going to take some time to buy all of the stuff I will need for the art supplies but other than that it should be done by this week. I will post some after pictures next week...aren't you excited?

***Also, if you have any ideas to help me all of you craft people, chime in!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I (Heart) Mondays

I have come to love Mondays because I get to do some cool posts. See them below...there are three!

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Friend Makin' Monday

I am so excited that Kasey decided to start this. I have "met" some really cool people and have learned a lot of different things. I'm truly enjoying every minute.

Today's task: Share 10 of my favorite things!

Kelli's favorite things:

Sunflowers - I love sunflowers. It is such a happy flower (like how yellow is such a happy color). I would like to plant some in my yard one day, but for now I'll keep them in a vase to cheer me up.

The pool - There is nothing like sitting by the pool on a hot summer day. I love watching my kids play and putting my feet in the water. Being at the pool is very relaxing for me and summer can't get here fast enough for me to enjoy this pastime. Oh, and it has to be an outdoor pool!

Reading - I love to read. I learn a lot from the things that I read and it is another thing that is very relaxing for me. I like Christian reading, self improvement, suspense novels... I hope that my children grow up to love reading the way that I do.

Pizza - Pizza is hands down my favorite food. I am picky though, it can't be just any pizza. Local pizza places are usually my favorite but I do like a good Pizza Hut pizza every now and then (but it has to be eaten there for the best experience).

Color pens - I like to do lists, journaling, life planning, etc. I love to use different color pens when I write. I'm just a colorful person and this adds to my personality I guess. My BSF notes are in all different colors.
Notebooks - If there is an excuse to buy a new notebook I will find it. I have notebooks with me all of the time. I use them for my many lists and to take notes on various things. I love them!

Coca Cola - For me, there's nothing like a ice cold can of Coca Cola...enough said.
Blogs - This one is pretty obvious but since it is one of my favorites, it had to make the list. The first blog I read was my friend Janna's (she doesn't blog anymore). It was so cute and from her blog I started reading others (you know how that happens). Through blogging I have learned so much and it has brought out a lot of creativity in me.
The Bible - While I have been saved for a while, I've never truly studied the Bible until recently. I was invited to BSF by my friend Sara and it made me want to study the Bible and see how great of a book that it is. I use it as a reference all of the time, using verses to help me with tough times and as words of encouragment. It is a valuable tool for me.

My Family - These people mean the world to me. I look forward to seeing them and talking to them each day. Rondell is my best friend and I am most comfortable when I'm with him. My children are my joy and just their smiles light up my day.

So, what are a few of your favorite things? Tell us!

The Simple Woman's Handbook - February 23rd Edition

For Today:
Outside my Window: Another sunny and cold day. They say the temperature is supposed to rise and I really hope that's true. I am itching to get outside and open my windows.

I am thinking: About an email that I need to write to Jamison's school psychologist about her emotions.

I am thankful for: My aunt...she comes to our home daily to care for my children and she helps to maintain my home. This weekend was really busy for us and I had NO time to do anything around the house. If it wasn't for the fact that she had already done a lot of cleaning, my home would have really suffered. I don't know what I'd do without her.

From the Kitchen: See my "Make it Monday"

I am creating: This weeks To Do list.

I am reading: "Your Money Counts" As a part of a financial Bible study that Rondell and I are participating in (Crown...has anyone done this), we have to read this book in preparation for the first week.

I am hoping: For a productive week, finishing up a few organizing projects that I've started.

Around the House: As mentioned above, I have some projects in the works that I would like to complete this week.

One of my favorite things/Picture to share: Sunshine!

Go here to document what's going on with you.

Make it Monday

Rondell LOVES meatloaf. I try and make it every once in a while for him, you know to keep him happy! When I had Caleb my Small Group brought dinner to us every other night for about two weeks (best thing EVER). Well, one night my friend Karynda brought dinner and she brought mini meatloaves. They had cheese and BBQ sauce so Rondell was in Heaven!

When I organized my Kraft recipes I came across the recipe for the mini meatloaves and when Rondell was looking at my binder he saw it too...and the rest is history.

Mini Meatloaves
1lb ground beef
1 box of Stove Top Stuffing
1 cup water
1 tsp garlic powder
BBQ sauce
Shredded cheese
Combine hamburger, stuffing and water.
Spoon mixture into muffin tins. I used a measuring cup or if you have a big enough cookie scooper, you can use that too.
Make an indentation into each loaf and add BBQ sauce in the indent (Sweet Baby Ray's has a nice squirt bottle that made it very easy to add the sauce).
Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.
Add shredded cheese to top of each loaf and bake for another 5 minutes.

Here is the muffin pan that I used.

Adding the cheese.

**I'm sorry there is no final picture. Imagine the picture above with the cheese melted!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Letter Challenge

My new Blog friend Heidi let me participate in a challenge that I thought looked like fun. Basically, she gave me a letter and I had to come up with 10 things that I like using that letter (mine are in no particular order). Thanks for letting me play Heidi.

My letter is:


TV. I love TV. I have always loved TV. It is relaxing to me to sit down on the couch and watch a good show. I very much enjoy Wednesday nights when Rondell and I sit and watch Lost together.
Totes. I LOVE totes of almost any kind. The tote above is one that I've been eyeing for quite some time and one day I will order her and call her my own. I carry a tote everyday to work, and it has everything that I need, my planner, notebook, pens, things I need to look at... I love them!
T-Shirts. I have so many t-shirts. Who doesn't have a favorite t-shirt in her collection? My favorite are heather grey t-shirts, I think I have 5. I love them to sleep in, clean the house in, run around in... Comfy, that's just what I like.
Tommy's Pizza. This is a local, family owned pizza place here in Columbus. There are only a few of them around the city (luckily one is close to where I live!). I grew up on Tommy's...basically, when my mom and I would come to Columbus to visit we would almost always get Tommy's. Now that I live here it is my #1 choice of pizza place. Mommy still comes over some Friday nights for Tommy's.

Time. I love time with God, my family and my friends. This means a lot to me and I hope that when my children are older that they remember the time I spent with them.

Talking. I love to have conversations with people, even if it's electronic talking. I like to keep in touch with people and get to know people. I guess it comes with the fact that I like to spend time with people (see above). With Rondell I get to talk a lot because he's so quiet, but I think he enjoys it!

Target...need I say more?

Taco Bell tacos! Growing up we didn't have a Taco Bell close to our house. So, my mom and I would drive 20 minutes to the closest one and sit there and eat. It just brings back good memories, spending time with my mom. AND they have the BEST fountain Mountain Dew, hands down.

Tulips. While sunflowers are my favorite flowers tulips are right up there. They are just so beautiful and they are usually one of the first flowers to come up in Spring, awakening the season. My mom planted some in her garden for me when I was in college and each year I missed them bloom.

Traditions. I haven't started too many with my family but I plan to because they are very important to me. Maybe because I like routine, but there is just some comfort in having something to look forward to that you know will be there. It ties into spending time with family, talking and enjoying and I love it.
So, that's my list of T's. I hope you enjoyed. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Set of Recipes Organized...Check!

I have to say first that I did not come up with this idea. I found it on Carrie's blog...if you'd like to see what she did and how, you can go to her post.
So, after reading the post that Carrie did, I decided that I was going to organize my Kraft Food & Family recipes. I had this pile and I needed to get it in order:

It may not look like a lot of magazines but they were taking up a lot of space and I didn't even want everything in them.

So, I bought a presentation binder from Target and used some page protectors that I already had.

Then I went through each magazine and pulled out the pages that had recipes that I was interested in making. It made me kind of hungry! I organized them a little bit and inserted each page into the page protectors and then into the binder. I put main dishes first and then desserts. I didn't use tabs but I'm sure as this grows I will need to do that.

Doesn't this soup look yummy? Just had to share. I will say that going through these made me come up with some items to add to my upcoming week's menu.

I cropped the title of one of the magazines and put it on a strip of scrapbook paper for the side of the binder.

Finally, I took one of the covers and put it on a piece of scrapbook paper for the cover of my binder. Oh, and I added some stickers, just for kicks.

I'm so excited to have this little project done! It didn't take that much time either, which is always a plus.

Now I just have to work on my family organization binder (I've gotten some good tips on how to do that from other blog friends) and my inspiration binder, which will have cut outs of pieces I'd like for my home, decorating ideas, crafts, etc. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later.

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today: Tuesday, February 20, 2009:

Outside my window: It's sunny and cold. I don't mind the cold because the sun is shining and I can see the blue sky!

I am thinking: About life, not to be too dramatic. I am just trying to prioritize some things and get them in order, my relationship with God, my family, my home, me. I feel the need to make some changes, for the better and why not start with today.
I am thankful for: A wonderful weekend with my husband. The kids were out of town and he had most of the weekend off. We were able to talk uninterrupted, eat without sharing and sleep in. I love that man and I was so great to be able to reconnect with him.

From the kitchen: Not much happening there this weekend. I need to go to the store, so right now the fridge is empty...we don't even have bread, gasp!

I am reading: Tuesday, my BSF notes day. I love the notes from BSF. Especially now since we are reading about the life of Moses and it's complicated. The notes always make the topic much more clear and gives clear reference to Christ. It's amazing.

I am creating: A notebook filled with my Kraft magazine recipes. I saw this on another blog and it looked like such a great idea, so I will be tackling that this week. I'll post about it once it's done.
Around the house: MESSY!!! Since I did nothing but enjoy my hubby, the house was neglected. I'll make it up to her.

One of my favorite things: Getting this award:

My new friend Jen gave me this award. I am so excited I could jump up and down! Her blog is so amazing and I'm honored that she chose me.

The rules of this award are:

Put the logo on your blog or post.
Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I'd like to give this award to some of my new blog friends:

Kim At Kim...and her Coffee

Laura at Blogging in the Ohio 12th

Heidi at Blue Eyed Blessings

Jodie at My 3 Little Schwadlings

Brittany at Mommee & Her Boys

Jennifer at Love, Laughter and Lyrics

Kelli at We4Bates

Meredith at Therapeutic Ramblings of a Mom

Joanna at This Southern Girl's Nest

Ruth Ann at My Remodeled Nest

You deserve this ladies!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Complete my recipe notebook and organize Jamison's closet, for real this week!

To join in on the fun with journaling go here!

Oh and PS, I added the Followers application. If you'd like to follow me feel free, if not no pressure.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

Yeah, it's Monday, I'm off and it's time for another Friend Makin' Monday. Today's game is called This or That.

1. jog or walk: walk
2. coffee or tea: tea (sweet)
3. Pepsi or coca cola: Coke!!!
4. flats or heels: flats (I'm a mother, Hello!!!)
5. fries or onion rings: fries
6. cats or dogs: dogs (I'm allergic to cats)
7. skim or whole: whole
8. small purses or large: large
9. van or suv: van
10. winter or summer: summer
11. 1 piece bathing suit or 2: 1!!!
12. sit down restaurant or fast food: sit down
13. McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's (I'm in love with their sweet tea)
14. White Gold or Yellow: White
15. Fish or Chicken: Chicken
16. Edward or Jacob: Edward (just from what I've heard, I haven't seen it or read the book)
17. Pizza or Burger: Pizza, my favorite!!!!!!!!
18. apple or orange: apple
19. Spend or save: Spend (but trying to become a saver)
20. 1 story or 2 story house: 2 story

If you want to play along go to Kasey's site here!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

I've mentioned before that Valentine's Day is my FAVORITE holiday, hands down! Each year I try and get the people I love special little somethings to show how I care. I love thoughtfulness and this is a bonus day where I get to really show someone a little thoughtfulness.

This year I was not able to do all of the things that I usually do. While I was a little sad, I know that it'll just be this year (as we make sacrifices to get our money under control) and that next year I'll be look out.
I did do some really fun things though. In the morning I went to the movies with one of my special Valentines, my mom. We saw He's Just Not That Into You. It was a cute movie with so many different people in it. Afterwards we had lunch at Pei Wei, yummy!
For the second year the leaders of our Small Group, Elliott and Sara, hosted a Valentine's Day gathering. This year it worked out that everyone could get together on the actual day. We had good food, sweet and salty, and great fellowship.
We played a few games. First, we had to guess how many candies were in a baby food jar. Our Sabrina got the number exactly right at 107! Then we each had to write down what made our hearts flitter for our Valentine. Then Sara read each one and we all had to figure out who wrote it. That was so much fun...there was a lot of laughter! Laura won that game, she knows us all too well! Finally, we played Catch Phrase and there was more laughter.

Jodie, me and Tonya! Ready to eat and party.

Here are some hubbies! Ben (Laura), Elliott (Sara), Ron (well, you know he's MINE!), Troy (Tonya), and Andy (Jodie)

Sabrina and Melissa.

Jodie, Laura, Tonya (she's laughing), and Angela. Sitting and enjoying good food and one another!

We had a great time with good friends...I love this group.

Valentine's Day 2009 will be one this is remembered...good times.

****Be sure to check below for my tag post!

What's in the Bag

My new blog friend at Miller Racing Family tagged me for this cute tag called "What in the Bag." Go check out her blog, it's really cute and if you love NASCAR, she's a perfect fit for you!
Here are the rules for the tag:
1. Post a picture of whatever bag you have today - not last weekend when you and your hubby went out to that fabulous restaurant. No cheating!!!
2. Tell us how much it cost. This is a no-judgment zone -- there will be no ridiculing or eye rolling here. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.
3. Now tag some fellow bloggers and link back to this post so people know why you are posting pictures of your bag.
Here's the Bag:

This is my purse. I just got it a few weeks ago as a belated birthday gift from my mom, so it cost $0 for me. My first Vera Bradley was red and I just love the comfort of these bags. I don't necessarily like all of the patterns but this one is cute because I love the way brown and blues look together.

Here are the goods:
  • My list of 101 things so I can keep track of what I am supposed to be doing and how I'm doing at it.
  • Keys to my house and keys to my office.
  • My wallet. I got it in Destin, Florida at an outlet mall.
  • A can of Bag Balm. I DO NOT travel without this. It's to keep my lips from getting dry. I have a large can I keep at home and I have these little I have downstairs, one in my purse and one I keep at work.
  • Gum.
  • My checkbook that I hardly ever use. Who writes checks anymore?
  • A highlighter (this is an odd item).
  • My cell phone.
  • A Bible, another thing I can't travel without...I'm always trying to learn.
  • A movie ticket stub from going to see He's Just Not That Into You with my mom yesterday. Pretty good movie.
  • Lotion
  • A jar that has 365 ways to feel good. This was a gift given to me today by my good friend Jodie. It was so thoughtful and I can't wait to dive into the jar!
  • My red carrier for all misc stuff like pens, business cards, a mirror, etc.
  • My name tag that I wear at BSF.
  • Cute little notebooks that she sent me. I use them to write down people I need to be praying for.
  • My pen pouch. I usually keep this in my tote but for some reason it's in my purse. I can't travel far without it though. I usually have my tote with me, at work, trips, etc.

So, there you have it...a peek into my world. Now, there are a few I'd like to peek into. Let me know if you play along:

I tag:

Heidi at Blue Eyed Blessings: This is a blog I found through Makin Friends Monday and her blog is adorable and SO creative.

Kim at Kim...and Her Coffee: She is a wonderful woman of God and I truly enjoy reading her blog.

Brittany at Mommee & Her Boys: She's a new friend that I've met recently who seems like a lot of fun.

Jennifer at Love, Laughter and Lyrics: I can't remember how I found her blog but I'm glad I did. She's is funny and crafty and we have the same issue in common, our daughters twirl their a fault.

Kelli at We4Bates: Kelli is my Florida friend. I love blogging with her and getting tips of Godly child raising.

Meredith at Therapeutic Ramblings of a Mom: I've learned a lot in the short time I've been reading her blog. She's great.

Amy at The Mommy Chronicles: Maybe this will want give her an easy post!

Joanna at This Southern Girl's Nest: Talk about crafty...this girl is it! And soon I have to get her to redesign my blog.

Kimm at Reinvented: She's another crafty one and I learn a lot from.

Ruth Ann at My Remodeled Nest: She is a sweet person with a caring heart that shows.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a Thought...

I read this question on a blog yesterday and it really struck me:

What are you doing today that is causing you to live on faith?
Meredith's response hit me too because it wasn't some huge thing that she was doing that had her relying on her faith. It was going to Costco. Why, because God is in the little things...all the time. He is there when we need to take the deep breath instead of yell at our kids, He's there when you're stuck in traffic and the gas light comes on, He's there when you thought you bought all of the ingredients for a recipe and you forgot one thing (read this post)...and on and on.
So, what am I doing today that is causing me to live on life. The day to day things need my faith too. Meredith pointed out that even after the storm, we still need God. So true.
So, right now there is no huge storm, just the day to day...making quiet time for him, figuring out how to pay the bills, taking care of my children, giving a 100% to my husband, praying for others. All the while God is whispering to me, guiding me along.
I also know that when the storm does come, He will give me shelter and I may lean on faith a little harder...but, I need to remember that God is in everything...every little detail and I thank Him for that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am a list maker. I make lists for lists...yes, it's that bad. So, tonight as I was trying and figure out this whole organizing thing and how to get really into the groove I decided that a list would help. Then I grabbed by lined Post-Its and came up with an list in each room. I decided that I was going to think of each room and right down on a sticky what needs to be done in that room. That way if I have an extra 15 minutes I can look at the list right on the door and tackle an item.

List for my room.

Jamison's room.

It will also help when my aunt asks if she can do anything for me around the house. She can just look at the list and see if there's something that she can help me with. I love her for that by the way.

It may also give hints to my hubby (even though I would NEVER do that!).

One thing that I do need help with is a good filing system for bills and important papers. I wish I knew how to do one of those linky parties, those are wonderful. Anyone got any tips?

Wordless Wednesday - Siblings

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - February 10

There are just so many cute things out there in blogworld. I found this nice journaling activity and decided to join in. This blog is my way of journaling and I saw this as a great opportunity to add to my thoughts.

If you want to join go here.

Outside my window... It's gloomy and rainy, but the temperature is rising!

I am thinking... of something crafty and fun to do with Jamison.

I am thankful for... BSF. This study is a wonderful tool to help study the Bible, even the hard books like Leviticus.

From the kitchen... Tonight I'm making baked ziti. It's a staple in our house and makes for good leftovers.

I am reading... Today is the day I read my BSF notes.

I am creating... A way to organize Jamison's art supplies.

Around the house... Things are out of order as the process of trying to organize continues. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though.

One of my favorite things... Fresh flowers. I can't wait till Thursday to buy some (as a part of buying fresh flowers every pay under my 101 things.)

A few plans for the rest of the week... I hope to get together with some friends, clean/organize Jamison's closet, and have a date with my hubby.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Make it Monday

Cabbage, Noodles and Kielbasa - My Mommy
1 head of cabbage
1 medium onion
1 package of egg noodles
1 package of kielbasa
Garlic Salt - to taste
Pepper - to taste
Red Pepper flakes - to taste
Season Salt - to taste
Water (about 1/2 cup)
Boil noodles according to directions and set aside.
In a large skillet, put in a tab of shortening on medium heat.
Slice onion and add to skillet.
Core and slice cabbage in strips and add to skillet.
Add seasons. Sorry there are no measurements but my mom just sprinkles till it tastes to her liking. You can taste the cabbage while you're cooking.
Cook on med to med/hi until onion and cabbage are almost translucent.
Slice kielbasa and add to skillet.
Add water.
Cover and let steam on med/low for 10-15 minutes.
Combine with noodles. I usually put everything in the large pot that I boiled the noodles in.
Cornbread goes well with this too. Enjoy!
**Be sure to check my post below too for something else I'm participating in on Mondays.

Getting to Know Me (and You)

A lady named Kasey at All That Is Good started a series called Friend Makin' Mondays and I thought I'd play along. If you'd like to play along, go here.

1. My favorite book is: The Bible

2. I drive: A Honda Odyssey

3. My favorite type of food to eat is: Mexican...yum!

4. My favorite dessert is: Apple pie
5. My favorite movie is: You've Got Mail

6. When I go to Starbucks I get a: Gasp, I hardly ever go but I like their Hot Caramel Apple Cider.

7. My favorite vegetable is: Collard greens (although it's not too healthy after my mom makes them!)
8. My favorite thing to wear is: T-shirt and stretchy pants...ahh relaxing.
9. My favorite color is: Yellow (it's such a happy color...and yes, I have to say that every time!)
10. I decorate my house it this style: I like country, cottagey, Pottery Barn looking decor...
11. Right now I'm reading: A Woman After God's Own Heart.

12. If I could vacation anywhere I would go to: Destin, Florida...right now, without hesitation, in the same condo we staying in last time. I miss it.