Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Old 101 in 1001

I saw this on Betsy's blog and thought it was a great idea. The goal here is to set 101 realistic and specific goals of things you want to accomplish in 1001 days, which is roughly 2 3/4 years (so from February 2009 to November 2011). Since I'm working on a 3-year plan, this will come in real handy. Some of my items are the same as Betsy's, they were either good ideas or something I had also been thinking of.

I'm excited to get this started and will try and update you all along the way. They are in no particular order.


1. Create a meal menu once a week.
2. Use my planner daily. I'm thinking of using something else.
3. Develop and stick to a workout routine.
4. Keep my toenails polished.
5. Visit Atlanta, GA. Done!
6. Go to Chicago for a long weekend and have Giordano's pizza.
7. Buy fresh flowers every pay week for my home.
8. Try a new recipe every month.
9. Cut it down to one Coke a day.
10. Keep my hair cut. Now I've decided to let it grow out.
11. Save up for a big camera (Nikon D40)
12. Read the Bible daily.
13. Got to Destin, FL twice.
14. Start taking vitamins.
15. Clear up dry skin.
16. Learn how to do my make up.
17. Get my High School friends together for a weekend trip. Done, even though I didn't do it, Anita arranged it all.
18. Lose ___ lbs.
19. Complete Destin scrapbook.
20. Run a 10K (this is my stretch item).
21. Go to the dentist.
22. Clean car once a month. I've been doing pretty well with this.
23. Learn more about planting and maintaining flowers.
24. Learn to design my blog. I found out a lot of information but then I won a cool giveaway so it's already just the way I want it.
25. Document all of my BSF notes in my Bible.
26. Drink 64 oz of water daily.
27. Organize photo albums on computer.
28. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
29. Learn how to make homemade pizza.
30. Regularly attend PTA meetings.
31. Learn to sew.
32. Take another scrapbook class.
33. Learn to make homemade rolls.
34. Perfect my apple pie recipe.
35. Update my resume every six months.
36. Memorize one Bible verse per week.


37. Pack his lunch at least once a week. I've been doing well with this. I'm trying to do it daily.
38. Go on a marriage retreat.
39. Say something encouraging to him daily.
40. More kisses.
41. Date night at least once a month (even if it's pizza at home and a DVD)
42. Go to another NFL game.
43. Pray for him daily.
44. Watch Saw IV (and any others after) with him.


45. Potty train Caleb
46. Go to the library twice a month.
47. Enroll Jamison in swim lessons.
48. Take them to VBS. I even volunteered. It's not until August.
49. Take more walks.
50. Read Bible stories to them.
51. Open a savings account for them.
52. Plan special holiday crafts.
53. Feed them more vegetables.
54. Have a Family Fun Night once a month.
55. Play outside with them more (weather permitting).
56. Participate in their school activities.
57. Transition Caleb to a big boy bed.
58. Buy them new furniture.
59. Frame their artwork.
60. Have a mom/dad date with each one every other month.


61. Buy valance for living room and master bedroom.
62. Paint kitchen cabinets.
63. Paint kitchen a different shade of yellow.
64. Paint house trim.
65. Paint master bathroom. Done.
66. Redo kids' bathroom.
67. Continue hanging pictures on "family wall".
68. Create a family board for kitchen.
69. Stain deck each spring.
70. Landscape backyard. Working on this
71. Clean and wash out the fridge once a month.
72. Buy a new patio table.
73. Organize every closet and maintain them.
74. New flooring in kitchen.
75. Hang more pictures on walls.
76. Organize garage.
77. Clean carpets after each season. We cleaned it after Spring.
78. Repair kitchen ceiling.
79. Buy new garden hose attachments. Done.
80. Install garage door keypad.
81. Clean, organize and decorate "laundry area" in basement.
82. Replace kitchen lighting.

83. Send each friend a card for her birthday.
84. Host a Back-to-School brunch.
85. Pray for them weekly.
86. Organize more Girls Night Out activities.
87. Foster new relationships.


88. Eat out no more than twice a week...except on vacation.
89. Create a more detailed budget and update bi-weekly.
90. Cut coupons weekly.
91. Save for retirement.
92. Complete Crown study. Done.
93. Pay off two credit cards in full (this number may increase).
94. Save all spare change.
95. Put money in savings account monthly.


96. Participate in New Life's ServeFest.
97. Pray weekly about where to serve in my community.
98. Donate school supplies each school year.
99. Financially support missionary work.
100. Serve at church.
101. Donate extras to charity every three months.

Good luck with your 101 in 1001!


Ms. Tee said...

Wow, now that is a great idea. I might have to do this - it would help me stay motivated to get some stuff done! :)

Ruth Ann said...

It's funny that you posted this...I was working on my list today, and it's harder than it looks! lol
Great list though!
I thought of you today and that post you did way back when your kids had the stomach bug! It reminded me of myself...well today my son threw up! Totally gross I know, my husband just got home from work, so luckily I didn't have to deal with it! My husband went to work a few hours ago, hopefully they'll be ok during the night!
-Ruth Ann

Kelli said...

Ah you did it too eh? I have my list in my sidebar...I've managed to knock out a few already this year.

Love Atlanta, and especially Destin! I highly recommend the Village of Baytowne Wharf in the SanDestin Community. It's just adorable!

Katie said...

wow - you go girl! I am so impressed by the length of this list - I would get tired after 5 :) let us know as you check them off!

jenjen said...

What a great idea! It's so good to think about all of those goal and write them down to get motivated. I love it!

I also have had many of those goals in the back of my mind for awhile, maybe i should write them down!

Great post!


The Bates Family said...

Oh man! I wish I had a few minutes today to do this. Maybe in the future. Way to go! Great goals and I'm sure most of them would be on my list too.
If you give me your address, I'll send you some cinnamon buns. =)

Not kidding! =)

schwadette said...

do i get to keep you accountable?? :) great list! i love all the house stuff you have listed... you are going to be a painting machine! maybe we can make a painting party one of our friday nights!

do you have a bread machine? i have a great pizza crust recipe if you do.....

Mike and Katie said...

Great list! I really wish you the best in checking things off the list.

How about just one more? Help the clueless white mama with her daughter's hair!

What do you secure Jamison's braids with at night? How do you teach her to sit still while braiding?

I really appreciate your willingness to share your tips and experiences.


Betsy said...

What a great list. Glad I have you to do it with me.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the informative post, Swimming classes should be something that a person takes up when young. Well I guess an adult can also take up swimming lessons. Never too young to try!

Kathy said...

Hi Kelli, I just found your blog through Reinvented. After reading your sidebar lists, I feel like I know you! You have given me some great ideas....I'll be back for sure! ...Kathy @ A Little Pinch of This and That