Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Fun Day in the Sun...I Mean Snow

Today Rondell worked early (which means he missed church which made us sad, but we got him most of the day which made us torn) so we got to hang out a lot today. When he first got home he decided to shovel the ice/snow off of our driveway and walkway. Once Jamison saw him go outside she wanted to go too and help. I captured a few moments:

Here's Jamison shoveling away!

Breaking up the ice.

Daddy's little helper.
Hand-held snowman!

Here's what Caleb was doing...sleep now, my boy because soon you'll be out there instead of Daddy, so sleep now little one.
My sister had a gymnastics competition here in Columbus so my dad, Renee and Toshianna stopped by after for lunch (which they provided...thanks guys!) They didn't stay long but it was nice to see them. Caleb and Jamison will be leaving for Cleveland in two weeks for a weekend visit.

Caleb looking at me crazy after giving kisses to Nana.

Everyone knows that Papa D LOVES his kisses!

It was a relaxing Sunday overall. And of course it is being topped off by the Super Bowl (I'm trying to squeeze this in during halftime). I made buffalo chicken dip and banana split cake (recipe to come tomorrow!) for me and Ron and pizza pockets for the kids. Yummy times!

What did you today?


Betsy said...

Your family is beautiful. Looks like a fun day.

Ruth Ann said...

Buffalo chicken dip sounds sooo good! You seem to make the best food! I wish we lived closer! And your kids are soo cute! It looks like they had a fun time! Most of our snow melted today..must've been cause the Steelers were on fire! lol (Lame joke!)
-Ruth Ann