Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Letter Challenge

My new Blog friend Heidi let me participate in a challenge that I thought looked like fun. Basically, she gave me a letter and I had to come up with 10 things that I like using that letter (mine are in no particular order). Thanks for letting me play Heidi.

My letter is:


TV. I love TV. I have always loved TV. It is relaxing to me to sit down on the couch and watch a good show. I very much enjoy Wednesday nights when Rondell and I sit and watch Lost together.
Totes. I LOVE totes of almost any kind. The tote above is one that I've been eyeing for quite some time and one day I will order her and call her my own. I carry a tote everyday to work, and it has everything that I need, my planner, notebook, pens, things I need to look at... I love them!
T-Shirts. I have so many t-shirts. Who doesn't have a favorite t-shirt in her collection? My favorite are heather grey t-shirts, I think I have 5. I love them to sleep in, clean the house in, run around in... Comfy, that's just what I like.
Tommy's Pizza. This is a local, family owned pizza place here in Columbus. There are only a few of them around the city (luckily one is close to where I live!). I grew up on Tommy's...basically, when my mom and I would come to Columbus to visit we would almost always get Tommy's. Now that I live here it is my #1 choice of pizza place. Mommy still comes over some Friday nights for Tommy's.

Time. I love time with God, my family and my friends. This means a lot to me and I hope that when my children are older that they remember the time I spent with them.

Talking. I love to have conversations with people, even if it's electronic talking. I like to keep in touch with people and get to know people. I guess it comes with the fact that I like to spend time with people (see above). With Rondell I get to talk a lot because he's so quiet, but I think he enjoys it!

Target...need I say more?

Taco Bell tacos! Growing up we didn't have a Taco Bell close to our house. So, my mom and I would drive 20 minutes to the closest one and sit there and eat. It just brings back good memories, spending time with my mom. AND they have the BEST fountain Mountain Dew, hands down.

Tulips. While sunflowers are my favorite flowers tulips are right up there. They are just so beautiful and they are usually one of the first flowers to come up in Spring, awakening the season. My mom planted some in her garden for me when I was in college and each year I missed them bloom.

Traditions. I haven't started too many with my family but I plan to because they are very important to me. Maybe because I like routine, but there is just some comfort in having something to look forward to that you know will be there. It ties into spending time with family, talking and enjoying and I love it.
So, that's my list of T's. I hope you enjoyed. Happy Thursday!


just jamie said...

That was a really cool one to read.

(Target and heather gray T-shirts...sigh...pure love!)

jenjen said...

Those are all great things - and they all begin with T! Love them all!

Thanks for sharing!


Joanna said...

Love your list! Zack and I watch Lost on Wednesday nights too. Wouldn't miss that show for anything!

Loving me some Target as well. I try not to even look at Walmart anymore...Oh and t shirts...Love um!! Taco Bell...Yummy...When Zack and I were dating he would bring me Taco Bell just about every night!

Ally said...

Great list. I've seen a few people do this and I think I'd have a hard time with it. Each one of yours I was like...oh yeah...good one! I think we have a lot in commmon, but I probably still couldn't have thought of these.

Ms. Tee said...

I love this list - Target made me smile, too. :) Lost is my favorite show of all time!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I also love Target - a little too much.

Meredith said...

I love your T things... they made me smile!!

And Lost and Target??? Yep. LOVE those too! I so look forward to Wednesdays when more of the mystery will be unraveled.

Dallas said...

Love the list of T's and I love that I follow you now!

The Katies said...

Oh Fun! You got the letter T. Heidi assigned me the letter D. I have it ready to post next week, although it took a little extra thought for me to thing of D words. Your tulip picture has me wishing for spring!!
Thanks for sharing you list.
~Katie (from Listmaker's Life)...I think I'm logged in to my other site right now...

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Great list, Kelli! So glad you decided to join in the fun. It definitely made me stretch my mind a bit, but it was a good thing! You have a very creative list!!

Brittany said...

ahhhh Target! LOVE me some TARGET! :) And the one closest to us has the most amazing clearance section(s)-- trust me, I've looked at all of them. haha. :)

Great list!

summer said...

such a fun post!
oh, i am with you on lost, target, & taco bell- definitely!
thank you so much for stopping by my little spot & leaving me a sweet note- it made me feel great!
loving your listing,