Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Under Construction

So, I've talked a lot on here about how I'd like to completely reorganize my entire home. I've read a lot of blogs and gotten an overwhelming amount of ideas...so overwhelming I was beginning to stress myself. I had tons of lists going at the same time and it was starting to be too much.

With that, I've slowed down a bit and I'm taking on ONE project at a time. I realized I was driving myself crazy when I was going over ideas with my aunt and she said "why don't you just do one thing at a time." DUH!!

This week's project...Jamison's room.

I have a few ideas for her room. I would first love to repaint it. Right now it's more of a sea green and I found this beautiful green color from Behr called Grasscloth. We'll see, I haven't decided completely.

One of the main things that I want to do is create an art center in her closet. I (and by "I" I mean Rondell) am going to bring up a bookshelf from the basement that I never use and make containers to hold all of her art supplies. I have found some great ways to organize crafts here, and here, as well as many others. I also want to organize her bookshelf and clean out toys that she no longer plays with. Lastly, I want to get letters that spell her name to hang on the wall. I really want to make these myself if I can...any tips?

So here's what I'm working with:

Here's Jamison's bed. I have to take her comforter to the cleaners and that will make her bed look more complete. If you look closely you can see her sleeping. So sweet!

This is the wall opposite of her bed. See her bookshelf...a friend of Rondell's made that for us as a gift before we had Jamison. Right now it looks crazy because tonight I started trying to figure out her books and Rondell cleared out some of her stuff from her closet (that used to house her dresser, which is now in Caleb's room...the kids' rooms are so small!) Anyways, I want to make this more organized and useful for Jamison.

This is Jamison's closet. Like I said before her dresser used to be in here. This is where I'll put the other bookshelf to put her art supplies. I will keep the games on the shelf but just stack them differently.

So this is it...my one and only project. It's going to take some time to buy all of the stuff I will need for the art supplies but other than that it should be done by this week. I will post some after pictures next week...aren't you excited?

***Also, if you have any ideas to help me all of you craft people, chime in!


Ms. Tee said...

The photo of your daughter in the bed is so sweet. :) You can get the letters at Hobby Lobby, A.C.Moore, and probably Michael's. You could paint them or cover them with scrapbook paper or fabric. Then hot glue ribbons to the back to hang them. :)

ohio12 said...

What a fun project! Of course it always looks more fun to me when someone else is doing it. I have had a can of paint in my bathroom for two weeks now and I still haven't started painting. My advice is to edit edit edit. I give stuff to goodwill when the kids aren't looking!

Joanna said...

I agree with the letters from Hobby Lobby, this is where ours come from. You can also try Mod Podging tissue paper on them as well. Plus with the tissue paper she could help out with the tearing of the pieces.

Baskets! We love them here to help out with organizing. And they look great doing it too.

Can't wait to see when it's all finished! I plan on redoing both of the girls rooms this summer, but haven't got the money at the moment. I will be buying stuff here and there as well. I was thinking of a green to go on my oldest daughters walls too! *smileS*

schwadette said...

HObby Lobby definitely has the best letters - you can get small up to pretty good size for cheap. :) I now how much you "hate" Hobby Lobby!

QUestion - are you planning to use the closet for clothing at all? Could you build in a desk? Wouldn't be too hard. Then you could drill holes (large holes) into the wood and buy some buckets or baskets to fit in them. These could hold her art supplies (crayons, markers, scissors). You could put wooden bins under for her coloring books and other supplies.

We'll talk....

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I truly am excited to see what you have come up with...I love transformations! I almost didn't see your daughter in the bed...I just saw Dora! :)

We're working on doing some "big girl" transformations in my daughter's room, too, since she'll be turning 3 years soon. I'm needing some inspiration, too!

And, thanks for the link to my site. That was a fun surprise when I was reading your post today. ;)