Thursday, February 5, 2009


That's about how many miles an hour I was going this morning trying to get ready. Why do I do this to myself? Every morning I fly around the house, trying to get me ready, Jamison's stuff ready for school, lunches packed and out the door.

This morning I realized that I have to start doing most of this stuff at night. I have time in the kids have early bedtimes. I could pack lunches at night, pick out clothes at night, pack bookbags at night.

I've decided that this has to become part of my routine. I think it would make the start of my day so much easier and with less stress. So, tonight I will be packing lunches and getting everything ready for tomorrow.

Do you get ready for the next day the night before or in the morning? If you have any tips, please share!


Brittany said...

HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I live around the corner from you... we live in Delaware, but sort of on the Powell border (if that makes sense). We frequent Powell, though, and even attend church there! So, hi, neighbor! haha.

To answer your question... If I know I have to be somewhere really early, I try to do everything the night before. I pack the diaper bag (snacks, change of clothes, diapers, etc.) and put it by the door. I also bathe myself the night before and that way all I have to do is get dressed throw on some make-up and do my hair. I then get up earlier than the kids (by at least an hour) and get myself together, get the milks poured and get the breakfast ready. Then when the kids get up, I get them dressed, feed them, and we can be out of the door. NOW- that doesn't always happen... but that's what I try to make happen! haha.

Also- thanks for commenting on my blog. There are a lot of things we do to try to make the stories fun. Yes- I even think some of them are boring, so I can see how kids would think that, too! haha. So we do special crafts and honestly we just talk about God all day. We pray at every meal, we pray when something is going bad, we thank Him when something good has happened.... he's just always apart of our lives. That way the kids just don't know any different. Hope that helps!

Ruth Ann said...

Hi Kelli!
My kids aren't in school yet, but when we need to go somewhere I make lists. That way you're not going crazy and forgetting things you need. There are a lot of websites out there that will give you ideas...I'll try to pull some today for you. But I have a binder with all the things I do on specific days of the week...the lists are in a clear sheet protector and I use a dry erase marker to check off the items that need to be done. As for vacations and reunions and things like that that we are going to go on I keep everything on an index card that I can keep referring to and adding things to it. I'll shoot you an e-mail today and give your resource information. Talk to you later!
-Ruth Ann