Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm in Love...

...with him:

This is the day after Caleb is born. I've said this before, even with how I look, this is by far my favorite picture.

Caleb was our surprise baby, one of the best surprises EVER. Even though Rondell and I were planning on adding to our family soon, God decided that we needed Caleb right then and not a few months later.
My pregnancy was pretty unproductive. I was really sick with Jamison, but not with Caleb. Rondell and I tried to find out twice Caleb's gender and neither time did he want to show us; we should have known then that he was a stubborn kid that had his own agenda. I was scheduled to have a C-section on February 8, 2007 (I had a C-section with Jamison and I opted to just go ahead with another).
On Tuesday, January 30 I was relaxing at home on my second day of maternity leave. I had just spent the day with my mom the day before to get some last-minute things ready. Anyways, so I was relaxing at home trying to get some thank-you cards done and I just didn't feel well. I laid down but didn't think much of it, after all I had been 10 days late with Jamison and had to be induced. Well, after awhile I thought I had bad gas (TMI) because I had this pain in my stomach. I tried to make dinner for Rondell who was on his way home with Jamison after taking her to the doctor for an ear infection. I stood up to get something and thought I peed on myself. I went to the bathroom and realized my water had broken and there was meconium (Caleb had pooped, which explains a lot now because man that kid can poop!).
I told myself I was not going to call Rondell freaking out but that's exactly what I did! He rushed home and I called my friend Lyndsey to see if she could take Jamison for us until my mom was able to get to our house. I was so worried about Caleb because of course I had read all of the articles about meconium.
We got to the hospital and the people were so nice to me. They confirmed that my water had broken and it all got rollin from there. My doctor was not on-call so another doctor in her practice delivered Caleb. Everything went well and she pulled him out and announced that it was a...BOY!! It was such an exciting moment.
After a long stay in recovery (the anesthesia took a while to wear off) we got to our room and I immediately fed Caleb. The kid too almost an entire bottle, we had to stop him.
And now he's two! My experience with Caleb has been so different from that with Jamison because I didn't have Postpartum Depression with Caleb. Such a difference! I was truly able to enjoy him as a baby. **Sometimes it would make me sad that I didn't have that same experience with Jamison, but as much as I love on her now I think I've caught up!
Here are some of my favorite pictures of my man:

Here are some pictures from his day today:

Jamison and Caleb being silly in the laundry basket.

McDonald's for dinner!

Blowing out his two candles (with help from big sister)



Happy Birthday Caleb....Mommy loves you!


Tammie said...

such a beautiful story! and what an adorable little man.

Betsy said...

Happy birthday little dude!

Mike and Katie said...

Happy birthday little (I mean big, tell him I said "big!") man!


heather jane said...

Kelli, That is one adorable little boy!! I love the top picture, too.

Wish him Happy Birthday from Idaho!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Hi Kelli! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I love yours, your kids are adorable. AND we both live in central ohio! Don't you love this weather??

Ruth Ann said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! He is just tooo cute! I love the one of him as a baby in the little blue "I Love Mommy" onsie! He looks like he should be on tv and in commercials! Too cute for words! :)
Have a great weekend!
-Ruth Ann

schwadette said...

i can't believe how BIG he is! such a cutie... :). i can't wait to watch him continue to grow....

The Bates Family said...

Too precious. Thanks for sharing about your sweet boy. What an awesome story. As mothers, I don't think we ever forget how our angels came into the world.

Ms. Tee said...

Happy late birthday to Caleb! :)