Monday, January 12, 2009

Liquid or Powder?

So, I know that I've said that my new favorite thing is decorating blogs. I love them. I get such great ideas for little things (and big things) to do around the house. One thing I love to read about are laundry rooms (because I LOVE to do laundry). There are many posts out there about people redoing their laundry rooms. I don't have one yet, but when I get my dream house it will look something like this (hi Carrie).

So, looking at all of these leads me to a question...liquid or powder? I ask because in a lot of the pictures women have containers with powder detergent, like here (aren't her signs cute), and I'm wondering if it's better than liquid (which is what I use). Just curious.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

***Edited to now read powDer and not power...thanks Dad!


Susie Harris said...

I like powder because I find it smells better, weird I know. I got my little letters from Hobby Lobby. They are just peel and stick. Good luck with your special room. Take care my friend~

schwadette said...

i've always used liquid - not sure why... just because. i've thought about making my own powder though. not sure if i want to be THAT frugal! :)

Amy said...

I use powder because I was finding that the liquid I would get would still leak out of the container....

Go check out my Ocotber 19th post...I redid my laundry room and hung some can see what I did there...I loved her idea with powder in the container...I'm heading off to walmart to get one of my own! Too cute!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Thanks for linking up to me, how fun! I will admit, I use powder because it is easier for me to store, especially in a pretty canister rather than in the cupboard. I haven't noticed much difference when I do use liquid, but then I have not been paying close attention. I am interested to see what other people say about this one! :)

Mike and Katie said...

I use Charlie's soap powder because I only need to use 1 Tbsp. I pretty sure it's more economical. Divide the number of uses per container by cost. It's hypo-allergenic which is very hard to find and recommended for cloth diapers because it doesn't leave residue.

And finally I don't have to deal with all those plastic bottles. Either hauling from the grocery store or getting rid of them when they are empty. Charlie's soap is shipped to my door and comes in neat little paper bags. That take up hardly and room in the trash.

I've alway bought several at a time because then the cost is less and the shipping has always been free.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box now! :)


Becki said...

Hi Kelli, I like liquid detergent because I have hard water and the powder doesn't break down but instead sticks to my clothes. I'm happy to have found your blog - from one laundry lover to another :o)

Betsy said...

Love the way it leaves your clothes smelling...mmmm.mmmm.good! Try'll love it.