Sunday, September 28, 2008

God is in the Cream Cheese

That's the cream cheese. Of course, I'll explain. Every year about this time I get a little stressed. Why, well because it's Jamison's birthday time. Each year I plan a party and each year leading up to the party I am stressed. Will she have fun, what should I have to eat, will people come, what should I buy her, etc. Usually by the time the party starts I'm fine, but before then I'm a wreck.

So, this year was no different. Jamison planned a beautiful Sleeping Beauty Party and had been looking forward to it for quite some time. So, I, of course, wanted everything perfect for her. Long story short, the kids were going to have pizza but I wanted to have some stuff for adults if they stayed. My mom made vegetable pizza and I was going to make a salad and buffalo chicken dip. I was getting ready to make the dip and all day I felt like I was forgetting something. Well I was...the cream cheese. I was about to flip when I saw in the fridge that I had two packs of cream cheese in the holder. Whew! I praised God right then and there because I knew He was all over that because He knew that would have been the end of things if I had to quickly run to the store. On top of all that, I went to look at the date on the cream cheese...12-25-08!

God is in the cream cheese!

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