Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And the Birthday Celebration Begins

My baby turns 5 on Monday and we've already started celebrating the big day. Last night my family went to Ci Ci's pizza with Lyndsey's family to celebrate Jamison and Drew's (Lyndsey's youngest) birthdays. Drew's birthday is tomorrow and he will be three.

Since our usual place in now closed we decided to go to Ci Ci's. We had a really nice dinner and the kids had fun together. Jamison and Quinn have known each other since the womb (since Lyndsey and I were pregnant at the same time). Since Jamison is having princess party we decided to celebrate on our own special night (I don't think Quinn would like making bracelets and wearing a skirt to the party, smile!).

We got Drew a Diego 4x4 truck. He really liked it, and so did Caleb. Caleb was not happy that it was Drew taking it home and not him. Jamison got two books (one a Sleeping Beauty book, her favorite princess) and some stickers. Quinn picked out a knock knock card for Jamison which is perfect since she loves knock knock jokes.

We had great time!

The almost birthday girl, eating her birthday cinnamon rolls. We had that for dessert and sang to Drew and Jam and they pretended to blow out candles.

Drew, the almost birthday boy.

Jamison and Quinn...what are they looking at?

Three friends!


Mike and Katie said...

Jamison had a very specific "smile for the camera" face. That's so funny. As they get older it become really tricky to catch them smiling natually.

It's even trickier with boys because they insist and making goofy faces!

You should have seen us trying to get nice pictures of the boys for our adoption profile. Totally Calvin and Hobbes!

Now they just want to look somber and serious like the rock stars and CD covers.


My2Gs said...

Hi Kelli,
I created a new group on the Columbus Moms Like Me website and I would love for you to join us and let all your blogging friends know about it as well.