Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Little Soccer Player

So for the past two or three weeks Jamison has asked if she could play soccer. She has never really expressed an interest in a sport before so I was excited when she did and immediately started looking for a program that I could sign her up for. We live in a strange place and by that I mean, we have Columbus taxes, Powell mailing address and Worthington Schools so I never know what city to look for activities. I usually go with Powell because we're so close to the actual city of Powell.

I looked there first but the only class offered was one that was baseball, soccer and basketball combined and it was on Monday evenings (and that's when I go to BSF). Rondell and I talked a little about whether that would work but I didn't pursue it. I checked a rec center in Worthington and they didn't have a soccer only class and most classes were during the day. I also checked Dublin but same story, during the day... I was starting to get a little bummed but was also trying to convince myself that since Jamison just started Kindergarten that maybe she needed to focus on that and that soccer could wait. Then I was talking to a judge who lives in Worthington and knows everyone and asked him if he knew of anything. HE DID!!!! So he gave me a name of an organization that has sports programs for kids in the Worthington school system. I looked them up online and found a perfect program: six weeks, Saturday mornings, descent price, played on the fields of her elementary school, and they give the kids a ball. How perfect...but I had already missed the registration deadline. The web page said that I could contact a rep to see if there is space available after the deadline. So I called, left a message and then asked everyone to please pray for her to get on a team.

Well, prayer works! She got a spot. I was so excited I didn't know what to do. I had three days to prepare her but I was up for it. On Friday I discovered (because I have no idea about anything regarding soccer) that she needed cleats and soccer socks. So I ran to the store and got her some cute Adidas pink and black cleats.

When we arrived I was in for a big was packed. I thought I was doing good by getting there 25 minutes early but there are like 20 teams there and different time slots so it was busy. I felt like the only mom in Worthington who did not know about this cool thing! We found a parking spot after much circling and we were off. As I found her field I saw a friend of mine and realized that her son in on Jamison's team (God is so good). So it was nice to catch up with her while we watched the kids play.

Jamison had a great time and listened really well to the coach. They do practice for a half and hour and then have a scrimmage. She was so excited to run around and kick the ball. And of course she made a new friend, Addie.

I'm so glad she got in and had fun. We can't wait for next week.

Here are some pics:

Dressed and ready to go!

Setting up for a drill

This is Jamison about to kick the ball into the net. She has a pretty mean kick!

Jamison and Addie working on a drill

Going after the ball in the scrimmage...Go Jamison!


Mike and Katie said...

Soccer is so much fun! Our boys love to play, too.


P.S. I'm breaking my no blogging rule so I better go do my dishes while the boys are having gym and the babies napping!

Rondell said...

I really have to find her some cones so she can do drills in the backyard.