Monday, September 8, 2008

Today is THE Day

OK, I'm a little dramatic but I am very excited that BSF, Bible Study Fellowship, starts back up tonight. I started BSF last year after my friend Sara invited me. I was a little overwhelmed when I first arrived but it turned out the be a WONDERFUL experience.

Basically, it's a bible study that lasts for the entire school year (September-May). For the entire year you discuss one subject (last year we studied the book of Matthew). BSF itself consists of 7 year-long studies. This year we are studying the life of Moses, next year John, then history of Israel and the Minor Prophets, Acts of the Apostles, Genesis, and Romans (I can't WAIT for Romans!), then it'll go back to Matthew. It's thorough. The study uses a four fold approach...first you answer questions, then you meet with a discussion group to discuss the questions, then you hear a lecture on the subject that you answered about and just discussed and lastly you received notes to sum it all up. Talk about thorough.

Since I'm newer to actually studying the Bible this study is great for me. It really breaks down the specific subject and relates it to other areas of the Bible. I learned so much last year studying the book of Matthew and it really gave me a greater insight to all that Christ did for us.

BSF is an international organization so if you have the time once a week to attend this study I would highly recommend it. It is a major commitment but one that is well worth it.


Jamie said...

Hello!!! This Bible study sounds fantastic!!! I would love to know if there is one around us. I really like how it dives in deep regarding the subject matter - I'm sure you feel you understand things at a much deeper level afterwards!! Good for you for taking the steps to do this!!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for the nice comment! I love hearing from people that visit. It allows me keep things more like a conversations, instead of so one-sided!!

Have a beautiful day.

The Blissfully Happy Housewife

The Bates Family said...

Where can I sign up? :)

Rondell said...

I guess it's time for me to check to make sure you're doing your homework.