Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ten Things Thursday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

I know the link says "Ten Things Tuesday", but I'm having a rough week and a half and I need to outlet something positive.

1. I am thankful that Caleb is doing better with his cold. After being up all night we went to the doctor this morning and they treated his asthma-like symptoms and he's feeling much better.

2. I am thankful that Jamison had school today. Since we've had so many power outages school has been closed all week. She was the first one on the bus.

3. I am thankful that Rondell and I have the ability to carpool right now. Not only does is save on money but it also gives us some alone time.

4. I am thankful that my mom came over tonight to make sure Caleb is breathing OK. I needed her.

5. I am thankful that my aunt takes such good care of my kids and I was able to leave sick Caleb with her and feel at peace that he was OK.

6. I am thankful that Rondell was able to download last week's sermon onto CD.

7. I am thankful for the positive emails that I received this week.

8. I am thankful for Target (that doesn't need and explanation!)

9. I am thankful for this beautiful weather.

10. I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday and that we have fun plans for the weekend.

What are you thankful for?


daddy said...

I read your blog on a regular basis. Even though I talk to you on a regular basis, its a chance to see what's happening on Seabright and look at my family.


Jamie said...

I am thankful I have made new friends, like you, through blogging.

I hope your week looks up! Hang in there!