Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not That Much Going On

There isn't a whole lot to blog about these days...
School is in full swing (not currently, but more on that later). Jamison loves school and is doing pretty well I think. It is kind of hard in Kindergarten to tell how she is doing because there is no homework or major assignments. The things that she does bring home are well done. She is excited when she talks about school and she loves riding the bus. She has had a few incidents of fighting on the playgroup, but we're working on that.
Caleb is growing like a weed and trying his best to say some words. Right now he saying ball, bye, more, here, eat, dog and trying to repeat things we say to him. He is getting his two-year molars (he's 19 months!) so he's been very cranky and extra drooly. The kids loves being outdoors and I'm dreading the cold weather when he's not able to go out as much. Rondell is still his favorite person but I'm moving up in the ranks I think.
This past Sunday we went to my friend Lyndsey's son Quinn's soccer game. Since Jamison is doing soccer too I thought it would be something fun for us to do. It was SO windy but we had a great time. We made Quinn signs and cheered him on.

Jamison and Drew (Quinn's brother). You can kind of tell how windy it is by their faces.

Caleb cheering. Can you guess how long he stayed in his stroller...?

Go Quinn, Go! He's number 37.

As we were leaving Rondell called me to see if I was OK. He explained that we were in the middle of a huge wind storm (that explains all the wind) and that Best Buy (where he works part-time) didn't have power. Well we got home to realize that we didn't have power either. We ended up not having power for over 24 hours. We were one of the lucky homes because there are people still without power (keep them in your prayers). Jamison hasn't had school the past two days (that's why it's not in the swing of things right now) and doesn't have it again tomorrow. UGH. She is so sad about that, but Aunt Roni is taking them to the zoo so I'm sure she'll forget about it for a moment.

That's really about it. Kind of boring but thought I'd say hello to my 2 readers (wink).


The Bates Family said...

Cute pics Kelli.

No one won the tug of war. :) I was tugging against a machine, but just made it look like I was really competing against someone else. He he!! I'm sneaky.

Jamie said...

I am one of of your readers!!!!! Yes, Jaden is also teething (he is currently working on about 6) and it is hard. I know how bad it hurt when I got my wisdom teeth in...I can't imagine getting a whole set of chompers!!!

Have a beautiful week!