Thursday, September 11, 2008

100 Things About Me

I think it is so fun when people do this so I thought I'd take a stab at it (and these are in totally random order):

1. I was born in Columbus at The Ohio State University Medical Center (so I've been a Buckeye since birth!)
2. I moved to Cleveland when I was 6.
3. I have one brother, Evan and one sister, Toshianna.
4. If people ask me if I'm an only child I say yes (I am my mother's only child and grew up as the only child in my house), but if they ask if I have siblings I say's kind of strange.
5. I am a Red Cross certified babysitter (I took a training when I was 12).
6. My favorite color is yellow, it's such a happy color.
7. I currently live in Powell.
8. My first boyfriend's name was James Powell, so when I talk to friends who know him I say "I live in Powell, like James Powell."
9. I was truly saved when I was 18.
10. I love pictures and cute picture frames.
11. I love making lists...about almost anything: grocery store, Target list, To Do lists, etc. I can't live without them.
12. I love to be organized.
13. One of my favorite stores is the Container Store. I could go crazy in that place.
14. My favorite food is pizza.
15. My favorite pizza place is Giordano's in Chicago.
16. One thing on my life To Do list was to swim with a dolphin.
17. I got to do that this past May in Florida.
18. I have two kids.
19. I was in labor with Jamison for 26 hours, ending in a C-section.
20. I had a scheduled C-section for Caleb on 2-8-07, but he decided he couldn't wait. My water broke on 1-30-07 and I had him by C-section on that day.
21. I have hazel eyes.
22. I love sunflowers, they are such a happy flower.
23. I am neither a morning nor a night person.
24. My favorite drink is Coke. I'm addicted.
25. I still watch The Young and the Restless after all these years.
26. I used to have long hair until I cut it all off after I had Caleb.
27. Due to cutting it off I no longer have a relaxer (the best thing EVER!)
28. I love having my toes painted.
29. I usually use OPI nail polish.
30. I miss my grandmother terribly.
31. Rondell and I were engaged twice.
32. We've been married now for 6 years.
33. My first thought about him..."man he's tall."
34. I love to scrapbook.
35. I hardly ever do anymore.
36. My favorite show of all times is Friends. It always makes me laugh.
37. I work on the same floor as one of my closest friends.
38. I got to be in the room for the delivery of the child of one of my closest friends (one of my greatest experiences).
39. I have sleep apnea.
40. I had post partum depression.
41. I love fresh flowers and I would like to try and have them in my house more often.
42. I love pumpkin candles.
43. I graduated from The Ohio State University in 1999.
44. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology.
45. I used to want to go to Law School.
46. Not anymore.
47. Jamison and Caleb are the sure people to make me laugh.
48. I'm always torn this time of year whether I like summer or fall most.
49. I love different colored pens.
50. I didn't know I was buying a Vera Bradley when I bought my Vera Bradley. I just thought the print was cute. Then I found out they were trendy.
51. I HAVE to wash my hands before I eat.
52. I hardly ever polish my finger nails.
53. I've worn glasses since I was three.
54. Jamison got her name from the lady who did my practice make-up for my wedding. Her name was Jamison and I thought both she and her name were stunning and said if I ever had a daughter I would name her Jamison.
55. I think my Jamison is stunning and her name fits her perfectly.
56. Caleb is named after Rondell's dad.
57. My favorite book in the Bible is Romans and I can't wait to study it with BSF (only 5 more years to go!).
58. I love a clean house.
59. I love fresh sheets.
60. I carry a little can of Bag Balm with me at all times.
61. My two oldest friends I've know since I was in the third grade.
62. I talk to both of my parents almost everyday.
63. My mom moved to Columbus after she found out I was pregnant with Jamison.
64. I'm left-handed.
65. I've never used the fireplace in my house.
66. Washing dishes is relaxing for me.
67. I love to wash clothes (I would like my next house to have a first floor laundry area).
68. I always carry my canvas bag with me to work and on trips (it has my planner, pens, a notebook...).
67. I love to email.
68. But I love talking on the phone more (just less time for that).
69. My kitchen walls are yellow.
70. I love my kitchen window.
71. I'd much rather have my windows open over having the air conditioning on.
72. I LOVE to swim.
73. I really want to lose weight.
74. I secretly love to color with Jamison.
75. I have always wanted to travel to Arizona.
76. I have come to love reading all kinds of blogs (it's kind of a sickness really).
77. I HAVE to shower before I leave the house.
78. I have to sleep with a fan running. I have one in my car for emergencies (what if the place where I'm spending the night doesn't have a fan...tragic).
79. I LOVE my Odyssey, it's the best thing EVER!
80. I hope that the next house we buy will be the one we retire from.
81. I'd like to buy a timeshare in Destin one day soon.
82. I love Mexican food.
83. Rondell and I got engaged at a Mexican restaurant (the second time).
84. I love my birthday.
85. I love the movie You've Got Mail...I saw it twice in the movie theatre (and yes Rondell went with me...gotta love him).
86. I always wanted three kids.
87. I'm sticking with just the two I more!
88. I love skirts, but I don't wear them often enough.
89. I love to be outside but I'm not outdoorsy.
90. I don't like shopping for clothes (unless it's for my kids).
91. I love shopping for household items (Target is my weakness!).
92. I hate winter.
93. My favorite season is the holiday season.
94. I wish I had done better in college.
95. I feel I am a true friend.
96. My biggest weakness is worrying too much.
97. I want only the best for my kids and for them to be happy.
98. I love my husband.
99. I love God more.
100. I love getting mail and sending mail. Hallmark is my other weakness.

Whew, that was harder than I thought!


Rondell said...

Wow! 100! How long did it take? Look at you...just blogging away now.

Mike and Katie said...

I loved the list. There's some really funny and interesting stuff.


Kelli said...

Hi Kelli, I'm Kelli! I found your blog on Kelly's site! We have a great name, don't we? :) Love your blog and we have so much in common! I'll have to do a 100 facts about me soon. You have an adorable family! God bless!

Prairiemaid said...

These are so great! We have some things in common. Among them # 73 and # 76! LOL

As a matter of fact, I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I have enjoyed it! I am now following you so I can find my way back.;-)


Kim said...

I love my Oddyssey too and your daughter IS stunning! And I watch Y & R when I gets harder as the toddler gets older.