Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am THAT Mom!

Tonight was curriculum night at Jamison's school. I am that mom who loves these meetings, parent/teacher conferences and basically anything to do with my child's school. I LOVE that kind of stuff and the excitement about tonight was no different.

The last time we were in Jamison's class was the day before school started for her assessment. That was only for a few minutes so I was not able to get a real feel of the room. I got to do that tonight. I arrived 20 minutes early (of course!) and walked about the school a little before heading to Jamison's classroom. Outside of her classroom they had this craft that each child created that had his/her picture on it and was cut out in the shape of a person. There were three fill in the blanks...What do you like to do, what's your favorite color and I can to ____ all by myself. Well, Jamison likes to walk her dog (keep in mind we don't have a dog, but Jamison has an imaginary one named Steve), her favorite colors are red and pink (this I already knew) and she could help me all by herself. How sweet.

The meeting went really well and it was nice to meet some of the parents. Mrs. Dutko went over basically what they do on a daily basis and it seems like a lot of fun. She's been a teacher for 23 years (she had to have started right out of HS or something!) so she has this system down. She has a lot of energy (she's going to need it to keep up with Jamison) and is very enthusiastic about the children which is great. There are so many activities for the kids to do that is fun as well as learning. I can see now why Jamison likes to go there everyday.

I will say that it is all overwhelming. When Jamison was in preschool I, of course, took that seriously but this seems like so much more like REAL school and the real start of her school education. I felt almost teary leaving the meeting to realize that this is the beginning and she's not a little girl anymore. I want Jamison to succeed so much it hurts at times and I'm sure I worry more than I should...is she fitting in, how can we control her aggression, did we make the right decision (yes, we did), and so on. I have to remember that she's a smart cookie and that she'll be just fine!


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Rondell said...

Yes, you are that Mom! I was just telling Aunt Roni this morning about us going to the PTA meeting tonight. She looked surprised, I just looked over and said, "I am married to Kelli, you know." Here's to us and a fun-filled school year! I can't wait for the carnival night.