Sunday, September 28, 2008

THE Sleeping Beauty Princess Birthday Party

The Princess Birthday Girl! Her shirt says "It's my day. I'm the Princess!" Perfect.

So, yesterday was the big day...Jamison's Sleeping Beauty Princess Birthday Party. It turned out to be a great day (minus the cream cheese incident that almost happened, read below).

First Jamison had soccer. We played a team that I swear were professionals. Jamison is the tallest kid on her team and the other team's players were taller than her. We got beat badly (we don't keep score, but we got whooped), but Jamison scored a GOAL!!!! She was so excited. She's getting better and better each week and is really enjoying her time at soccer.
Fast forward...the party started at 4. Jamison's guests were Reese, Isabelle, Madeline, Ellie and Toshianna. Jamison was so excited and I just loved seeing the smile on her face. The girls played in Jamison's room until it was time to eat. They all ate pizza and had juice boxes and it was so quiet! I guess it's not time yet for all the talking and giggling and stuff. After pizza we made bracelets. I like having a little project for the parties and this I thought would be cute and go with the princess theme. It was hard to make the bracelets. I bought this type of string that stretches and is clear. It was kind of hard for everyone to see the string to put the beads on, but I think the the girls had a lot of fun. Luckily they all have young eyes. Tying the bracelets was hard at first too but I finally got a technique together and everything worked out fine.

Reese, Ellie, Jamison, Isabelle and Madeline

The girls during dinner. Really it was so quiet.

After that we opened presents and then had cake. Jamison got some really cute things. Mainly art stuff and since she LOVES art, that was right up her alley.

She looks so happy in this picture to me.

The Princess Cake.

Make a wish!

Overall she had a great day and I heard her say a few times that it was the best party ever. That's all the thanks I need!

Madeline, Jamison, Isabelle, Reese, and Toshianna (Ellie left a little early). I'm lovin the girls with their legs crossed!


The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

Oh my goodness...that is just too precious. LOVING the girls with their little legs crossed too!!!

The Bates Family said...

What a great party! Looks like the girls had a lot of fun. Every little girl HAS to have a princess party (at least one!) in her lifetime. Avonlea's may be next year and you'll have to give me party tips for the ultimate princess party! :)

Anonymous said...

didn't know my reese was such a little lady.... cute pics!! :)

just jamie said...

So glad you stopped by so I could come see your sweet, sweet children. Love your style Kelli, love your zest for life. My kiddos are just a year younger than your Jamison, nearly to the day.