Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Say It Isn't So...

Sad, but true...one of our favorite places is closing, the Iacono's on Sawmill. We have been going to Iacono's for years (they know us there). We usually go on Tuesdays when they have their all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. We usually go with our friends Lyndsey and Josh and their kids, Quinn and Drew. Quinn and Jamison are the same age and have been playing together since birth...well you know what I mean.
So, in honor of the closing me, Ron, the kids, and Lyndsey and her family got together for one last pizza hoorah. I know I can say that I ate until I was stuffed. I'm really going to miss that place. Our waitress said that she's been working there for 22 years. Talk about loyalty.
Here are the pics I took from the night (Lyndsey was making fun of me asking if these were going to make the blog...OF COURSE!!!):
Lyndsey, Jamison and Quinn

Mr. Caleb, he had quite a few pieces himself and was drinking from a straw. Go Caleb!

Ron, Jamison and Toshianna

After pizza Rondell, the kids and I went for ice cream. Good way to top off the hot night. Afterwards the kids came home and were pooped.

NOTE: I am so mad at blogger right now because it is not publishing how it looks when I type my post. I type a space between paragraphs but when it publishes there's no space. And this post is acting really crazy with words between the top two pictures. AAAAHHHHH!! Can anyone help with this?

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