Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I've Been Replaced

I'm officially getting older. I am no longer the apple of his eye, his one true brother has replaced me with another girl...Jazz. Note: His mom is course is always number one, but I was a close second.

Evan and I both have Facebook pages and on his page the profile picture used to be a picture of me and him (him and me, however you're supposed to say it). Now, there's a picture of Evan and Jazz...his "friend." It's actually a cute picture because it's one picture made up of two. One side is a picture of them when they were three (they've know each other since preschool) and the other side is a picture of them currently.

He's cute because when I told him I had been replaced he said only on his page but never in his heart. He's going to make some girl very lucky one day!

So, sniff, sniff...Evan is growing up and soon will be grown and married (I know I'm dramatic). My baby!

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The Bates Family said...

Hi to you Kelli! Yes, there aren't too many Kell"I" s out there in the world. I read some of your blog and love reading about your family. How did you find my page? I see you're from's the weather there? HOT here! Enjoy your summer with your little ones. What a beautiful family. God Bless!