Monday, July 14, 2008

A Visit from a Sweet Girl/My "New" Family

This past weekend my sister Toshianna, who I lovingly call Sweet Pea, came to stay with us. It was an unplanned visit. My parents and siblings spent the night this past Thursday so that my brother could visit OU (Ohio University) on Friday. Toshianna stayed at my house with my aunt, Jamison and Caleb. They had a really fun day. My aunt, God love her, took the kids to the splash pad and they loved it, even my aunt! It was decided during the day that Toshianna would stay and spend the weekend with us and then we'd meet my parents half way on Sunday. Everyone was excited about that! This is the first time that Toshianna has ever spent the night with us, without her parents.
Once Rondell and I got off work we packed up the kids and went to our local water park, Zoombezi Bay. We had a blast. The water there is surprisingly really warm and that was nice. We pretty much crashed once we got home.
Saturday we just hung around the house and the kids played. Caleb showed us that he is now in love with Toshianna. She plays so well with him and takes really good care of him. We ended the evening with watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and having pizza.
On Sunday we went to Springfield, Ohio for the last part of Rondell's family reunion. It was at a park on a lake and the weather was absolutely beautiful! We could watch the people out on their jet skis and boats. It was very nice. I met a lot of Rondell's family that I did not know and they were so welcoming.
All in all we had a great weekend and are looking forward to Toshianna's next visit!

Me and Ron at the reunion - Aren't we cute?

Me and my "new" cousin Lauren. She is so sweet. She lives in Florida so I need to go and visit.

Sweets and Jamison at the reunion

That Caleb is such a ham in front of the camera

Cousin Lenora, Paw Paw (Rondell's stepdad), Maw Maw (Rondell's mom) and Jamison

The family!

Toshianna twirling Caleb around and Caleb loving every minute!

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