Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today I had lunch with two very dear friends, Lyndsey and Dave. We worked together at the City Attorney's Office a few years ago. We try and get together for lunch about once a month to catch up.

Anyways, we were eating and Dave told us that his wife just got laid off. How devastating! Not only because that's hard to lose a job, but she was a very dedicated paralegal for a large law firm. It's so scary to know that no one is safe anymore in this job market. My heart goes out to Dave, who is very positive, and all of the other families that are victims to the changing times.

This also makes me nervous about leaving my current place of employment. I'm not now, but in the future I think I would like to do something else with my career. This is where I really need to rely on my faith in God and the smarts that He gave me to take risks or really make the right career move, whatever that may be.

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Whitney said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog- I love it when people do! You have a precious family!

In regards to this post- have faith in God's plan for you :)