Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Did It...I Did It!!!!

I created by first digital scrapbook piece. I am beyond excited! I saw this fun idea here (of course) to make a bookbag tag for Jamison. I had this cute picture of Jamison and her new teacher and thought that it would be a good picture to use so that when she's trying to find her class for the first few days the helpers will see who her teacher is (sorry for the bad grammar).

I found a cute, and free, digital scrapbook kit from Shabby Princess and she also had a WONDERFUL tutorial on how to use a kit with PhotoShop. I watched the tutorial last week and tonight I created my page with the tutorial. I love the result!

This may very well be a new adventure for me!


this blessed nest said...

i am so jealous! i would love to start {ANY} kind of scrapbooking! perhaps, you have now introduced another world to me. good for you.
hope you have a great week. my inspirational friend!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Great job! I have always wanted to do this but wasn't even sure where to start. Thanks for the tip!

Carrie said...

It turned out GREAT! I love it! I will check this fun! You truly inspire me! Her teacher looks really sweet...she will have a great year!

{I'm still working on my exams...just taking a break! seriously...the computer keeps taunting me! haha!}

jenjen said...

Good job Kelli. So cute! I have been meaning to try digital scrapbooking, but haven't yet. I am going to check that out. Thanks!

Have a wonderful week!


Lauren said...

That's great! I love traditional scrapbooking but I never have time anymore! Maybe I should try digital!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That is too cute! I am going to have to check out that website! I could use a good tutorial on how to do all the fun scrapbooking stuff!

Katie said...

Came out great Kelli! I love my attempts at digi scrapin' it's fun. Paper and scissors will still be my main love but it's fun to experiement. Your name tag came out so cute. There are a lot of free things out there to practice on so have fun.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Oh, I can imagine that digital scrapbooking can be quite addicting. Very cute page. Great picture of Jamison and her teacher.

Thanks for the link to the backpack!!