Monday, August 10, 2009

Honestly Awarded, Just Lovely

I received two awards and I want to share them with you. My first award is from Ave because she's thinks my blog is lovely. Ave lives in Spain...Spain, how cool is that? Her blog is really cute too and she's participating in one photo a day so you have to check her out. Thanks Ave!

My second award/tag is from Bobbi. You have to head over to Bobbi's blog because she does some amazing things with her kids. She's very crafty and educational all at the same time. Thanks Bobbi. For this award I have to say 10 honest things about myself and then pass this on to 10 other blogger friends (oops, I picked 11).

1. I hate to share my food, not even with my kids.

2. I secretly want to be crafty like this lady (I guess it's not a secret anymore). I mean she is amazing and keeps me inspired.

3. I cannot sleep in socks...even if my feet are cold. I have tried but there is something about it that does not work for me.

4. I love lists. OK, I know you all know this about me but if I'm being Honest it has to be on this list. I love making them, reading them, redoing them, crossing items off of them. They really do help to keep me sane.

5. My favorite movie is You've Got Mail. I saw it twice at the theatre and I have it on DVD.

6. My favorite color has not always been yellow (gasp). It used to be green. I discovered yellow about 6 years ago and have been in love ever since.

7. Jamison is sort of named after the lady who helped me figure out my makeup for my wedding. Her name is Jamison and she was stunning and I fell in love with the name. I vowed then that if I had a girl I would name her Jamison...and I think my Jamison is stunning too. I recently found the other Jamison on facebook and told her this story. I hope I didn't freak her out.

8. I wasn't baptized until I was 18. It was an amazing experience and I'm glad I was older.

9. I'm pretty sure that in the next year I'm going to take the steps towards obtaining my teacher's license. It's so scary because it's a big change. I'll keep you posted.

10. Besides Coke, Cran Mango is my favorite drink and I can't find it anymore. I'm so sad. It's by Ocean Spray if you ever come across it.

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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I hate sharing my food too! :) Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. :)

~Bobbi~ said...

Wow! I just discovered a new site from you. That lady is crafty! Love it. I need to browse more!

I couldn't think of anything when writing mine. We have alot of things in common! Almost everything!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

love the honesty. You always have good sites to visit!!

Vivienne said...

Thanks Kelli! (I can't sleep in socks either!)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Congrats on the awards! I can't stand to sleep in socks either! I think green may be my favorite color...though I like a lot of other colors too!

Joanna said...

Congrats on your awards and thank you for the award! *smiles* I do not like sharing my food either!! So glad to see that I am not the only one! (that includes sharing with the kids!)

Xazmin said...

I can't sleep in socks either! Drives me nuts!

I think Jamison is and adorable name! And I love yellow too!

I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Miller Racing Family said...

Congrats on the awards. The honesty list was fabulous. That is so cool that you are wanting to get your teaching certificate, what grade do you want to teach?
Have a wonderful Monday!

Angie S said...

Thanks for the tag. I'm not a sock sleeper either. I love the feel of sheets on my toes & feet. I LOVE lists, and my 4 year old does too. She is constantly asking me how to spell things to put on her 'lists'!!

Lisa Curry, Independent Demonstrator, Stampin' Up! said...

#4 LISTS! It's destiny that we met...I love lists! We need to make a jr. legal notebook together so you can have a customized list keeper for your purse. How brave of you to share your honest list...I don't know if I could do it.

Jolanthe said...

I don't like to my food either - although I'll happily take food from another. :) How sick is that?

And I love, love, love lists - especially adding things to them just to cross them off. :)

Thanks so much!!