Friday, August 21, 2009

Thanking God on Friday

** I am thankful for the Beth Moore Daniel Study. This is my second Beth Moore study and I am in love. I did Psalms of Ascent last year through my church and it didn't quite hit home for me, but this one is striking me right in the heart, down deep. I love learning all of the history and Beth (I can call her Beth because we are like this and she tells me she loves me all of the time) really makes the scripture come alive. It is amazing to me how people can pull out the lesson that scripture is teaching. God has truly given her a gift.

** I am thankful for tutorials with pictures on blogs. I have learned so much through the blogging world and I learn so much more when there's a step by step tutorial with pictures. It's how I was able to do my magnets (shown here) and other fun things. I love that I can see how someone has organized her closet or car and learn from that. Thank you ladies for your great tutorials!

** I am thankful that it is cooling down outside. I love warm weather, but here in Ohio it is so humid and that's just no fun. According to the forecast I will be able to turn off the air and open the windows in the morning. I can't wait for that.


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for great blogs like yours to visit. :)

Courtney Kirkland said...

I'm aching for some cooler weather! [and so is my wallet...]. That's the only downfall of living in Florida. I'm going to have to pick up that Daniel study. I've heard so many good things about it. Keep me posted on how it goes. :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I did the Daniel study two years ago and loved it! I also just bought the stuff to work on making some magnets...I can't wait to get started! Thanks again for the great idea!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I love Beth too! :) We finished "Believing God" a few weeks ago, and are planning another of her studies {not sure which yet} for the Fall.

It's cooling off here too, and I like the break.

Angie S said...

It is so hot here in Texas...I wish I could open my windows in the morning. Ahhh for the fall air to swirl through our home :) Soon!! It was in the
70s this morning with a high of 93 today. I'll take it! Enjoy your fall weather Kelli :))

Carrie said... and Kelli @ RTSM are making me feel bad! I want to try all your cute crafts and she's already got the supplies! haha! I'm thankful for your links to those tutorials too ;) I used one from one of your posts to figure out how to add the little flower dividers between posts! Thanks!

It's cooling down here too...I love this weather!

Xazmin said...

I love tutorials with pictures! I'm with ya!

Glad it's coolin' down for ya. Here in Utah its a DRY heat...but I think that's better than humidity!