Monday, August 3, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - August 3, 2009

For today...

Outside my window...another sunny Monday!

I am thinking...about how busy this week is going to be. We have VBS every evening this week and it will make for some long days. My sister is here visiting so she is going to go with us. This is our first time participating in our church's VBS and I also signed up to volunteer with the crafts.

I am thankful for...a refreshing weekend.

From the kitchen...because of VBS there is no meal planning this week. We will be having quick meals like grilled cheese and hot dogs. Next week I'll be back with meal planning.

I am reading...Something Borrowed. It was a recommendation from Ruby Red Slippers and I love it so far. I'll try and do my review for Shepherding a Child's Heart this week.

I am take what I've learned from reading SCH and apply it to my children. It was really a great book.

Around the house...oh, so much to do and no time this week. There are some crafts that I want to get done, some cleaning that I want to do (my bathroom is screaming for a good cleaning) and I would like to start creating a craft space for myself. It will all have to wait until the weekend and next week.

I am creating...I'm going to try and make some magnets. I went to Michaels this weekend for the supplies and came up empty. It's just not my Hobby Lobby, but I couldn't go there because it was Sunday. So, I'll try and get to Hobby Lobby soon so I can make the magnets for a little calendar project that I want to do.

One of my favorite things...hugging and kissing on my kids after they've been away. They were in Cleveland this weekend and they came home yesterday. I was excited to hug and kiss them and tell them how much I missed them.

A few plans for the rest of the week...VBS...that's it. I'm also going to take off Wednesday to spend some time with my sister.

Here are two pictures I'm leaving you with...

This is the actually sky that I was looking up at as I laid here:

I went to the pool by myself on Saturday morning while Amber and Kiana were sleeping and Rondell was at work. I put my feet in the water, relaxed and read my book. It was a refreshing hour and a half. Priceless.

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Julie said...

Love to have some quiet time to myself! Good for you to be able to sneak away!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at VBS....I remember going when I was a kid. Our church is so small that we don't have one. I just remember it was so much fun.

jenjen said...

Hi Kelli!
Have a wonderful week. What a great idea to go to the pool by yourself - how relaxing!


Angie S said...

Oh...quite time! How I long for that some days! Love the pretty toe nails...have a great week Kelli!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Lucky you - I've read that book - and the other one that goes with it. Fun read, but not my favorite.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Lucky you - I've read that book - and the other one that goes with it. Fun read, but not my favorite.

schwadette said...

LOVE that you were able to get to the pool alone... BLISS! Have fun with VBS... I'm kind of sad to not be helping this year - the kids are so cute. Enjoy crafts...! :)

Katie said...

Hey Kelli! Yesterday I saw a House Hunters on HGTV and the family was searching for a vaca home in Destin, FL. Isn't that where you love to go? It made me think of you right away. I told Brad, "Oh I hope Kelli caught this," so he told me I should call you. When I told him you were a blogging buddy and wouldn't get an email until it was long over, he said, "Well you said it just like she was close friend you knew a lot about!"

PS: Really meant to comment that yeah Hobby Lobby rocks and is way better than Michaels or Joann's. I am so glad some finally opened in MI. It does seem that everytime I am by one that it's a Sunday:(

Carrie said...

Kelli, that is awesome! I love your pictures...what an awesome way to spend some time alone! Have a great week at VBS, so fun! Can't wait to see some of your are always crafty and inspirational! Have a wonderful week visiting...and so great to give hugs after being away from your loved ones! The best!

Miller Racing Family said...

Love relaxing weekends. Oh, and laying by the pool and a good book what can be more relaxing. I hope VBS goes well.
Have a great Monday!

Ms. Tee said...

I read Shepherding a Child's Heart and *loved* it. Can't wait to see what you got out of it. :)

Vivienne said...

What a great thing, VBS...

I love the picture of your feet and your book at the pool. It perfectly represents a nice relaxing day.

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Reading poolside -- I'm jealous! Can't wait to hear about your magnet project!

this blessed nest said...

oh my goodness...i have "quiet time envy!!!"

it hasn't happened for a loooonng time around the nest. i have such sweet memories from VBS growing up. good luck. i know on the flip side as an adult it is always a lot of work.

thank you for your sweet comments about the party. it was tons of fun.

honestly!!!!! i have you to thank for sparking my creative side again. as i said earlier, i love that ucreate blog that i found from your links. sometimes it is the small little things that turn out really big.

ok - have i written enough???

good luck this week.