Monday, August 24, 2009

FMM is Back!

Our friend and founder of Friend Makin' Monday, Kasey, is taking a blogging break. Amber, sweet Amber, has taken on the task of hosting FMM for a little while.

Today's task:

10 Things I Loved About This Summer

1. Being able to go to the pool. We didn't go as much as I would have liked but the times we did were fun times. I even had the occasion to go alone once.

2. Crafting. This summer I was able to really dive into my love for crafting and learn new things. I have been able to use great tutorials and even come up with my own ideas. This is a start of a wonderful hobby.

3. Staycation 2009! We had the best time on our week off in June this year. We're thinking of doing it again next year.
4. Spending lots of time with these two munchkins and watching them grow and learn new things.

5. Sunflowers in my window.

6. Reading. I made a reading list that was supposed to be for the summer but I'm sure it will move into the other seasons as well. I have enjoyed quiet evenings with a good book.

7. The Beth Moore Daniel Study. I'm not done with it yet but I have truly enjoyed this study so far and would say it is a highlight of my summer.

8. Discovering Stampin Up. This is a great company and I found a wonderful representative (you can check out her blog here). It has been fun to see all that can be done with its products. I've decided to make the invitations for Jamison's birthday party and this past Friday I was able to get together with my rep and she helped me (a ton) start them. I'll be sure to show you the finished product once I've mailed them out.

9. The purchase of my Cricut. Can you tell that I've really enjoyed crafting this summer? I got my Cricut for an amazing deal that I just couldn't pass up. I haven't done a lot with it yet but I'm sure we'll have many dates in the future. Tomorrow I'll show you the first real project that I completed using the Cricut.

10. Family Sundays. Rondell and I decided that he would not work at Best Buy on Sundays and we have just been having some great family time. It nice to have a guaranteed day that we're all at home (if the kids aren't at his mom's).


Emily said...

Great list! I enjoyed a lot of those activities this summer too. And that's quite an awesome pool!

Courtney Kirkland said...

Great list! I am working on a reading list of my own, and will be pulling a few items off of yours :) By the way, I'm still jealous of your cricut.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a local pool. You're so lucky.

I bought a cricut right after Christmas and I LOVE it. :)

Jolanthe said...

Ahhh...the pool and reading - both on my list too. :)

Happy FMM!

honeysuckle said...

Sounds like a great summer. I too am a crafter and love the stampin' up classes and my cricut. I hope you get to sue them more this week!

Kell said...

my name is kelli with an i, too :)

summer is the best time for crafting, i agree! i'm so insprired to try new things and really get into projects. being able to do it on the porch is an added bonus, too!

jennykate77 said...

I love your list! The pic of your kiddos is adorable! I'm thinking we should try a staycation next summer...sounds fun! :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Ave said...

Great photos! Love the sunflower :)

Katie said...

That is a great SU blog you found, I like her clean designs a lot. I think I get overwhelmed sometimes by the complicated looks that I just don't do anything. Really like the pebble magnets you made too.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Great list! I'm still just a little jealous of the should show us some of the stuff you have been making with it!

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Great list! Lots of crafty goodness! ♥ it!

Mellisa said...

Oh I want a cricut so bad! Sounds like you had a great summer. Thanks for sharing your list!

jenjen said...

Hi Kelli! I loved your list. I love the pool too - sadly I only made it there a few times this summer. And one of my really good friends does Stampin' Up - they have the cutest things!

Have a super night!


Miller Racing Family said...

Great list. I loved the idea of the staycation, I always enjoyed reading those post on your blog. I have to say that when I took pictures of my sunflowers and then brought them into the kitchen I thought of you.
Happy FMM!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Fun summer!! Such great things you've gotten accomplished and enjoyed. I'm so glad that you love Stampin' Up! and I can't wait to see Jamison's birthday party invites you're creating. I'm working on Austin's over the weekend.