Friday, July 10, 2009

The New 101 in 1001

Back in February I did this post...and then it kind of disappeared from my memory. Recently I've been reading this blog and she also has a 101 in 1001 list, but she keeps up with hers. It has inspired me to 1. revise my list and 2. DO IT!

So, I'm starting over. You can go back and read the old list because there are some things that I did and there will be some of the same things on my new list. I'm getting serious about this now. Here it goes:

1. Create a detailed budget and stick to it.
2. Clean carpets after each season.
3. Organize every closet in our house and maintain. We just organized the front closet.
4. Take kids to the library twice a month.
5. Read at least one book per month (see my Summer Reading List for some suggestions).
6. Figure out a menu planning system and plan meals weekly. I've started...7-17-09
7. Paint trim of our house.
8. Organize pictures on computer.
9. Start Destin scrapbook.
10. Learn how to obtain teaching license.
11. Lose ___lbs.
12. Save to buy new camera. My mom came through on this one for my 33rd birthday!
13. Do something about my dry skin, start by using Elidel twice daily.
14. Completely decorate master bath.
15. Completely decorate kids' bath. DONE!
16. Tithe on a regular basis. We've been pretty consistent.
17. Read Bible daily.
18. Keep toes polished.
19. Create crafting space for myself.
20. Buy clock for front entrance wall.
21. Landscape each flower bed in front and back. I would say this is really coming along. Each bed has been defined and given some love. Still a little more to do.
22. Read Bible stories to kids weekly.
23. Pack Rondell's lunch 3x a week. I've been keeping up with this and Rondell likes it.
24. Organize recipes and put in one binder.
25. Document all BSF principles in Bible.
26. Run a 5K (again, this is my stretch item).
27. Plan a Family Fun Night once a month.
28. Plan a date night between me and Rondell once a month. 1/36
29. Potty train Caleb.
30. Organize holiday items in basement. DONE!
31. Clean up and organize laundry area in basement.
32. Organize shelves in garage.
33. Keep van clean.
34. Call about garage repair. DONE!
35. Figure out and maintain workout schedule.
36. Drink 64 oz. of water daily.
37. Buy window treatments for living room.
38. Pray for Rondell daily.
39. Pray for kids daily.
40. Create an important paper system and maintain.
41. Send cards to friends for no reason.
42. Send birthday cards to friends and family consistently. I've been doing pretty well with this since I started making cards!
43. Repaint kitchen cabinets.
44. Repaint kitchen walls.
45. Start supporting mission teams.
46. Create an emergency kit for my car (I may have to copy the one that Vivienne has!).
47. Create a stock pile of necessary items (...again, Vivienne).
48. Buy a new desk.
49. Save for a new dresser.
50. Save for new couches.
51. Start and maintain Christmas card scrapbook (OK, I got this idea from Heidi).
52. Foster new relationships.
53. Go to Destin twice. 1/2
54. Continue to add pictures to family wall.
55. Order sign for family wall.
56. Buy a Pandora bracelet. Rondell got this for me for Mother's Day 2010.
57. Create a Home Management Binder (I saw a nice one on my friend Kelli's blog).
58. Regularly attend PTA meetings.
59. Volunteer in Jamison's class once a quarter.
60. Learn how to make homemade pizza. Done!
61. Make one new recipe per month. 3/36
62. Enroll Jamison is swim lessons.
63. Research a new planner system that works better. I got a good suggestion from V and found this. DONE!
64. Buy fresh flowers for the house every pay.
65. Buy a label maker. DONE!
66. Reduce Coke to once daily.
67. Figure out makeup system that works for me and use regularly.
68. Learn how to make banners (as seen here). DONE!
69. Buy my first Stampin Up stamp set. DONE!
70. Create letters for wall in kids' bathroom that says CLEAN. DONE!
71. Use this guide to create a family mission statement.
72. Have kitchen ceiling repaired.
73. Go to Chicago for a long weekend and have Giordano's pizza.
74. Plan anniversary trip to Arizona for 10 year anniversary.
75. Label bins in Jamison's art center.
76. Organize a Back to School brunch.
77. Learn how to use Photoshop.
78. Tell Rondell something encouraging daily.
79. Clip coupons regularly. I've done this now two weeks in a row and bought a new coupon holder. BUT, I've started slacking again.
80. Start college savings plan for kids.
81. Read the entire Bible at least once.
82. Save for new TV.
83. Make my own Christmas cards at least once. DONE!
84. Take a scrapbooking class.
85. Go on a dolphin watch.
86. Go to the dentist.
87. Send my brother a care package each semester.
88. Learn how to use a digital scrapbook program to create recipe cards. progress
89. Install shelving system in master closet.
90. Learn to make homemade rolls.
91. Go to another NFL game...try for the Giants.
92. Plan fun holiday crafts for the kids.
93. Take more walks as a family.
94. Take some Home Depot/Lowe's workshops to become more handy.
95. Eat out no more than once a week (this includes all meals).
96. Pay off at least 4 credit cards.
97. Donate school supplies each school year.
98. Make gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week.
99. Start Valentine's Day traditions (it's my favorite holiday).
100. Focus on my word and now my new word.
101. Strive daily to be a Proverbs 31:27 woman...She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness.

Now, I have until March 2012 to complete this so I better get MOVIN!


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh Girl... I'm so tired just reading this. I hope that doesn't mean that I'm lazy at heart! lol

But seriously... keep your toenails painted? Now I don't know about you, but that is one lofty goal for me right there... it's very hit or miss! Good luck on all of those!

Vivienne said...

These are all awesome goals (both big and small!) It is so satisfying to cross things off of a list. (Sometimes I'll add things I've already completed to a To-Do list just so I can see them crossed off. Yep, I'm lame!)

Some suggestions: The TV you're looking for, couches, etc. Peruse craigslist in your area every day. The deals on pretty much brand new items are amazing!

For your planner? I have tried a little bit of everything, including techie things. this works the very best for me. Hands down:The Busy Body Book. It's a weekly grid, so i can keep track of everyone in the house.

You know what? I'll do a post on this thing. But go and look.

alyssa said...

you go girl!! that is a great list!! very inspiring! i need to quit making new lists & get the old ones done first :) but the list making is fun too :)

Julie said...

Wow, What a List!!! You forgot to add make a list . . . you can cross that one off! lol

What a great list!

I am interested in looking at the book Vivienne recommended.

Chrissy said...

I am exhausted just reading your list, but I have been wanting to do my own list so maybe I will give it a go!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Wow!! What a great list- blog about what you re accomplishing- we can keep you accountable and motivated to complete it!!

Happy Friday!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Wow-ee, that's a great list! What kind of sign are you ordering for your family wall? Do you all have a family verse? We chose one as our family "mission statement."

Can't wait to hear what Valentine's Day traditions you come up with!

I KNOW you will do all these great things -- you're off to a wonderful start!


jenjen said...

WONDERFUL list Kelli! I love it. Wow - I need to do that. What a great thing to look at and work on throughout the year!


Ms. Tee said...

Wow! That's quite a list - but it looks great! I agree with Lemonade Mom, it's hard for me to keep my toes painted. lol :) have a good weekend!

Stephani said...

I saw this on your site and also visited Katie's site. I think I might try this. I was looking at your goals and noticed the one about going to Chicago and eating at Giordano's. You HAVE to do this. Giordano's is THE BEST pizza in the world. I went to college near Chicago and would make weekend trips there. I also went to a conference there last year and my husband and I ate at Giordano's. It was the first time I had eaten it in years, and it was just as good as I remembered. My husband was amazed as well. Anyway, keep up the good work on your goals!