Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth Fun (Try and say that five times fast)

I know that I'm very late with this post but I was having some camera issues. Something is wrong with the Kodak application on our computer so Rondell had to go out and buy some gadget so that I could download my pictures...because sometimes what's a blog post without pictures. Since our 4th was so much fun I decided to still post about it...even if it's almost a week late.

Rondell and Jamison started their day at Home Depot to make a picnic caddy. Jamison was so excited to get another pin. This Saturday they are going to Lowe's to make a project. I'm so excited they are having fun doing something together.

After they were done, they met me and Caleb so that we could go to the Dublin parade.

I tried to be festive with Jamison's hair. She told me that I left out the white.

Right before the parade Lyndsey and I passed out football schedules.

Rondell and Jamison enjoying the parade, even though Jamison looks like she's in pain.

Here's a local Cub Scouts group. I loved their decorated bikes. They were also passing out candy, which the kids loved.

The parade included fire trucks, old fashioned cars, local school bands, clowns, floats and even big balloons. It was a great parade.

Caleb was so engrossed in the entire experience.
After the parade we just hung out at home and got everything ready to go to our church for its Food Fun and Fireworks event. We offered to donate our grill for the event. Here's Fred Sandford (I mean Rondell) driving his stepdad's truck to deliver the grill. It only tipped over once...go Freddy:

The church event was a lot of fun, even though it rained pretty much the entire time. They had bounce houses, slides, games, festive tattoos, and pony rides...all free!

Here's Jamison on a pony. I'm still so surprised that she got go Jamison!

The fireworks were wonderful too, worth the wait. Rondell and I laughed about how you wait hours for a 15 minute show. Caleb's face was priceless, but of course my camera died and I couldn't get the shot. Jamison was scared initially but got over her fear pretty quickly.

Overall it was a great 4th and I can't wait for next year.


Carrie said...

That looked like so much fun! Alex wouldn't ride a pony for so long, but finally did this past was a really big deal! I was so proud of him too!

I love fireworks, but we didn't stay up to see the ones in our is pretty late. Love the worth the extra gadget to upload them! haha! I would probaby cry if I couldn't get my pictures from my camera! :) Love Jamison's projects too...what a great way for her and Daddy to have some fun time together!

Carrie said...

looks like a great fourth!

J.J. said...

Everyone loves a bouncy house!

btw...I like the blue and red hairdo combo, it's more sophisticated.

Vivienne said...

Awesome! But a bummer that it rained on you guys. It didn't look like it slowed down the kids, though.